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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Selling glyphs

It's a last minute idea I've just got. Lot of people will roll deathknights and these will have glyph slots. They will need glyphs. So I will provide glyphs. I will have my inscription set with me, often relog to my bankalt to see what's sold. When there is need, I create new glyphs and mail them to the alt and put them to the AH. I hope they sell high. The fun part is that these glyphs will need the same herbs that are rotting in my bank.

I also started to buy up Greater Planar Essences and Arcane Dusts for cheap. I expect to sell enchants to Death knights when they reach lvl 70 and get some nicer items.

I will start selling my copper, bronze and stone. I expect high income from them, but not in a short period.

I also expect to buy up some late and desperate sells of primals, HoDs and such. I think HoD is way underpriced now. While it's obvious that there will be better lvl80 shadow resist items than the HoD based ones, they will still be OK and will cost much less.

While I will quest and start leveling, I will not abandon my businesses. I think the income I will make in the first week will serve me well at lvl 80.

Update: the Glyphs are selling really nicely, about 300G income yet. The copper/stone business also started, around 400G income.

From returning Outland quests I collected 340000 XP. Nice.

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