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Friday, November 14, 2008

Home sweet home

After landing in Borrean Tundra, I put my HS in Warsong Hold. However after some desperate and annoyingly long mail-here-there sessions, I hopped to the zeppelin flied back, than to Grom'gol, flied to Stonard, rid to the portal and flied to Shatt to put my HS back. So when my stuff is sold, I can just HS, and make some more using the AH, and bank.

My main seller was Glyph of Death Strike, but the lucky research product Glyph of Death's Embrace also made a few hundred G-s. And the funniest part: these glyphs needs milling of felweed which I have like 100 stacks rotting in the bank. To keep the projects trackable, I buy the herbs from my alt at market price, so I will have an accurate balance on Triara's business.

As I've expected the people started enchanting their stuff, mostly their death knight's gear. So they buying Greater Planar Essence and Arcane Dust, for 2-3x more money than the guilds asked for it when they dumped their banks. Another 2-300 G.

So currently I have 46300G, which is 500 more than a week ago, despite the 1050G spent on inscription, and around 300G spent of skills and recipes in Northrend.

The coppers and stones started to sell, but only slowly. There is competition and the project is a long-term one, most people will bother with BS after they reached lvl80.

Since people no longer farm outland herbs but inscription needs them, their prices started to elevate, so finally I can sell them.

In northrend I reached lvl 71. At the morning just the starter quest hubs were overcrowded. At the evening, every single one of them. So at the evening we went to exploring, and we managed to find enough villages and bases to be able to fly from Vengenace Landing (Howling Fjord) to Warsong Hold (Borrean Tundra).

But the business idea of the day was not mine but my girlfriends. When she saw the huge crawd mindlessly killing nerubians in the Warsong Quarry (around 8:1 player:living nerubian ratio), she logged to her hunter, came to Warsong Hold and just skinned the endless swarm of nerubian corpses. She ended up with like 20 stacks in an hour.

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Anonymous said...

I did the same with Holi I toured Northrend, did a few quests and instances, skinned mine and other peoples kills. :-)