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Friday, June 24, 2016

Why do I hate Falcon so much

I promise this will be my very last EVE post ever (except completely politics-free posts about EVE economy). I am sorry that I spent this week with EVE. I played BDO constantly and from next week will post about it. It's a kind of therapy for me. I'm sorry, I know you didn't need these posts. But I did.

This post grew out from an answer to a comment: "I agree that Falcon went too far in letting his personal opinion surface more than it should have. I don't think anyone can dispute that. However, I'm definitely not convinced that Falcon *hates* you and wants to ruin you."

I started to answer to it and then I realized the answer for a bigger question: why do I hate Falcon so much. Because hell, I do hate him. The short answer is: it doesn't matter if he wanted to ruin me. What matters is that he did ruin me in EVE.

Let's go back to last August: We were after the data analysis phase and MoA was financially stable. We were convinced that Goons can be defeated right now while everyone else were "Goons already won EVE". MoA - despite being rather a small group fighter - did extraordinary efforts to be able to field strategic numbers, proper fleet command and discipline. Due to everyone giving their best and half trillion already spent, they were able to take systems one by one. I really hope that someone links this post in Reddit and I ask you to be that someone, because the following objective facts are unknown to most people. Please click the dotlan links to see that I'm telling the truth, Sov changed to MoA:
  • July 27: MoA captured ION-FG in Pure Blind
  • Aug 6: MoA captured D2-HOS
  • Aug 15: MoA captured Y-C3EQ
  • Aug 17: MoA captured 7RM-N0
  • Aug 18: MoA captured GA-P6C
Honestly: did you know that someone took several systems in the middle of Goon land in August? Not in Tribute, not in Vale, right in the face of Goons with only an 1000 men alliance.

Goons could not respond because anything besides total blob got massacred and increased MoA morale and participation, while calling for total blob every time MoA formed 50 was unsustainable, especially as they couldn't even get kills or deny content to MoA: while they won the timer with the blob, MoA made another or went on a roam and killed a dozen ratters. Goons were desperate. Their FCs were so frustrated that they openly cried even after a won battle (imagine him when he lost).

We believed that in a few weeks one of following things will happen:
  • Goon line members burn out and Goons cannot field enough numbers to blob and MoA evicts them from Pure Blind, defeating the Imperium alone. 1000 PvP-ers and one financer broke the Imperium all alone, total, undisputable victory.
  • Other groups see how weak Goons are and jump in the fray, mopping up Goons. While this would be a "war of everyone", the key role of MoA and me were still undisputed.
  • Goons can keep up the fleets and stomp out MoA attempts until MoA FCs burn out. This case Goons were not that weak as I expected and we were wrong. Defeat.
What actually happened is that after I wrote the celebration post for the first capture (capturing the first system from those who "already won EVE" is something worth celebrating, right?), Falcon appeared in the reddit copy of that post and dropped his toxic comment. Then he returned two more times, making it absolutely clear that he didn't slip but delivered an "official statement of CCP". The results were disastrous, the MoA players lost motivation while Goons literally made a SotA saying "Falcon knocks Gevlon out". Goon numbers surged, MoA fell. The push died. We can't know (or prove) which of the three outcomes would happen without his action.

Back then I considered it a setback, we recover, build up again and try. The problem is that the RMT gang Lenny/IWI realized how weak Goons are and built their own project to secure their filthy business. While I believed that The Imperium could be defeated with 1000 men and the destruction of SMA by the similar size TISHU hints that I was right, Lenny hired every Tom, Dick and Harriett, regardless of merit or actual activity. At first they wanted to leave MoA out, but it turned out to be impossible as MoA once again started to take PB systems, so they "accepted" MoA in MBC, but always downplayed their efforts, despite they - once again - were fighting in the heart of the Imperium against Goons instead of pwning BASTN and FCON on the edges. On IWI-paid sites their August push or my killboard analysises - despite Lenny grudgingly admitted that he used them - simply never existed.

The point of this stupid overkill (hiring 30K when 1-2 K was needed) was to make every significant group owe the IWI gang a favor, which they badly needed against Bugartist. Their plan worked, they managed to pull most "content creators" under their flag, making them just as immune to bans as The Mittani was in his heyday. Bizarre, but true, the real target of the MBC was't Goons, but Team Security. As The Mittani invited everyone to The Imperium to watch streams, Lenny invited everyone to look bigger in front of CCP. While I am mad at Lenny for not only stealing all credit but rewriting history from "Goons were an M&S farm and got pwned" to "Goons were a terrible enemy and all forces must have united against them", I can't really blame him, he just did what's best for him and his RMT operation. The blame is on Falcon who sabotaged my project in August. If he didn't do it, Goons were defeated by MoA and later joiner groups coming for free and there were nothing left for Lenny.

Of course there is a possiblity that Goons could defeat MoA in August-September and our approach was wrong. No one can know. But one thing can't be questioned: we had the right to be measured on the battlefield against the Imperium forces. EVE is supposed to be between players and not between devs.

I don't care what Falcon meant with those posts. Was he corrupted by Goons? Was he just "edgy"? Did he have a grudge against me? Doesn't matter. What matters is the outcome: my project was completely destroyed before definitive result could arrive. I spent more than two years building it and the previous two stumbling around to learn EVE enough to run it. He, using his Dev powers destroyed it in 2 minutes. Wouldn't you hate him in my place?

Finally, considering that he wasn't removed for this, nor new rules were set to prevent it from repeating, would you play a game where he (or any other dev) can do it again at any moment?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

... War Kickstarter reloaded

I'm speechless. When I read the comment of Wilhelm "My understanding is that the article will form the basis of a novelization of the war, to be funded via a Kickstarter, just to completely close the circle on events." I believed it to be meant figuratively. I took it as "they want to be remembered as". And then this happened (screenshotted if it'd disappear like MOA and me from the war against Goons):
Oh my! He literally wants to create an "accurate an account of the war". He is repeating everything The Mittani did just want to do better. He distributed a big bunch of money to various opinion leaders to all sing his praise. The reason is obvious: their real money printing site "I want ISK", which is definitely RMTing (source CCP Bugartist) and probably violates several anti-gamble laws and likely never paid a dime of tax can only operate if they are "important content creators". They can count on Falcon, protecting criminals from the community is his thing.

I just have one question left to all who orbited structures, hellcamped "Fabian Defending" Goons in Saranen, hunted the elusive interceptors of Boat for countless hours: is this what you were fighting for?! Did you do all this to replace The Mittani with one who does all he did and RMTs? EN24 and Zebra are already more an "IWI propaganda site" than TMC ever was for The Mittani. I mean Matterall at least didn't personally intervene to save Mittens or the vandals from their well deserved bans.

I didn't smile this wide since Sion gave me his precious tears about the lost Kickstarter. Convincing Reddit that my well documented project never existed is one thing. Creating an official, CCP approved media piece about it when I was a source to gaming media about the Goon war a year before anyone even known Lenny existed will be a very different stunt. I mean we are talking about people outside of EVE's groupthink. People who won't be convinced just because Grath "backs the Fountain war" Telkin and Elsie "Just read @siggonK's piece about the Fountain War Kickstarter" Randolph testifies for Lenny. Everything I did was properly documented in hundreds of blogposts and Google caches and Reddit links. MoA August conquests are also documented and still visible on Dotlan. Erasing us front of the gaming media and canonizing "Goons were docked in Saranen" into "a great war" will be quite an uphill battle.

Since I'm no longer playing EVE and have absolutely no sympathy for CCP since they let Falcon run his little bully campaign (1, 2, 3) against me to save Goons from losing the same war in August, I have nothing to lose and no reason to hold back. This will be a battle I'll treasure just as much as I treasured fighting The Mittani. And this time I won't even have to haul implants or skill injectors, just send mails to editors with a big bunch of archive links and point out that Google finds nothing about Lenny from before March 2016.

Or, maybe I should take the high road and help creating this "accurate an account of the war". Let me write a chapter about a pivotal battle that changed the galaxy forever. Let its title be "Piercing the Veil". Any similarities to the works of other authors are mere coincidences:

The Imperium fleet commander dropped out of warp, 60 warships coming behind him. From the pilot capsule on the bridge of his Raptor class Interceptor, the defending Fleet Commander, Dabigredboat, watched his head-up display populate. Dozens of red-coded ship symbols appeared in rapid succession as the Raptors’s computers sorted out the hostiles. The friendlies were still in warp, according to the readout at the upper left of Boat’s tactical overlay, their ships would remain there for another eight seconds. Plenty of time for him to scope out the strength and displacement of the enemy’s forces. The star was deep into MBC space, more than 15 light years from the Pure Blind region where the major battles were being fought. A safe place to hide a string of Forsaken Hubs. Maybe crank out a few ticks, or a couple of X-types. Or so those idiots thought.

Boat felt himself grin, always a strange sensation in the gel-filled womb of the capsule. Goonswarm was about to unleash a little bit of hell, right here in the MBC's back yard. Predictably, the defending force was camping the gate—the bulk of the enemy ships within a hundred kilometers of the exit—positioned to intercept anything trying to warp to them. It was a good tactic. Against a different commander or another fleet it might have worked. But not against this fleet, and definitely not against Boat. The Raptors’s computers had finished racking and stacking the hostiles. In terms of simple numbers, the two forces were closely matched, but one look at the Imperium fleet composition turned Boat’s grin to something harder and more feral. The stupid bastards had only fielded 8 Interceptors. The rest of the enemy formation was limited to less agile combatants: Chimera class entosis ships and above. Boat had nearly 6x that many Interceptors under his command, and three times the number of fancy hats. The defending fleet must have been scraped together at the last minute, from whatever TEST could find. They couldn’t seriously expect to stop him with such an underpowered formation. His fleet could hit harder, fight longer, and repair itself more quickly. This was going to be a slaughter! He’d hammer the fuck out of TEST’s front line, then break off a formation to jam out some entosis ships that weren't immune. When that little detail was out of the way, he could bring in the real killers. Fourteen FCON carriers were staged at a midpoint cyno, waiting for downtime to jump into Deklein and run away.

Boat took another quick glance at the time readout. His fleet would be coming out of warp in about three seconds. Time to get this party started. He keyed the comm channel and spoke to his other pilots—the words coming not from his mouth, but from the neural link to the speech centers of his brain’s left frontal lobe. “All ships: orbit me and activate modules. Primary target is Crow class interceptor, hostile track alpha-zero-seven. Secondary target is the Slasher, hostile track alpha-one-nine. Engage!”

Before the last word was out, the battle was on. More than 41 GSF, 3 SMA, 10 TNT, 8 FCON, 1 LAWN and 3 Init ships popping up suddenly on his HUD (no RAZOR), appearing just as suddenly on the tactical displays of the enemy. The blood sang in Boat’s ears, his Raptor surging forward into combat; the ship’s sensors, engines, and weapons responding instantaneously to the thought-quick commands of his cerebral cortex. The space around the gate swarmed with waves of launching Imperium drones, angry metallic wasps with death-dealing stings. But then more hostiles landed! And more! Warp out! - he shouted. We're pointed! ... I'm pointed - he continued. Realizing that he'll soon be in his clone station, he uttered his epic words that were retold countless times in the centuries to come, remembering the moment when everything changed forever.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rewriting history: Wilhelm, the genius

What makes me mad is if I don't understand something. If something don't go as I wanted but understand why, I simply do better next time. I was completely lost how the hell could Lenny claim credit for the fall of Goons. I was posting my plans years ago. I was paying for the top CFC killer for a year. Everyone knew that (and laughed on it as it was clearly impossible). And after everything I predicted came true, just as I wrote it ... a guy comes out of nowhere, claiming that he and alliances I haven't seen on the Goon killboard did it and everyone believes that it was him. This simply did not compute for me.

Then came a very unlikely genius and made it all clear: "My understanding is that the article will form the basis of a novelization of the war, to be funded via a Kickstarter, just to completely close the circle on events."

While it's obviously a parody, the parallel is perfect. The Fountain War Kickstarter was received with outrage because it was a shameless rewrite of history. It pictured Goons as great warriors who won in an epic battle against the odds, while the truth was well-known: TEST had no functioning leadership, barely any FCs and no reliable allies. I was there and we all gave our best and indeed put up a huge fight, but all was in vain and TEST was doomed to fail from the moment Booda unblued HBC. Goons merely jumped on the easy prey. Them being unable to mop TEST up in a week was rather a foreshadow of their current defeat than because TEST had a shot.

The reason people believe Lenny is that his story is much more "Kickstarter-worthy" than mine. In his narrative a hidden mastermind united various groups to stand together in an epic war against a terrible enemy. Everyone - from alliance leaders to line members - can see himself a hero in Lenny's story. He was there when the Evil Goons were finally slain. He has screenshots enthosising LAWN space. He has the combat log to prove that he was part of the pivotal battle of M-OEE8. Even if he was a line member, he mattered. If he was a leader, he was writing history: Gobbins, Vince, Grath, Progod are all heroes to be remembered still the server runs. Of course they happily play the roles of lieutenants for Lenny. If they did half the effort in destroying Goons, Goons would have lost the Fountain War.

The only problem is that Goons didn't even put up a fight. They moved to lowsec the minute they had a hunch that something is happening. They didn't even attempt to protect Vale. For M-O they brought mere 519 people, TEST had more for a moon timer. After M-O, they ran away and their combat activity was limited to interceptor trolling. Their allies - besides CO2 who left when realized that they are mere meatshield - were useless. Hell, "where is RAZOR" was a meme on r/eve. They tried to doublespeak their uselessness as "Fabian Strategy", but everyone laughed on it.

I have no chance to convince significant amount of people about the effects of GRR, because to believe me, one has to also believe the objective truth: Goons were just a bunch of ratters and miners who abandoned their allies and gave up Deklein without a fight. Therefore he - from line member to leader - wasn't an epic fighter, just a glorified ratter ganker... after years of whining how Goons already won EVE. The hate for MoA was exactly because MoA wasn't delusional: they were openly ratter gankers and because MoA fought while everyone else were whining.

Lenny isn't telling a true story only to replace my name with his. Lenny is telling a heroic epic worthy of a Kickstarter novel featuring you as a hero flying against the Big Evil Goons - financed by him. I'm telling a true story and claiming credit for a mere snowball. In this story, you are a simple bandwagoner who jumped on the snowball. No wonder which version people pick.

Of course it also means that I didn't kill them either, even if it was indeed my snowball. Since they were weak, it was only a matter of time before someone start a snowball. Hell, it could even be Lenny. If it was me, I was merely lucky and not Napoleon. My only real result (and no one questioned that) was my killboard analysis predicting and showing the weakness of Goons years before it happened. The only real result of MoA (and no one questioned that) was killing stupid amount of Goons as proof of their lack of PvP ability.

I rest my case. I now fully understand what happened. For you to see the truth only one thing is needed: to read your own posts made between Jan and March. Count how many times have you laughed on docking, SMA-abandoning, Asher-fitting, interceptor trolling Goons! Now ask the question: can anyone be a hero for defeating this crap?! Does kicking this crap really need a huge coalition with a mastermind behind it? Then you realize: you didn't take part in the Invasion of Okinava, but in the Invasion of Kiska. Sucks? Well, find comfort in the fact that I spent two years of proving it's possible, having everyone mocking me for it, and then Lenny taking credit when it turned out that I was right.

Finally: this incident only reinforces that EVE is beyond help without complete management shakeup. Lenny didn't do whatever he did to get fame or prove a point. Otherwise he had a long history of projects, successful and not. He jumped to the spotlight now to become the new Mittani: a monetizer/RMT-er who is too space-important to be banned. This is why he is paying all these opinion leaders to praise his name, this is why he is rewriting the mop-up of the Deklein ratting crap into the war of the century and above all: this is why he goes out of his way to erase me from history while he is giving out credit to every Tom, Dick and Harriett: those guys - like Bobmon - will protect him from Bugartist. I would never do that, even if he'd offer me all the credit and all his trillions. I was always fighting the dev-corrupting monetizers, therefore I'm a threat to him even when I left the game months ago. He does not need to worry now. As long as Falcon is working there, I'm not coming back.

PS: Lenny, IWI and the rest of the filthy RMTing scum shall pray every day that the tenure of Falcon will be long. Because if he is finally fired for lying to media and customers to protect criminals and running a cyberbully campaign against a customer, I might be back. And then I won't care who'll take credit for destroying the I Want ISK "business".

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rewriting history

I've left EVE online after my last project was complete and the game devs were so openly hostile that I interpreted the economy changes as another trick to help their favorites (in retrospect it was probably simple incompetence). The results of GRR seem to speak for themselves, but there are always those who want the glory for nothing. Soon after the Goons were gone and done, those who did absolutely nothing shown up to take credit. Now they posted a convoluted conspiracy theory to somehow prove how them doing absolutely nothing was actually a "fog of war" and how everything clicked in some glorious master plan.

At first, let me give my version in a nutshell.
  • I've recognized that "Imperium’s leader might be losing the situational awareness" when they took highsec POCOs, so I hired some highsec mercs to take it from them in early 2014.
  • I was surprised how easy it was and completed from zero in 3 months.
  • I kept hiring highsec mercs for random killing and gathered killboard data.
  • I realized that CFC loses only peanuts in big battles and they are vulnerable only to ratter/hauler hunters. I also found that the group killing them the most is not NC. or PL, but the barely known Mordus Angels, followed by Out of Sight.
  • I started supporting MoA financially, with 700B spent overall and their numbers went up, being #1 CFC killer in 2015
  • Seeing the utter inability to fight back, we got bold and took their systems in 2015 August. At this point CFC was functionally dead. I love MoA, but if MoA takes your sov, you have no real military power. MoA is (self-identified) as hunter-killer, not a line warrior. From this point anyone with more power than MoA could safely and surely defeat CFC.
  • This didn't happen immediately as they got strong and open support from the corrupted dev Falcon and the push died out.
  • SMA had a disagreement with IWI who wanted to punch them in the face (and not to defeat them, not to mention the whole Imperium). He did exactly what I preached, hired "no name ratter killers": TISHU
  • TISHU absolutely massacred SMA who received no Imperium help and also made a huge publicity drive on Reddit
  • Seeing blood in the water more and more groups arrived for easy kills
  • CO2 jumped the sinking ship.
  • The rest were just useless ratters and couldn't form anything over interceptors. CFC died without putting up a fight.
There is no "big conspiracy and master plan" in this. Every step rationally spawned the next without anyone planning it before. Did I plan TISHU on SMA? Hell no! Did I went to convince IWI to hire them? Absolutely not. But it was quite obvious for him to do what's already working. The fast collapse surprised me, I did expect better fight than this. But above all, this timeline contains no real human genius. It's practically: "Goons were weak, someone saw this and started a snowball".

Well, truth is simple. Rewriting history needs complicated jumps that are in large numbers in that PR article. First thing first: I don't question that Lenny paid 7T. But he paid for only one thing: for the various posters and opinion leaders to give him the credit. The main loophole in the story is Mercenary Coalition itself. It's a non-entity. I couldn't find them on the 2015 GSF killboard. Neither on the CO2 or any other Imperium killboards. The Scope literally killed more CFC than MC. Being a non existent makes them perfect actor for the non-existent master plan of Lenny. They started calling other allies, "Omega Security Syndicate (OSS) was an early joiner", which was a perfect move, since OSS also couldn't be found on the Imperium killboard above Science and Trade Institute (hey, they've beaten The Scope).

But brute force wasn't the only thing our masterminds did. With extreme amount of intelligence gathering (reading my 12 months killboard analysis) they determined that CO2 is the strongest PvP alliance in the CFC after GSF. Also the one the most away from Saranen. Our geniuses did awesome job in "making Imperium believing the coming attacks were nothing more serious than routine harassment by random opportunists". This wasn't that hard as the truth was that the coming attacks were nothing more than routine harassment from random opportunists save for MoA and TISHU. "Individual MBC alliances – from line members to FCs and even to alliance leaders – were no more aware of the overall strategic plans than their opponents" - mostly because there were no plans at all. At this time Lenny was probably not even aware of anything happening. Everything happened because it must have happened: the CFC was weak and collapsed as soon as someone kicked the door.

Their only evidence that they even existed is "The Mittani revealed the Boson leaks to the rest of the GSF directorate (leaks within leaks! Leakception!)". Please note that the irony didn't even miss the author. Please also note that this "evidence" comes from the same Mittani who is so "detached from reality" that he called his coalition to arms against a Gobbins ruse. The most interesting thing is why didn't he defeat this plan right then: by a hostile takeover or kicking of SMA, the CFC could cauterize the bleeding wound and save themselves from the snowball. The truth is that at this point the Imperium was so deteriorated that they couldn't even do that.

The article continues with a bunch of totally unrelated references full of buzzwords and abbreviations to look more scientific. Then it concludes "By the end of November the strategic leadership of the preMBC had sounded out the alliances it would need to conduct a campaign of total war against the Imperium and gained tentative support, pending a demonstration that success was possible." Which is funny because there wasn't a total war against the CFC at any point. There were no invasion fleets, no hellcamps, no grand declarations. The whole WWB was conducted by individual actors. It was like Rome - oh the irony - defeated by various barbarian tribes and not Nazi Germany defeated by the coalition of US+UK+SU. WWB wasn't really a war - as evidenced by the fact that Goons didn't even fight back - it was a mop-up done by everyone and his mother against a hollow shell that was staying afloat only by propaganda and dev corruption.

The really interesting question is why this PR stunt is done? Lenny and IWI were content being invisible for years and one day they woke up and felt the need to destroy the Imperium. Or at least to claim credit for it. Why? Because they are RMT-ers who can only stay in business if they are too big to be banned. Not me saying this, the CCP team security head does. Most "bankers" of IWI were found guilty of RMT, banned for it, but the decision of team security was overruled from above. CCP Bugartist was so sure that they are guilty, that - instead of parroting the party line as Bobmon expected - he flat out called his bosses supporters of RMT-ers, either because he was so upset by their decision, or because he wanted to cover his ass in case the authorities knock at the door of CCP (I'm sure that running an online casino without any permits is illegal. I'm also sure IWI never paid a dime of tax). Anyway, the IWI team must upkeep the appearance that they are so important content creators that they can't be just banned. They literally aspire to the position of The Mittani who made scandal after scandal but survived everything because he was "the space emperor".

As long as everyone is talking about them, they can't be banned for something so lowly as selling ISK. This is how you can beat them: just don't buy their ridiculous narrative that they secretly moved alliances with no killboard to destroy the Imperium. You don't have to believe my narrative either. The objective truth is that the Imperium was a weak collection of ratters and miners who were to die at the moment someone start throwing stones. I really hope and believe it was me and MoA with our 2014-15 campaign. But maybe it was Gobbins with his ruse. Or Stunt Flores slaying them like sheep. Maybe the leaks of the defactors. Maybe even IWI and TISHU. But definitely, absolutely not Lenny and MC.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Wealth inequity is a good thing

I claim something that nobody claimed before: the increasing wealth inequity (the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer) is necessary for the GDP growth of the World. No, I don't mean that it's "righteous", as free market enthusiast often claim, because that's moral term and probably wrong: a doctor saving lives deserve more reward than a media mogul. From laws that allow innovation the wealth inequity grows automatically, but not as a by-product. If we'd do something against it, it would slow down the economic growth.

Why is inequity necessary? Because only a few people actually need material wealth to increase production. A policeman, a teacher or a shop assistant are all hard working people providing essential services, yet they need nothing but themselves to do it. If a New York City cop would arrive to Los Angeles with nothing but what he wears and apply for the LAPD, they could employ him and use him perfectly. On the other hand businessmen need money to be any useful. What could a construction company owner build without a dollar in his pocket? He need machines, he needs raw materials and he needs to pay his employees to build the first building that he sells before he sees any income. Any policy that would take his money and give to the cop would decrease his efficiency without increasing the efficiency of the cop. A construction company with 1 million dollars investment could start more buildings. How could a cop spend a million dollars to become a better cop? Buy a Lamborghini for patrol car? Dubai Police did that and then only use the cars for shows instead of actual pursuit.

Now the above doesn't explain the increased personal spending of the businessmen, but "being human" does. Do you find it "normal" that someone who tosses around a million dollar a day in his job will spend only $30K a year for personal expenses? It's theoretically possible and there are even examples of very modest and frugal billionaires, but most people (from cop to businessmen) want to buy nice things and the businessman can. Don't get me wrong, it is a waste for the World, but since both of them would have a same waste rate, it's better to leave the money with the one who can also spend it well.

Why does the wealth inequity increases? Because with startups and angel investing more and more people take the business route and they also aim at more and more people with their services. The products of the IT sector are in the hands of even the impoverished. Hell, I see smartphones in the hands of refugees. This means that the poor people are giving them their money (becoming poorer) and them receiving money (becoming more rich). But the poor is actually not more poor since he traded his money for something he sees more utility in (if he is a moron and wasted it, that's a different issue).

I believe that in an World of saints the wealth inequity would be total: the working people wouldn't have or need any wealth since they can create value with nothing at their name. They would only need salary to pay rent, buy consumables, entertainment and save for their pension and between-jobs time without actually accumulating anything. All wealth would be in the hands of those who have the best ability to allocate it into projects (please note that being moral saint doesn't make you smart or able to do stuff). Since they would be saints too, they would spend it all on the projects and would live in the same rental building eating the same food as their workers. None of us is a saint, but you get the picture.

Please note that my "Utopia" doesn't actually offers better wealth equity, it offers better wealth equity among neighbors, which has the psychological benefit, without the GDP loss.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Minipost: This was fast

I'm happy to announce that I stay in BDO, though creating a project will be delayed by the return of nameplates.

One question: I set a buy order (Pre-Order Bid), but items still appear on the marketplace and I could actually camp-buy some, way under my pre-order bid. Shouldn't items instantly go to the highest bidder in mail and not appear on the market?

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Ghillie disaster

In the most recent patch notes there is a tiny line "Name Tag will be displayed even if players equip Ghillie suit in node, siege and red battle field." This is a disaster for two reasons. In case you are unfamiliar with it, "Ghillie suit" or "Treant costume" is a cash shop item priced around $30 (depending on what pearl packs you buy) that gave a huge advantage in PvP: hid your nameplate, forcing your enemy to identify you in the battlefield, instead of just looking at a big nameplate.

Update: The price of the Ghillie was refunded!

First thing first: if they don't give a refund at least in pears, I will stop playing instantly and a "Don't play BDO!" goes right to the permanent pages. Selling an expensive power item and then nerfing it into useless vanity is flat out scamming, even if they can lawyer themselves out at court (Note: lawyering doesn't stop me from believing that they act in bad faith, stop dealing with them and warn my readers from ever dealing with them). Imagine a car dealer selling cars and then announce that you can't use them on the road.

I made a mistake when I didn't stop playing EVE in the instant CCP Falcon went publicly Goon-supporter and dragged myself in a game I no longer liked for half a year. Not again, I won't stay wishing and hoping that things get better. They never do. A refund in pearls is bad enough, but it kind of fits to the "we give only coupons as refunds/compensations to customers" from the business world. So here is what I'll do. After this goes up - unless there are automatic refunds - I open a ticket and demand refund. If it's rejected or not answered in 2 weeks, I stop playing and create a "Don't play BDO" page to warn my readers against scammers.

Don't get me wrong, I was never happy that BDO has a cash shop, but the clear results show that customers value in-game power over game access. I had to accept that only by selling items can an MMO stay profitable and decided to spend the usual $180/year ($15/month) on the game I'm playing.

Now the second problem: aside from being a cash shop item, I think Ghillie suit is the best thing that happened in MMO PvP for a long time. I always considered nameplates largely immersion braking and something that makes "target calling" mandatory. Focusing fire on the weakest or most important opponent is obviously the right choice in group combat. Nameplates remove the decision making from players and let a "fleet commander" make the decision, rendering the rest of the group nothing more than bots. In EVE, this was literally the case when players just set their ship to orbit the commander, assigned him their drones and went AFK, allowing the commander to control the movement and fire of 254 other (non-)players. Due to nameplates, individual player skill is secondary to mere obedience. This of course preferred by those who are better in obeying orders than thinking for themselves.

Putting nameplates back to node wars and sieges would make a project-making much harder. If my guild become the #1 in sieges, it would only prove that "Gevlon is a good leader and has awful lot of obedient minions". Thank you, no one cares about my bragging and "be minions" is not something I want to preach. Before you ask, "nameplates" weren't a problem in EVE, because the act of PvP was meaningless. The battle was decided before the first shot, mostly by economy and planning, so it didn't really matter if the players were in AFK Dominixes. If the BDO battles will be similarly economy-based (gear-based) than I can have a project. If it's about "who calls the names of the enemy wizards first" contest, not much.

Of course I'm still hoping that things will go well: they retract the change or they refund Ghillie buyers and the battles will be about planning and organizing and not about target calling. But I am realistic and got enough disappointments already from shady/corrupted devs, so I draw the line here, mostly for myself to avoid another half year of making up excuses why do I play a game I know to be bad.

PS: as it is currently, I like the game and play happily. I could adapt to the other changes already, for example I figured out what to do with my energy no longer needed for processing: