Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend miniscam

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Being EVE-famous has it drawbacks: I'm spammed by scammers and idiots. Here is the latest:

It should be obvious that you are an idiot if you gamble. If you believe any word they say in their advertisements, you deserve to be poor.

PS: not CFC, but so dumb that must be publicized. Now this is CFC.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Who kills the bling of CFC?

A new kind of comment appeared, trying to protect the "Mercs have it harder than MoA" theory: that MoA kills expensive ratting ships, while highsec mercs must find and catch elusive small ships. Instead of random opinions, I gathered all the CFC loss data I have, 9 months from May 2014 to Jan 2015 (you can find their links on the GRR page) and analyzed them all for ship sizes. The losses were separated into 4 groups, the limits were selected to make the groups approximately equal. Below you can see the losses of various CFC alliances in different size groups:
As you can see, GSF and renters are more likely lose big ships, while RvB is mostly losing crap.

You could see how each group has about 1/4 of the total ISK losses. Of course it means very different number of ships:
Size class Number of ships lost
Below 90M crap 404.9K
90-260M ships 42.5K
0.26-1.2B ships 16.7K
1.2B+ whales 2.4K

Now let's see the killers:
As you can see, the truth is the very opposite: Marmite Collective killed mostly whales and MoA killed mostly middle sized ships. One more excuse down.

By the way it's funny to see NPC losses and several CFC alliances among the top CFC killers.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How big is Mordus Angels?

Important: CSM election has started, go and vote! I updated my candidate list with last minute trolls candidates.

I keep getting the comment that it's unfair to compare Mordus Angels to Forsaken Asylum or other highsec mercs, since they have 1300 members while the highsec mercs have only 2-300. This is wrong for two reasons. The first is simple: nothing (but drama and egos) stop highsec mercs to grow bigger. EVE is a game of numbers, if your enemy/competitor shovels more bodies into ships, you can cry all day, but you still lost. I would love a highsec merc alliance that is created by merging all the big names and would gladly give them even the 15B/week blood money Tora demanded because that juggernaut could literally lock out CFC (including RvB) from highsec. Will it ever happen? No, because Merc1 hates Merc2 more than he loves kills and ISK. But if you choose to be small and choose to not share an alliance ticker with Joe-who-called-me-noob-in-2008, live with the consequences!

But there is a more interesting thing in the numbers. I grabbed the 2015 Jan, 2014 Dec, Nov and Oct downloaded CFC loss reports and checked for pilots and corporations within MoA. In these 4 months, MoA killed 638B CFC and this is de-whored number! I mean if a 100B Goon titan was killed by a Black Legion fleet with some MoA doing 1% of the damage, they get 1B damage booked, not 100! Please note that only the CFC kills are processed, so if a MoA pilot killed some random dude, it's not in the data.

Let's see the top MoA corporations and their kills in the last 4 months:
Dissident Aggressors: 127B
Nullbear Tear Extractors: 84B, note: left MoA on 2014-11-03
Tellurian Works: 32B
Los Primitivos: 28B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-23
Blackwater USA Academy: 27B, note: joined MoA on 2014-10-20
Delta vane Corp.: 27B
Under Heavy Fire: 25B
PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO: 21B
Foundation Cutting-Edge: 19B
shadow and cloaking: 13B
DAB: 13B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-21
Zeura Brotherhood: 12B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-06
20th Legion: 12B, note: joined MoA on 2014-10-24
Angels and Demons Inc.B: 12
These corps did 572B damage to CFC out of the 638.

I calculated the de-whored damage of the individual pilots and sorted them. Below you can see how the top 50, second 50 and so on pilots performed:
92% of the damage is done by the top 200 pilots. 540 pilots got on any CFC kill reports over the 4 months. So we can conclude that MoA isn't bigger than the highsec mercs, just doesn't clear inactives and low performers.

Finally, let's see the top 50 MoA pilots:
Komiser Kemal: 18.2B
Neok1337: 15.5B
Fragwit: 13.5B
Erebus SilentKill: 13.4B
Hemmo Paskiainen: 12.3B
Castiel Visage: 11.7B
Allucination: 10.7B
Gen Eve: 8.8B
Samael Curtis: 8.6B
159Pinky: 8.1B
xXCojakXx: 7.9B
Dekhard: 7.8B
Mark Yanning: 7.0B
Nodire Hermetz: 6.4B
Ixtisy: 6.4B
Elgwapo: 6.0B
Draykonus Promathine: 6.0B
Atreon Sek'Hyren: 5.9B
Nevil Kincade: 5.7B
Dave911: 5.6B
Maurice Bourdon: 5.5B
Sir Rexor: 5.4B
Asbendale Silverblade: 5.2B
Kinis Deren: 5.1B
lockghar: 4.9B
Fallen Berkser: 4.9B
Lupus Aurelius: 4.8B
Ransu Asanari: 4.8B
Ed Hubble: 4.7B
replicator 0001: 4.7B
Zieg Olexia: 4.4B
Onyx Mamba: 4.4B
replicator 0004: 4.2B
Tocan Netrow: 4.2B
DuCkie101: 4.0B
Undertovv: 4.0B
Delnar Katuivo: 4.0B
Percival79: 3.9B
Kauker: 3.8B
PiXEL UA: 3.7B
Caer Dallben: 3.7B
Gold Shark: 3.7B
replicator 0022: 3.5B
Hugo Stiglitz01: 3.4B
replicator 0019: 3.4B
replicator 0007: 3.4B
Corey Edward: 3.4B
xBRANEx: 3.3B
replicator 0067: 3.3B

PS: Look, another addition to the MoA scalp collection! And one more, without local rep or buffer!
Bombers bar killed 3 goon ratting carriers (1, 2, 3) and posted videos of it (1, 2, 3). Good job Bombers!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What is HERO?

PL is back in Catch, massacring HERO again, setting up killer POS to warp careless ones into it and play stupid self-destruct games.

HERO can't defeat PL. HERO can't even avoid someone defecting every second week. Yet HERO is capable of keeping their space from PL. How?

Because it's not their space. It's the space of PL. HERO is just renter there. The only thing that differentiate them from B0T is that they don't pay in ISK, but in loss reports. The deal is simple: every time PL is bored, HERO lines up a bunch of players for massacre. Another "victory" is more important to PL members than a bunch of ISK that they already have enough, judged from their supercapital armada.

The question isn't how can HERO leaders do it. It's obvious: they get space-power and crapload of ISK from the moons. The question is why do HERO pilots show up day after day in fleet without the slightest chance of victory? Why don't they quit being farm animals waiting for the butcher and play on their own terms? I mean even faction warfare is more fun than this!

PS: hahaha, Hell froze once again! Seraph achieved what only Alex Karrade could do before: make the commenters of EN24 side with me!

PS2: Talking about newbies from Reddit.
Bling + subcap + PvP is bad.
Finally, the true nature of Forged of Fire.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why can't liberal democracies liberate dictatorships?

It's one of the odd Real World philosophy posts, feel free to skip.

It's well known that the attempt of the Western countries to bring democracies to (mostly Middle-Eastern) dictatorships failed miserably. With the recent beheading tour of the Islamic State into Libya, we can tell that each and every liberated country fell into failed state, despite extreme effort. The obvious question rises: why?

While single failures can be explained by mistakes, corruption or bad tactics, multiple failures must have a systemic cause. I believe it's the incompatible conflict-solving methods of dictatorships and liberal democracies. You see, there are conflicts everywhere in our life: companies compete for resources, friends and even spouses turn to haters, religious groups compete for believers and so on. No country is immune to that.

In a dictatorship, the conflicts are solved by the appropriate level guy in the leading group. If two people or groups has an issue, they approach "the man" and ask for his decision. It will be made. It'll likely be arbitrary and even corrupted, but swift and without appeal. From there the conflict is solved and the loser can change his behavior, exile or go to jail.

In a liberal democracy, conflicts are solved by the extremely complicated legal system. Everything has a law or precedent for and after spending enough money and time on lawyers, a fair decision is made or better, a settlement is reached before that.

The problem comes when a liberal democratic country occupies a dictatorship and removes the former dictator and local underlings. The people and groups still have conflicts, but nowhere to go with them. The dictators are gone, the de facto powerful ones (the military leaders of the occupying army) are unwilling to interfere with local issues and there isn't an existing legal system to turn to (even if there was some, it was part of the leading group and was removed with the dictator).

Without decisions, even minor conflicts escalate into full war between clans, sects and oligarchs, turning the country into a mess.

The situation has an even worse effect on the occupying military itself. At home, the police and the politicians are subjects of the same legal system. If a cop beats up a suspect, he can press charges and the court will punish the abusive cop. Same for the corrupted politician. These people don't have to have internal limits as the legal system keeps them in bay. Abroad, they are in the situation where they have the guns and the locals have nowhere to turn. No wonder they start abusing locals.

Neither problem exists when a dictatorship occupies another. The officers of the occupying force are used to handle all kind of disputes from divorces to business arguments, so they'll do the job of "city commander". Their decisions might not be spectacular, but there will be decisions. Also, they learned the limits of their power at home. Those who abused their subject into revolting or killed too much workforce were removed by the dictators for their own interest. Those who kept being promoted are those who can control their subject with reason.

The solution is obvious: democracies shouldn't bother occupying dictatorships, they must ally less bad dictatorships (like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, better oligarchs) and help them into power. Do the bombing and the financing, but let those who have skills in oppressing a country run the show.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The necessity of PvE corporations

People don't seem to understand why is it crucial to have non-wardeccable highsec PvE corporations and claim that this could already exist with a chat channel between NPC corp players. Not.

PvP and PvE corporations are fundamentally different. PvP corps are army units. The leader is flying with them and leading them into battle. There is only exchange of information between the leader and the members or between the members. In-game activity is done between the member and the enemy. They could be - and in public roams are - strangers sharing a channel.

A successful PvE corporation on the other hand works as a real world corporation. The leader owns the most important tools and the know-how of the production. The members on the other hand bring their workforce and maybe simple tools. The worker - just as Marx noticed - would be better off if he took control of the tools of production and lead himself. He just can't, because he is too lazy or dumb. Please note he is not moron or slacker because unlike M&S he has work ethic and ability to follow rules and orders.

Such cooperation needs transferring of assets and access to other assets. This can't be done to strangers you'll never meet again, some level of trust needed. Sure, you won't cry if someone runs away with a Mackinaw every now and then, so the trust need isn't that high, but you can't afford just giving out Macks to everyone who turns up in your channel. Also, social people only cooperate if they are among "us", they don't trust any "strangers", so a common identity and tag is needed to keep them interested.

In PvE games these social players are recruited into guilds where the raid leader tell them what to do and rewards them accordingly. The best rewards and the glory of course belongs to the leaders. In EVE this is impossible, because any corp getting significant profit would get wardecced. Fighting back is simply unprofitable, because there is always an alternative: play alone with alts. The simple social members with nothing but their 5-10 hours/week workforce simply don't bring enough extra to the leader (over his own alts) that worth paying mercs to defend or spend his own time (opportunity cost) fighting.

So due to wardecs EVE cannot welcome ordinary players into "exploited proletariat" like in WoW and other games, losing out most of the potential customers. Wardecs also prevent the usual "guild leader" position, where you put in knowledge and capital and get lot of work done. In EVE you have to do the busywork yourself, you can't hire workers.

As usual, I repeat that introducing non-wardeccable corps wouldn't decrease PvP at all, as their future members are in NPC corps or not playing. It's unlikely that any existing PvP corp would suddenly turn PvE. It's likely that existing failcorps would turn PvE, but they already provide no war targets as they dock up/dissolve upon wardec.

PS: talking about PvE: watch this battle between SMA and...
Well, at least he died cap stable.
This fit is pretty good... if you are playing docking games. Otherwise, not.
Finally, the two sins of RAZOR and the retribution by -EH-.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend mini-moron: cap stable.

We should create a new word for epic-epic-epic moron. How about "FA"?

Update: I got the info how he died from -EH- pilot IIR4MBOII: he warped from his POS to the station and landed in a well-placed bubble. Of course if he had tank, he might lived.

He also sent another story:
"We dropped a bait carrier with bombers only (Of course covered by your lovely SRP)
they sent in bombers and blops, so as per above - why run when we have free srp ships now?"
So FA could kill 13 bombers and a Falcon, losing a Redeemer, a Sin and an Arazu. Good trade.

Lesser kill, but with story and tears:
After running some prisoncamps in their space in pvp ships fa got mad and apparently sent this dude to drop on us. He jumped into sys as we were done and landing on gate. Point, web, he slowly reapproaches but then starts agressing 2km off gate in zero shield. He didn't use his cyno or point, just died.

[05:34:14] Deuce2222 > pussy ass bitch
[05:34:17] Deuce2222 > warping off n shit
[05:34:22] IIR4MBOII > ok i stay and die
[05:34:23] IIR4MBOII > ?
[05:34:24] IIR4MBOII > mad bro
[05:34:26] IIR4MBOII > mad bro
[05:34:28] IIR4MBOII > so mad bro
[05:34:42] IIR4MBOII > fit a scrambler
[05:34:43] Deuce2222 > so mad
[05:34:43] IIR4MBOII > pleb
[05:35:11] Bahnd Rollard >
[05:38:26] Deuce2222 > go away
[05:38:30] Deuce2222 > u smell
[05:38:37] Shp3 > umadbro?
[05:38:47] Deuce2222 > I COULD NEVER BE MAD AT U
[05:38:48] Deuce2222 > I LOVE U

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