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The blog was originally started as a pure WoW-goldmaking tips blog.
Later I extended it with philosophies of "goblinish", rational, non-emotional thinking. Economics. Recently I turned to another game, EVE online as economy is much more important there, as "gear" is gained from manufacturing and not "raid drops". I consider games as simulations of real systems. If we manage to understand something so simple as a video game, we have a shot at the complicated things.

I recently reworked the tags to make the blog easier to search:
New posts are new. Every post get this tag and it stays that way for a few weeks. After the discussion is over about the topic, it gains one of the final tags.
Gold collects my WoW moneymaking posts
ISK posts can help you making EVE money.
Ideas are posts that I consider worthy of reading after months or years.
Random posts did not pass the test of time. They are either obsolete news or ideas that were found wrong or insufficient later.
Some posts still have the old tags as it takes time to re-tag 1300 posts.
My most important ideas are permanent pages linked above, next to the goblin head.

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All ideas and works posted on this blog are free to use, copy, duplicate, create derivative work or print and use as toilet paper.