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The blog was originally started as a pure WoW-goldmaking tips blog.
Later I extended it with philosophies of "goblinish", rational, non-emotional thinking. Economics. I play MMOs as simple simulators of economy and sometimes politics to show parallels between game mistakes and real world ones. I'm currently playing Black Desert Online.

As of 2017 April, my blog has over 2700 posts, having various labels:
New posts are new. Every post get this tag and it stays that way for a few weeks. After the discussion is over about the topic, it gains one of the final tags.
Gold collects my WoW moneymaking posts. Most of them are obsolete though as I left WoW for years.
ISK posts can help you making EVE money. Most of them are also obsolete and I don't recommend playing EVE.
Ideas are posts that I consider worthy of reading after months or years. These posts are listed below in the table of contents.
Random posts did not pass the test of time. They are either obsolete news or ideas that were found wrong or insufficient later.

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M&S means Morons and Slackers, if you ask it in a comment, it's you.

All ideas and works posted on this blog are free to use, copy, duplicate, create derivative work or print and use as toilet paper.

Below you can see the list of "Ideas" posts. It's not complete, I'm working on it.


In-game relevant, properly defined
Economic plan for the top 1% and the bottom 50%
The big health care question
Representatives: why politics gets polarized
What politicians can and can't do
More nukes for peace!
Game crowdfunding: you get what you pay for
You can't make others think highly of you
There is no honor among thieves


Why libertarians are dead?
Socials and the stubbornness of political problems
Fake news
Resource curse of foreign workers
How is Black Lives Matter the new KKK
Imaginary Nazis
The necessary condition for democracy
Mashlow pyramid and elections
The two problems of international free trade
Immigration, capitalism and illegal immigration
You can only beat rigged by shouting "rigged"
The Vanilla WoW essence
There won't be a WoW legacy server.
Why nation building fails
Only yes means yes
The media is poor, so cheap
The reason of defeat is always weakness, not "reasons"
The "hardcore game" marketing
IWI banned on lawsuit threat
Silence random teammates!
Set your boob size to max (if you play female)
What is a "fair game"?
The death of subscription gaming
Let's increase the pie!
You can make difference or money. But never both.
Unequal payment MMOs will always be pay-to-win
Having economy is a dangerous thing in MMOs
Research: Keeping up with the Joneses
The key of understanding psychopathy


The house of nolife
Monetization kills meritocracy
Knowing doesn't help, acting upon the knowledge does
The medium shield booster exploitation
Most EVE opinion leaders are corrupts or cowards
Evil acts vs evil people
The content creator paradox in gaming
Changing "what" instead of "how" in the MMO scene
The Facebook Ghetto
Liberals: the worst form of communists
Seniority is barely anything. Attitude is everything!
High cost of living destroys low income work
Playing the game vs participating in its community
Combat SRP and dread subsidies are not welfare
I didn't want it anyway: reassurance for M&S
Immigration and the end of social democracy
Why not to perform war crimes?
The genocidal plan of Hiroshima-Nagasaki
A-social =/= alone
Being social makes you lonely
The magic of limited liability.
The culture of poverty and EVE
The refugees of democracy
Is this a scam?
This blog used to be about objectivism and ISK making, now it's about "evil" Goons
Logical proof: selfishness is better than selflessness
Why doesn't democracy work in video games?
Why top 1% is not good enough?
On grief-wardeccing
Why can't liberal democracies liberate dictatorships?
Removing griefing without removing PvP
Free-to-play games are Bum Fights
Yield fit: saving cents, losing hundred bills
The target audience of the GRR project
Proper definition of "cosmetic item"
Died rich, died disgraced
Blizzard caught lying


PuG raiding and what it means for guilds.
Death penalty in real world games
It must have been her period (casual sexism)
PvP isn't challenging out of tournaments
Pay to spectate: the real world game monetizing
Designers purposefully make games frustrating for good players to keep bad ones
I can farm it for free: F2P edition
Poor = irresponsible
Bad tank > good damage dealer
Meritocracy and genetic determination
Idiot guildmasters can ruin a game
The fundamental problem with pay to win
Laugh, ignore, copy
Content providers vs M&S
The value of ganking in games
I don't want to make people mad, I want them to be embarrassed
Class struggle in EVE Online
Back in the old days when games were better
EVE skill system and M&S
The reason of ALODs
The proper handling of official forums
Funny people vs 4 fun ppl
Misogyny at the extreme: 4 fun ppl vs women
Greater internet f.. theory vs 4 fun ppl theory
Goons in the closet
How does a basement dweller sound like?
You are only safe in the central corp
The one advice for newbies
Who controls nearly half nullsec?
Don't buy status symbols in games, buy power!
Tears and trolls
Feminists make the rich richer and the poor poorer!
Being social causes the blue doughnut
Being social shrinks your brain!
"Welfare" isn't an offensive word for recipients
I have powerful friends in nullsec!
Mudflation in EVE and real life
Botting vs no-life: the core problem of botting and RMT
The Orca that broke Burn Jita
Having social skills vs being social
Interacting with toxic elements in games can help you in real life
Why am I singling out Goons?
The difference between a prank and a bully
Why is there still money in trading?
Why scammers and manipulators exist
Active portfolio management is theoretically useless
Welfare epics motivate purposefully bad play
If you can't lead a group well, close it!


Killers vs achievers: why EVE Online is the only successful Impact PvP MMO?
Looking good > Being good
"Pay to save time" in games is nonsense
There is no "respect number"
"Fun" is objectifying, goals are inclusive
Respect: the holy grail of MMOs
Society laws allow new players enter the field
Socials try to punish people but not NPCs
World of Warcraft: the working class dreamworld
“Skill” PvP is consensual!
Do you want to make history or do you want to mess with people?
The myth of "PvP skill"
Why there are no industrial corporations in MMOs?
The fundamental problem with the AFK cloaker
Bad players have skill, good players have doctrines
Corporations/guilds only have their restrictions to offer
Separate but equal
Rational self-interest in donation
Evidence that playing good has little to do with play time
Why there are no NPC teammates?
Why there are oppressive governments everywhere?
Sexism in games
Welfare in EVE
Why? (The purpose)
The players don't belong to one normal distribution
Disproving religions
I go to a bar to have fun, not to talk, dance or drink
The meaning of "playing for fun"
What's wrong with RMT?


HTFU is a lie
The PvP-er problem
Why Atlas didn't shrug? (communism in nullsec)
What is the "cultural group"?
Authority in EVE Online (and capitalism)
Meritocracy vs elitism
How internet and shitposting killed democracy
Who is the actor in EVE?
The real difference between EVE and WoW
MMOs are not really games
Why shouldn't "leeches" vote?
The right definition of the leech
Tragedy of commons (and non-moon miner alliances)
PvE, PvP and griefing
How could the economy crash?
Highsec protects gankers from carebears and not the other way!
The great shitworm scam
The lossmail-M&S
"Anti-socials" have a group, socials don't
Sexist trolls are not sexist (and not trolls)
You can't help the M&S
A game must focus on one skill
Why socials can never be rich?
Small fails are fails
Spreading information is never in vain!
"Burn Jita"? Rather burn M&S!
MMO Economies use bartering
Oh noes we must produce all that we spend!
Start out small!
Why direct PvP is valued by socials
Owning up your mistakes
You must fine the failers!
The monolith of leeches
You call them newbies? I, Object!
I was in the hospital FFS
Why don't they teach instead?
Free player is not the player, he is the content
The myth of the "fail team"
Cheating and buying pro-ness
Strategy beats killing, even in a deathmatch
"play 4 fun" people can't have fun
Dancing causes yelling, berating and quitting
Why choose an intelligent girlfriend?
Why 20% owns 80%?
The rising tide lifts all boats


What makes democracy democracy?
Buy nothing for Christmas!
The urge for "progression"
You must respect fellow players to have fun
The problem with dance mechanic in raids.
ipwnurass doesn't like arthasdklol
Newbies are unaffected by endgame design
Gear reset: the bane of casual gaming
Accessible content is casual unfriendly
The accessible gear makes the game inaccessible
The holy trinity cannot be undone
The true third way of economics
Government workers are not inactives
Atlas shrugged. For real
Smart Chinese, stupid Greeks
Raid dance is inaccessible
What players REALLY want and reject
"The skill" and games
"The skill" and fun
There can't be community without difficulty
Why free2play is rising?
Legendary fail of shared ownership
The social curse of voice chat
Owning "fun items" is moronic
The ingame price fixer and socialism
Last place aversion and welfare gear
What gives power over morons and intelligent ones
Attribution error and character progression
Speak up!
Friends and family: when asociality is really needed
Check system for the employment of poor
The Gini of WoW
Group forming and sociality
M&S is not the lowest of workers
Overstaffing for safety
Why penalize fails?
Strategy beat skillz.
Size vs performance
Follow the protocol instead of being "skilled"!
How globalization destroys social-democracy
PvE rating
M&S vs Ninja
Competitive thinking
"It's not what you know, it's who you know"
Socials and their fun are losing Tol Barad
Myth of the forum troll
No exceptions!
Winning strategy: let the enemy be social
Fighting the counter-culture
The Choice
Difference between MMOs and video games
They just have different priorities
Blame the guild, not the moron!
You need 100+ hours to evaluate an MMO
The true social is beyond help
People trading up is not a betrayal
Why be awesome
Cosmo and other women's magazines are useless
Nepotism vs Goblinism
Subscription MMOs must be hard
The core of businessmanship
Bugs and other unintended fails
Richness is not getting what you desire
Folk consensus
The myth of the no-lifer
How welfare makes the middle class poor
100 m sprint gold medal for Oscar Biscet!
There are always consequences
If tax is a theft, who is the thief?
The value of good players in your game.
Misunderstanding how ELO rating works
The most disgusting nerf ever
In secrecy lies sociality
There is no tank/healer shortage, just M&S among DDs
Biases and feminists
The problem with non-impact PvP
Asch experiment
Bigger population doesn't mean better performance
Pay your leaders!
Why games are unbalanced?


I just dun wanna raid lol
About buying presents.
Sign of weakness
The market can't solve everything
No alts are needed for experiencing content if combat is trivial
There is no opinion crime.
GDP/employed once more
To leech or not to leech
The fall of leadership
Don't question leaders unless you mean to lead
Investors, the killers of M&S
About socialists
About debates and trolls
Social women in an asocial guild
I'll be starving alone in my old age, hepl me plox
The strike of Rand
About buying investments for selling for profit
The dangers and annoyment from loving people
They don't play for fun, they play for shinies
Welfare, ignore and being Hitler
Sanity, competence and not being a moron
It's not nostalgia
You must do the grind for people to believe you
Servant in heaven or lord in hell?
The fundamental flaw of tiered raiding
The Devil is sexist
The value in buy-instant resale
The exploitative nature of porno and lack of porno MMOs
The fun, the l33t and the retard
Iterative M&S dilemma
Cheap tactics

Form big group for win!
"Cool" jobs instead of good jobs
Really new players vs M&S
Education can't fix M&S
Market competition helps the poor
Risky companies
No alts rule
The magic behind the PuG ruleset
You can't force out someone from a game market
The magical skill is not a trait
We all make mistakes, right?
Walking in the shoes of naysayers
Asociality, the magical skill
You aren't entitled for profit
DKP is illiquid currency, gold is liquid
Who is the target of my projects?
I'm a proud cog in the machine
Business vs selfless help
Don't be a packrat!
Trivial competition
Inequity aversion
Damage meter on trash
Normalization of deviance
Real skill and product-skills
The Mafia
Sometimes I'm just not good enough
Help the real poor!
Quality content
Critics and bullets
"Everyone needs help to start"
Are negative-sum actions wrong?
Worse than zero
How to measure an achievement
The purpose of retardspeak
Worthless achievements
The root of Evil
Dictatorship, oil income and gaming guilds
Boosting: the core of MMOs
Social norms create parasitism
Sunk cost fallacy
Moral and power
"Immoral" optimum
Walk away!


Limit on free market
Who is the ethical rational?
The "pro" version of farming for free
The power of love
Why racism and other -isms exist?
The only good advice on investment
What is a scam?
Be mean!
"The level of animals"
The original Ungeared Only free market can handle morons and slackers.
Shady marketing is bad
Respect of different challenges
Socials, part 2
Socials, part 1
Not keeping up with the Joneses
Blog trolls

Salesman's victims
React to reality, not intentions!
I farmed it for free
Illusiuon of choice in games with scripted bosses
You can't be honest with a group
Teaching creates bigger pie than it takes share
He wouldn't buy the stuff he makes
Player housing creates envy
Guilds and democracies
The smell of the noobs
Why are you playing NOW?
The point of trying again and again
Why groups get stuck?
The myth of the casual
The original ungeared run
Fundamentally wrong classification of people
Why do we play?
More content is not better
Working more is not "synergy"
You can't herd morons
Socials can't do challenging content
Information is available
You can be above average with only common sense
Why classes are unbalanced?
If you don't set goals, you can't reach them!
Different meters on different levels
Loot systems and guild positions
Morons in battlegrounds
The holy trinity "problem"
No one saves the World in string bikini
Ultimate power
What's wrong with networking skills?
The fall of free markets
Every successful way is a good way
The real victim of welfare
Health care
No refund for morons and slackers!
Giving terrible advices
About trusting people
Proper attitude with handicaps
Sweet stories about sucking
The politically correct term "casual"
Alts are not the solution
Social persuasion trick: "Can you?"
Why do gamers devalue other gamers?
Laws and morals
There are always options. Just not nice ones.
Consumers pay, leeches not!
Do something good: burn money!
You can't escape mathematics
Pay to skip normal initiation
Morons of the market
Real witch-hunts
Tank and healer burnout
Working hours and rewards
What you can learn from WoW
Socials and socialists
Don't jump into MLM
Blogging for money
Fear of trolls
Social norms
Burn those bridges
No purpose = easy to be social
WoW tourists
Simulations and reality
Proving anything and it's opposite
"Individualists are Hitler"
Stupid monopolists
Good enough
Arbitrage vs production
Good gear vs perfect gear
Goblinism: pay for raid
Safety vs waste
The boss
Loot competition vs cooperation for getting it
Raiding is a blue collar job
Tragedy of commons in raids
Jobs and status
Mixed stereotypes
Undercutting "bot"
You can't blame the leaders (Milgram experiment)
Firing employees is not a crime
The "public eye" isn't watching
Competition is not a crime!
Overwork and unemployment
Value in long term speculation
Spotlight effect
Game professions and the market
Monopolies and marshmallows
The service of the guild
Do you really need it?


Theory of the leisure class 1 2 3
The invisible hand made me king!
Don't curse, solve it!
Businessman's thinking
Help a guildy with money!
You can't form a new, functioning guild!
Price curves
Opportunity cost
Factory ownership
Ethics of a botched deal
Nerfing to the ground
Help the weak!
Not information asymmetry, dumbness!
Rules vs norms
Warlock's story
Pointless destruction
Self-scaling, lore-believable NPC enemies
Socials and their guild bank
Don't persue perfection in an imperfect situation!
Prisoner dilemma in battlegrounds
The Lehman crash
Inability to cope with crisis
Gquit, part 2
Offensive comment