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Monday, March 28, 2016

I need a suggestion for a new MMO (and you CAN have my 1T stuff)

As it stands today, EVE will be over in about a months. CCP went pay-to-pwn (or made a fatal design mistake) that will allow a small cartel (a few people, leaders of about 5-10% of the players) to gain 20-25% of the GDP of EVE top-down, on top of their current earnings, in a fully passive income. That income can't be matched and will mean instant win for that group. Do you remember when the Fountain war was turned by Goons hiring BL for 800B? The "New Jita" citadel will produce that money in one day without a single click. The ISK IWI paid for TISHU to burn down Fade? 2 days of income. RMT it away (for $7/B) and Mittens kickstarter is funded in a month just from here!

I've written down every argument and every possible solution to this. The PLEX prices are going down nicely so there is hope that CCP will be forced to turn, but there is nothing more I can write or do to accelerate it anymore (besides liquidating everything I have before the expansion, which I'll of course do).

So it's time to prepare for departure from EVE. Please note that staying and trying to figure out something is not an option. If you accept the new patch, you legitimize it and when you finally lose, it's on you only. You can't say "I've lost because of unfair rules" after accepting the rules willingly. "I win = I'm awesome, I lose = bad game" is the crappiest slacker mantra. If you lose, it's because you suck. If the game is bad, don't play!

Sometimes there is nothing you can do and things go down out of your control. But that's no excuse for staying in the mess and keep whining. After New Jita, there will be nothing you can do against the owning cartel and there will be nothing to do as the owning cartel. I won't be "smelling flowers" in the game where everything is set in stone and players have less control over the happenings than in WoW.

So please suggest me MMOs that are published or available in free alpha-beta (if you pay for an unpublished game, Eric Roberts has a bridge for you)! As soon as I find one, I'll blog about that. If that game does not actively penalize playing with other people like EVE did, you can also join.

Of course there is a full month of EVE left and who dies rich dies disgraced, so I'm going to spend all of my remaining 1T in the next month. I've sent 20-20B to MoA and OOS this Saturday and will keep sending such amount in the upcoming Saturdays. But that's just 160B! I offered them bounties, and I'm going to reach out to other alliances with offers.

This is the last month of the sandbox. Fly like that!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so quick. CCP may reverse their decision on the tax issue.

Dunky said...

Black Desert Online, seriously.

Provi Miner said...

I am betting that your fears will be unfounded, or if realized it won't be for long. I am willing to ride the tiger and see where it leads for the next 6 mo at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Could pay a wormhole corporation to evict Goon's C6 while they're busy elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Albion sounds likea promising medieval sandbox but still in closed beta stage though.
Some devs were in CCP as far as I can tell, don't remember who...
Might be worth checking out

Hanura H'arasch said...

Isn't such drastic action a bit premature?

After all CCP could change their mind at any time.

Anonymous said...

how about renting a system(or few) in the far east of the map and offering CFC fleetbears amnesty and free rental if they quit now instead of after the impending fail cascade.

i'm sure many of the rats leaving the sinking ship would love such an offer.

Mike Azariah said...

No donation for Operation Magic School Bus?


Unknown said...

Man... Trust me I've looked. There's nothing that even comes close to EVE. That's why it continues to exist even though CCP has continually undermined it for the last few years.

For their own sake I hope they get their shit together before someone figures it out the golden formula. Took me over a decade to figure it out myself and it wasn't without help.

Red Mage said...

I follow your blog since 2012-13 and im just sad to read that you are leaving. In this case, I would like to Thank you for all knowledge you shared and all this War you promoted was rly inresting to follow, i even joined Lemmings to try to help, but pvp is not my thing.

Just thank you again.

about the mmo, take a look at Albion Online.

Unknown said...

Let me know if you find a good MMO. 5 years I have given to this game and looks like they are giving it to the goons. Sux. I was going to play Valkyrie but not after CCP trashing Dust514 and now EVE Online.

Anonymous said...

Or you could just rejoin TEST as they go for Goons' throat.

Hamlyn Medley said...

I understand your position but... isn't better to "wait and see"?
Like... if things don't turn out the way you predicted...
Shit can happen and we know it...
If you are quiting EvE there is no need to sell your stuff because, for you, it won't make any diference... that way if things don't turn out that bad you can come back and keep the goon campain going on

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. But even before this, after some of the CCP employees comments/actions to you, it didn't make a lot of sense to stay and fight the people who own and implement the game. While CCP has its biases, my guess is this latest is more incompetence than malice or evil.

No good, shipping, appropriate MMOs come to mind. I assume you will try the latest Korean imports, e.g. BDO and AA. If you must MMO, I expect you will end up in one of those.

nightgerbil said...

I would suggest star wars the old republic if you haven't tried that yet. The stories are fun, the leveling PVP is fun and the raids (operations) are very entertaining. Its where I have been spending most of my time.

Here's my referral link and if you decide you want to come try it out I'll give you some unlocks/experience boosts/credits to get you started if your rolling on my servers (the red eclipse, jedi cov)

a fan of yours said...

Dont be so fast on spending it all. There is still the Chance oft reversal after some time !!

maxim said...

This sandbox was doing pretty well recently
Looking forward for your last hurrah in Eve :D

Anonymous said...

Black Desert Online, though it has restricted free market(only trading via auction houses that impose minimum and maximum prices for items), most of manufacturing-trading activities are heavily automated and I feel it could be played "like EVE"(for a trader that is).

Then there's Archeage, but not sure how much the heavy p2w nature of that game would bother you.

Anonymous said...

Elite Dangerous/Star Citizen maybe?

Or back to WoW after Legion hits? Word on the street is they are tuning down the disaster that was garrisons.

I m guessing you re looking for an MMO that has at least some form of player-driven economy yes?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gevlon,

It's never "fun" when CCP fooks up your gameplay that you have come used to for awhile.
The for profit Company has screwed my mini professions over many times and because
of the (greater) eve community, including reddit, I tended to ling on and hope for the best.

That did not prevent me from trying other mmorpgs, to check out the pve/pvp but especially
the in game markets they have for their customers. I tried swtor, omg ea version of wow :s
Lotro, nice pve but then Turbine shoves their in game store in your face everytime they can,
The secret world, amazing mature enviroment but very time consuming which I do not have,
Star trek online, flew it for a year, I got in it through a great community, had so much fun and
the space ship pve was like setting off and watching fireworks all the time, no pvp there though.
However what also kept me there longer was the unified market orders across the servers :)

Talking about unified market orders across mmorpg servers with way better ground avatar gameplay,
go ahead and install Guild Wars 2, very soon within weeks they will even have a quality of life update,
and this year they will improve and add even more group play content, I have consistantly logged in
and with the different professions you get different gameplay everytime plus the crafting is good to.

Hope you have some use for my post, in the mean times market pvp deadly

Regards, a Freelancer117

Gevlon said...

@All who said "things might change" or various EVE activities to do instead: CCP had more than enough time to change their minds, as the community reaction was unanimous on the forum that this is a huge ISK top-down income for PL/Goons. The few dissenter-looking people aren't dissenting, merely claim that PL/Goons deserve such income.

Even if they change their minds after a few months, the damage will be done. I mean 50T ISK alliance (not member) assets would make anyone king of EVE for a few years.

Finally, after these changes I lost any faith in the fairness of CCP. Even if the community outrage forces them to back off, they will only try to do it again in a less obvious fashion. Our life would be whack-a-moling CCP giving freebies to the Whaletopias.

@MMOs suggested:
- Black Desert Online: never heard of, look into it
- Albion Online: never heard of, look into it
- BDO or AA? Please resolve these abbreviations so I can look into it.
- Star wars old republic, will give it a try when the EVE mess is over
- will look into it
- Elite Dangerous, will read up, Star Citizen seems a vaporware.

@Anon: Goons have a C6? Never heard of it.

@Mike: what is Operation Magic School Bus?

Anonymous said...

goons dont have a c6, but they do have a c4 (hole violence) every moon in the system has a tower. they would be able to form up at most 40 or so people if attacked. they would get no help whatsoever from the main goon force especially at this time. idk how much it would cost to pay a wormhole corp to evict them but you may be able to afford it.

Tithian said...

First of all, I'll be sad to see you leave, even though I'm no longer invested in the game. It's fun reading your posts, but exploring a new game might also be needed. I'd say, maybe wait a month or so before donating your assets, to see how things end up as citadel launch nears.

BDO is Black Desert Online, AA ia Archage. STAY AWAY FROM ARCHAGE, it's the most pay2win game in the market right now, catering to whales 100%. Just stay away. As for my recommendations:

1. Elite Dangerous. It's the only space sandbox out there, but it's a space SIM, so don't expect anything like EVE. You can do trades etc, but there are no big coalitions like in EVE, trying to take over the galaxy. It favors exploration and shooting stuff, and it's complicated as hell.

2. Black Desert Online. At this point, it's very similar to EVE in high-sec, in a fantasy space. The focus is on organised Guild PvP, with sieges and node wars, but later on in the game the 'nul-sec' areas will be unlocked (Valencia) catering to outlaws. Playing the Auction House is minimal, due to the game setting a range (min-max) for each item based on supply and demand, but you can make money through trade routes, crafting etc. There is a high focus on grinding if you want to get personally involved in PvP, and the difference in levels and items really deos make a ton of difference in this game. It's Buy-toPlay, and the cash shop so far hasn't anything in the P2W category, although some will complain that X or Y is giving an advantage to whatever/woever.

3. Star Citizen when it launches. I can ssure you it's not vaporware, but it still has time before it's ready.

Anonymous said...

You can't anchor citadels at hub stations that don't allow pos. So unless everyone is moving to perimeter then jita is here to stay.

Anonymous said...

also on the whack a mole on ccp unfairness, ccp devs gave BoB t2 bops and insider Intel back in the day and look how that turned out.

nightgerbil said...

BDO= black desert online. which is a pure blood pvp mmo in the sense after a certain level you can attack and gank anyone and killing them costs them 5% of their exp. This is a big deal because its a korean grind MMO, where to level up you kill mobs for 12 hrs.

It is also pay to win as the "ghillie suit" is bought from the cash shop and its BIS in PVP.

AA I would guess is archage. Also a korean pay to win mmo. As a general rule I avoid such games.

Unknown said...

Sorry to see you go Gevlon. Elite Dangerous is a FPS style space MMO. No recurring fees to pay.

Star Wars The old republic bored me much like WoW bored me.

We will see what the next month brings.

Anonymous said...

When I realised that medium Citadels could not run the market hub I was WTF! To me that is insane stupid, I was hoping that certain people could set up regional market hubs at certain choke points and start impacting the Goons income from ganking in hisec.

I guess that the huge increase in NPC taxes was an attempt to set a value that could reward those who built and operated market hubs, but its too big and if they want to do it they need to do this gradual like, not in one rush to aid the Goons and others like them.

The idea is sound, but the issue is how it will be played by the current power blocks, they have so much ISK created from the moon goo cartel stupidity from CCP that this imbalance would never wash out of the game, this destroyed Eve as a game with consequences, in terms of immersion it was always destroyed by multiple unrelated accounts. From the point of that Cartel I realised that the game was toast when that was going on, which meant only playing at a lower level, if you had been in alliances that destroyed multiple Goon fleets only to see them keep coming at you due to this bottomless pit of ISK from that moon goo supporting their SRP you will realise the damage was already done, the development of 0.0 was screwed due to that.

I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online, they have a market via guild traders though I find Nirnhoned a pain in the ass to get too, though I have recently started losing interest in it.


Anonymous said...

Do you plan on going back to WoW when Legion comes out?

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon Whoops, I was wrong, it's not a C6 -- It's a C4:

Anonymous said...

Arch age is something to look at it has a ton of sandbox quality’s while maintain A very interesting and complex mechanic and piracy system. It does have a small pay to win idea but most of that can be over shadowed with just making money and paying your subscription with being good at the markets and trading.

If you’re missing the old wow raid type felling Lord of the rings online has some incredible pve raids and hard pve content. Finding a group could be a challenge but the old school raid felling is there.

The elder scrolls online is also an interesting choice in the mmo market you have to make and create or join trading guilds to sell your wares but the economy and money form it can be enjoyable. One major advantage it has is you pay for it once and you can play forever.

Elite dangerous has no real economy and is much more a social game then an mmo. I would avoid that one based on the simple fact that your money can’t hire anyone or pay for really anything. Everything you make in game can only go into your ship.

World of Warcraft legion could help wow make something of itself again but that is a long way off and there plex system has really created a massive divide and destruction of the ah system.

Final fantasy 14 was also another raid style game that if you liked the old school wow days you could enjoy. I don’t know how the markets work in it but could be something interesting to check out.

Sasha Nemtsov said...

Apologies if I double-submitted this comment.

Hi Gevlon, sorry to hear you've reached this point. Always read what you write. Except the spreadsheets. They give me cerebral indigestion!

I think having played EVE Online spoils us for many other mmorpgs. Of the few that are rewarding to play, they're so fundamentally different from EVE, that I certainly only played them when EVE felt 'dead' or was for some reason unavailable to me.

I briefly looked at the games suggested above, but only Black Desert Online made me want to investigate further.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has quite a full review at:

They mention EVE Online twice as a comparison game. Have a look for yourself. For me, it seemed to lack anything remotely resembling piracy, so I'll probably give it a miss.

Anonymous said...

You should be more clear on what kind of MMO you want - people seem to suggest you very strange things. Being your reader, I suppose that you'd like to play an MMO with strong emphasis on economy and sociology (and I might be wrong too), and I don't think there is (or will be in the near future) anything like this apart from EVE.

I realize that "no pay-to-win" and having a gameplay that actually provides a challenge (character builds, skills etc.) is an obvious "must". In other words, being a "serious" game, not just "a lot of grinding with fluffy achievements".

Having said that, only one game comes to mind, Path of Exile. It's serious, it's balanced, it has an interesting economic system and character builds, and it has no pay-to-win. Unfortunately, it is an action rpg focused on solo / small groups, lacks sociology, any kind of persistent world, any kind of possibility for players to influence the world, so there's not much to blog about (unless you like to write about theorycrafting).

I don't think you'll like it, but you might suggest someone else to play it if someone asks you if there's any decent games. Because it's decent.

Actually I miss the days of playing WoW in The PuG, but EVE was too much not my style. Looking forward to the possibility of playing with you somewhere else.

ex-Lithrenn @ Agamaggan

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any MMO out there where having significant amount of wealth can influence gameplay alot like gevlon on EVE does.

I really look up for merchant point of view on the mmo games. On what games, wealth matters. Why some games have hyperinflation and unstable economy. Where the wealth comes in, and what are the goldsinks that take the money away. I really look up for that insight.

Hanura H'arasch said...

Albion Online is the one that comes closest to EVE:
- it has lose-everything-you-have-equipped-on-death PVP
- basically everything in the game has to be crafted by the players
- there are local free markets (stations) and goods need to be hauled between them
- resources are limited
- guilds can own Land that they'll have to defend
- it even has mechanism in place to prevent no-lifers to outplay everyone

It's monetization system has been improved since the alpha from P2W to basically a subscription-like system (premium status) that, like PLEX, can be bought by players with real money and sold for ingame currency. However there are also some items that you get right from the start if you bought there founder's pack, so there is still room for improvements there.

So the game is worth keeping an eye on, but it's worthless as an alternative MMO for now, as it will be in closed (=p2p) beta until at least August (source)

Hanura H'arasch said...

Source again, because apparently blogger doesn't allow href's:

Anonymous said...

Guild Wars 2
Tree of Savior
Black Desert Online
Final Fantasy XIV

They have their good points and flaws.
Black Desert is more PVE kinda
GW2 is arcade/castlevania-ey in the expac
Tree of Savior has korean restriction systems, they may be removed or stay when they come out.
FFXIV is essentially WoW during LK or BC. The downside is you have to do the Main Story Quest for each character. The good side is that you can have all classes on a single char.

mugg said...

There's nothing like EVE that's at the same scale out there. Try RL, the graphics are great.

>As it stands today, EVE will be over in about a months.

See you in a months, after you get over this burn out.

Eaten by a Grue said...

Why don't you start a real life business? It would be the ultimate test of your principles.

Gorski Car said...

Should give stunt flores enough isk to start a new character and return from the banned player swamp.

Anonymous said...

New Jita ? I doubt there will be any new Jita anytime soon if ever. There are nearly no carrots to move to citadel, but quite a few sticks.

Unknown said...

I looked up all the games suggested and the only one that comes close is Albion online. It's def worth a closer look, it's a single shard, player driven economy and even player built cities. It's in early access beta.

They seem to be missing some key elements that are a big attraction for EVE and there is gold purchasing for money but I don't know what its used for. We'll see if it can compete with Eve when it's released.

Gevlon said...

About MMOs: since I leave EVE for going P2W, I'm obviously not moving to one where you can buy power in the item shop.

Legion: my problem with WoW is not the (lack of) content, but the "everyone is entitled for everything communist anti-utopia" that didn't change.

Will read more about Black Desert Online.

Path of Exile, will look into it.

Albion Online, will investigate further.

@mugg: I'm not burned out, I'd keep playing EVE if it stayed as it is. But it goes shamelessly P2W.

@Eaten by a grue: no it's not. There are awful lot of successful businessmen and they are dismissed as "having luck" or "had family fortune" or whatever. My point is that games have utopian equality of chance (my 1 day old is exactly as rich or powerful as yours) and yet there is difference of outcome, based on skill.

@Gorski Car: just to be banned again when he reveals his identity by his "unique" posting.

@Last anon: 5% broker fee is more than enough stick to move everyone to New Jita.

Unknown said...

You should take a look at Crowfall

Anonymous said...

The taxes changes really show how the citadel expansion is almost worthless! I've always payed for my subscription, in the though of "I enjoy what you do, you can take my money". I canceled all payments last month.

A Concerned Minmatar said...

Path of Exile has the best economy I know about, besides Eve. The key is that unlike most games, there are several different currencies which are traded at floating rates amongst players. The currencies have intrinsic value by allowing you to modify items with different effects, which drives the market.

That being said, all serious trade is done either via deals made on out of game sites (and then carried out personally ingame), or via personal contacts. There is no automated market, only a very noisy set of official chat channels for setting up deals.

If you are interested in another economical adventure it is a good choice. I'm not sure the rest of the gameplay will fit your tastes.

Anonymous said...

@MMOs suggested:
- Black Desert Online: watched a few videos, have not played it
- Albion Online: Do no bother
- Star wars old republic: Do no bother (played, quit)
- Do not bother, its a medieval H1Z1
- Elite Dangerous: Do no bother (played, quit)

Do not bothers = based on what you have written about, you will not get what you are looking for.

Unfortunately there are few 'decisions matter' games that do NOT revolve around fantasy settings, which is the only reason Eve continues to live on. If CCP would get out of their own way and stop trying so hard to live on thru the cartels, it would probably stop hemorrhaging new players. CCP use to be a lot smarter about all of this, you know, when Eve was a game for mature players and not tear farmers.

What is Operation Magic School Bus?
Mike runs a donation corp which gives T1 ships to new(er) players with PvP fits to encourage more PvP. He really works mainly off of donations, so any help will be beneficial. I received a ship from him once, I just happened to be testing the new Objectives and we crossed paths.

Eve Online. The best game to read about and never play.

jedi2015 said...

Its a game gevlon.

If you think citadels are so gamebreaking, put a few of them up yourself.

Im sure you have the means to do it and Im sure from day 1, 10s of L and XL citadels will be installed on tq.

It would be interesting to see which one, will be on the location, that generates the largest profit. Probably in the forge region, but which system.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above anon. Those games will not satisfy any one of your needs.
Black Desert is a pure grind MMO with little player interaction outside of guild PvP (team deathmatch in the open world essentially). No meaningful markets or sandbox components.
Albion is a game developed across all platforms including MOBILE. Its shallowness is evident the minute you login, from its overly simplistic and limited GUI options to its dull armor and tiering system that renders 90% of the gameplay pointless after you reach a certain level.
There is nothing really worth playing, only those certain games to look forward to and NOT invest in (Camelot Unchained namely, Chronicles of Elyria, that Roberts game...)

Unknown said...

Sad to hear, but easy to understand.
I did not play EVE anymore since the introduction of jump fatigue as it meant the perpetuation of the 0.0 power blocks.

Every update since tried to fix the consequence of that change.

I've played ED, SWOTR, AA, GW2 and LOTRO. ED is totally different since it is not really an mmo, it is a nice pastime, but is more fun if played with friends.

All the other games really do lack in the field of long term motivation...

Still, totally agree with Gevlon's decision, will definitely try out any game GG wil blog about... :)

Gevlon said...

@Jedi2015: there is no "most" profit, just "all of it". Jita currently has 15 NPC stations with identical conditions and only one has 90% of all trades of EVE. Why? Because people go shopping where the most stuff are sold. The most buyers, the most sales. There will be one and only one trading citadel having all the profit and I'll be damned if it won't have PL tag on it. A month ago I'd say Goon, but PL outplayed them by harnessing the Goon hate into a coalition.

Eaten by a Grue said...

The problem with continuing trying to find substantiation for your principles in the gaming world is there is always the ready answer by any player "I simply do not care as much about pixels as you do." Are they a moron or slacker, or are they simply not focused enough on their recreational activity for which they have very limited time? Who knows. With real life, anyone who says they do not care much about it, well, they declare themselves a moron/slacker straight with that.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, I think your decision to quit is premature. Why not wait to see how things actually play out? Trust me, you're not going to find another MMO that can match EVE or even WoW. They're either Korean P2W imports or shitty WoW clones. You will search for a good replacement MMO and you will be disappointed.

Самаэль said...

Hi Gevlon!

This is Escuro of OOS. Sad to hear you leave. If you want to get off your 1T stuff you can donate some to me lol. I'l make sure to make tons of good propaganda xD

Tomke said...

I have been playing a lot of Vanilla Wow for the past year or so and I'm still having a blast. If you enjoyed leveling back in the day, give Nostalrius a try.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon I chucked it in when they started the whole skill injector thing. I realized that intelligence in the game went to total garbage at that point.

I've heard good things about Black Desert Online. Friends been addicted to it for a Month. Its about as sandboxie as you like. Fantasy but it looks like a good game.

ati said...

Black Desert Online is p2w af. Do some research on "ghillie outfit". In short - it hides your name plate and blends you with grass, thus making it very useful in ganking. A free craftable version is coming soon(TM). People voiced their concerns in beta weekends but who cares.

Mynxee said...

Well i for one will miss your posts, as they are always interesting (although mostly not directly applicable to myself and my alliance, since we only swim in the tiny pond of peaceful, neutrality in New Eden as we wander the stars).

I can't suggest an MMO, EVE being the only one I play (and quite happily these days but that's more to do with my corp and my corpmates than anything else) but if you run out of ideas for who to give all your vast riches to as you head out the door, may I suggest you consider EvE-Scout which maps the Thera entrances and maintains the data on its Web site? Or Signal Cartel, same alliance as EvE-Scout, to help fund ships and gear for the newbros who join us to become peaceful explorers.

Anonymous said...

It is a no subscription game. The robot avatar game play looks decent. There is a player driven, single shard economy. Not sure of there is non-consensual PvP. It is timer based skill training and there is suppose to be exploration.

I did check the Steamcharts: and it would seem teh game is dying a slow death. I would try it but is does not have a trial and there are some 'blah blah screwed us over' posts.

Eve Online. The best game to read about and never play.

Anonymous said...

Stunt Flores here I am playing Black Desert online.

I might buy a new character to mess around in eve message me

Unknown said...

@gevlon I was wondering if you might take a look at a post I've just made on the forums, the link;

Anonymous said...

Naval action, You can give the T1 stuffs no probs...

Anonymous said...

If you are serious about leaving, and serious about twisting the knife in goons on your way out, you should put aside your pride and donate your fortune to TEST. They are actually fighting in the only theatre that stands a chance of eroding goon power - sov. They will do more damage with your 1T than any of your other beneficiaries... perhaps not in pure isk terms but certainly in terms of real power within the game.

They've already forced a retreat from Vale.. which whilst costly has done more in the space of a few weeks than you achieved funding small groups for 2 years.

Unknown said...

There is a possibility that CCP has not announced everything yet, and that they have a plan for cutting down passive incomes to ward off the very valid issue you are raising. I agree with you that unless other changes are done to the markets, a player controlled main market hub feeding passive income to only one group would be bad, and likely worst that the concentration of high income moons in Dekklein or the terribly botched distribution of T2 BPOs years ago, which both have created massive incomes for those that organized themselves to take advantage of these.

CCP had introduced the siphons for the moon's passive income as a way for smaller less rich entities to fight this off, but failed to protect their original design from the influence of the power players' lobby. They accepted reducing the wastage factor from 20% to 10% from the goon's CSM push, and never addressed the API issue that ended up making siphons useless.

Yet, the fact that they have introduced these siphons and the fact that they have been able to blind-side the CSM in important game mechanic changes like the jump fatigue indicates that they may have some hidden cards in their sleeves.

The release of Citadels is only one week after FanFest, my bets are on an announcement by CCP at FanFest that there will be something revealed to somehow address your concerns.

So hang on and do not get too gloom-and-doom yet, especially at a time where the efforts you pioneered with your grrr goons campaign are coming to fruition...

Fiddly Pop said...

You can any extra isk you want to CODE. We'll put it to good use.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, "Naval Action". Sandbox just like EVE. More realistic in terms of battle physics. Economy too. Fleet formation or solo action.

Anonymous said...

Please for the love of god continue your political posts Gevlon. I really enjoyed those.

Zappity said...

You could always wait until your prognostications of doom are proved true. It is an exciting time just now.

Diver said...

stay with us!
but also check Black Desert Online..

Unknown said...

hey gevlon,

if you want to take a look at Albion online, i can give you my founder pack and you can access it. I wanted to look into it, just dont have the time. Send me a mail if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Wait for Crowfall, that is going to be the "fantasy EVE Online", many promising stuff, still in development.

Until then, maybe Albion Online? Dont bother with Archeage, Black Desert, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR LoTRO, Life is Feudal, Elite Dangerous, just in the case if you want to "have fun" or grind in a Korean style MMO many hours a day. Dont think these games deserve serious time and intellectual investement like EVE did.

A Tale in the Desert is the only other UNIQUE mmo in the market like EVE. Nothing compares to it. Played it for 3 years. Buggy as hell, ugly as hell, and the biggest player experience I had which came close to EVE or Vanilla WoW. Just read the wiki page about it, maybe you will get interested.

RV said...

Honestly Gevlon, I wouldn't burn any bridges just yet. Wait it out.

If a Goon trading citadel actually becomes a thing, you can still throw your ISK at a ton of mercs to be as disruptive as possible before you quit. Don't throw all your money away prematurely.

And most relevant corps and alliances are already waging war against goons anyways. Who would you hire to take the core goon systems?

Stabs said...

Amarr-Zon said...

I fully support that idea of Gevlon running that not-yet-existing New Jita.

"Citadel fights are one-grid, planned timer fights. Highsec PvP-ers wouldn't stand a chance against ANY nullsec fleet. There are no gates or mechanics to deal with, just orbit the thing and shoot it or shoot the attackers. Plus an X-large citadel alone (one gunner player) can handle anything below a 100-men fleet.

So whoever can assemble the largest fleet will gain control New Jita. A month ago I thought Goons. Now I'm sure it's PL and its ragtag coalition with Goons being paid/intimidated into non-aggression pact.

Once anyone gained control the citadel, he'll forever rule EVE due to the unmatched income."

When you're running New Jita, you can handle "anything below a 100-men fleet" all by yourself. If there are more attackers: I think, you have the connections to establish defender contracts with mercs beforehand.
And I still think, you should run your own corp/ alliance... this could be an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

gevlon. so long and thanks for all the fish. i agree with your decision to leave eve. i left in november when fallout 4 came out. it was a lot of fun. ive been playing elder scrolls online. the market system is based on joining trade guilds and selling through them. or you can create your own trade guild, have members join, with enough membership create your own guild store, and bid on a guild trader npc in one of the major cities. its not eve in any sense. it is what it is. i like eso for the simple fact you can go anywhere you want in your factions area and no other player will kill you. mobs will but oh well. just a thought anyways.

Orson Brawl said...

My advice would be to wait and see if CCP regains their senses and Chaves this. We still have about a month until Citadels drop. I'd hate to see you leave eve but if you do I look forward to reading about your experiences whatever game you decide on.

Anonymous said...

> Honestly Gevlon, I wouldn't burn any bridges just yet. Wait it out.

Strangely enough this wouldn't change anything, EVE would still be over (just a month or two later). And that's exactly the problem with this change, there is only one outcome and it's total.

Unknown said...

While crowfall has many similarities to EVE, it's missing key ingredients that puts it far away from even being close to the experience. From all the suggestions Albion seems to be the closest but it's still far from the Eve experience. I suspect it's going to be missing a lot of depth.

Anonymous said...

I think you should take ArcheAge into consideration.
I would describe it as a wow clone with some additional emphasis to economy. One can craft trade packs and transport them around world for gold and these packs can be stolen in PvP. They also have crafting point system as side currency, where profession activities require crafting points. It is in its base f2p, but I think there are items bought with real money to be sold in ingame AH. Something like subscriptions that boost crafting point gain for 30days or something.

I think it is possible you could find something fun to do in that economy.

Anonymous said...

Woha, just saw that I quoted the wrong thing, I meant to quote this:

> I fully support that idea of Gevlon running that not-yet-existing New Jita.

Esteban said...

I'll keep reading you regardless of where you go. Among people I disagree with completely (about the big philosophical things, solidarity vs competition) you're one of the most interesting.

I haven't played BDO, but from every blog post I read it sounds like junk where grind is king, and fast heading for P2W. Neither SW:TOR nor FFXIV will hold your attention with its systems, but either could offer a fun story-driven vacation from the serious stuff, for a few months. Vanilla SW:TOR in particular lends itself well to duoing, if your girlfriend is still up for it.

Crowfall may be a good future bet.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gevlon,

1. No other game economy can match EVE economy. No matter how much CCP fuck it up , if everything comes down to minerals and they don't start seeding the market themselves they wont destroy the game.

2. Join the war , come PEW PEW - use the this 1 T to explode in the most fun ways you can imagine ( forget the 3k+ fights , TIDI is bitch ).

3. If you don't agree with 1,2 you can send me this 1T and ill explode it it the most fun ways you can imagine :D


Lofe said...

Star Citizen