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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Number of timers against CONDI: 3 out of 98

Unless you live under a rock, you noticed a huge war against the Imperium. At this moment (3/28, 18:00 EVE time), there are 98 timers in Imperium space:
  • 7 in Fade: 5 against SMA, 2 against NC. in former SMA systems
  • 27 in Tenal: 21 against Init, 6 against attackers
  • 2 in Tribute, both M-OEE8, CO2 owned. Update: the fight is over, Imperium lost, CO2 quit them.
  • 54 in Vale, but it doesn't really matter as the Imperium already gave it up
  • 8 in Pure Blind, 2 against SMA, 3 against TNT, 2 against Goons and 1 against MoA in an ex-Goon Y-C3EQ
Considering how big part of the Imperium is Goonswarm and how easy to reach Pure Blind from NPC stations inside and neighboring lowsec, it's surprising at best that Goons aren't attacked.

I believe it's not by mistake, but part of the plan of PL to get the resource of post-Citadel EVE: New Jita. You see, every time a major resource was identified, PL made a cartel with Goons to avoid loss of valuable income. When Moons were a thing, they had OTEC. When renters made the money, they had BoTLord. The purpose of PL in the current war against the Imperium is weaken the ability of Goons to claim New Jita and force them to accept a less favorable share without actually threatening them or making them mad enough to go into a "it's not about the money, it's about sending a message" mode. What you need to understand is that New Jita is as top-down as possible, the line member will not see anything of it, unless the leaders find them worthy of rewarding. The line Goon has no reason to care who will use the 20T/month for "purposes", unless someone makes him mad enough to care.

Currently the Goons are pretty chill:
Vale lost, Fade deserted, Tenal on fire? Not their problem. When The Mittani said that grinding these regions down will bore the enemy to death, you laughed on him, while the joke is on you. Without a game changer, in less than a month, he'll be right. Of course not because of boredom, but because the deal was probably already made between him and Grath. It's not a happy deal he made, but one he is forced to accept: give up on some of his minions, give up on his hopes about New Jita and in turn PL guarantees the continued survival of his eyeball empire and even toss him some ISK from New Jita. Soon PL/PH/Waffles will "get bored" and then Goons can boldly use supers to stop losing timers.

Why PL made the deal instead of finishing Goons once and for all? Because no one can finish an EVE alliance unless their leaders give up. You can take their moons, their sov, their stations, you can make the opportunistic members (60-80%) leave, but as long as the leaders stay, there will be enough core members who stay because of loyalty, friends or simply content. Remember TEST! Broken and evicted, but as leaders stayed, they came back and now boldly spam memes against Goons while pooping on their LAWN. The very last thing PL wants is the Imperium broken and evicted and The Mittani down to about 2000 core members who has nowhere to rat and nothing but wish for revenge. Because it's very easy for them to get it. Deploy to Perimiter and attack the trading citadel of PL. Even if they can never take it, it's sure that no highsec customer goes anywhere near it while hundreds of Goons are ganking on the undock. In highsec the name "Goon" can still strike fear and I'm sure Goons have enough ISK left to reimburse T1 catalysts for a decade to upkeep this fear.

What makes it sure that The Mittani and his core leadership won't quit after defeated? Because it's not a game for them, but their income source. They must post and stream or they won't pay mortgage. So it's much better for PL if they are ratting in Deklein, PB and Branch-or-Fade than going to highsec. For The Mittani it's much better if he has 20K ad-clicker serfs ratting in his remaining 3 regions than having 2K diehard Goons ruining Grath's 20T/month. So it's win-win to just make a deal.

If you are truly against Goons, you must abandon the attack on Vale, Tribute, Tenal, Branch and move to Deklein/PB right now! Evict Goons, AFK cloak Goon, kill Goons. There will be no next phase, no pressing of the attack. After PL weakened the Imperium enough to surrender all its claims for mere survival, they'll leave or even start shooting the Good Guys (not to help Goons of course, just "for good fights"). Hit Goons right now, or there will be no victory over them! And no matter what, never, ever trust PL! Remember:

More updates: Bovril, the largest (though hilariously bad) corp of RAZOR left the Imperium for OSS.
Hole Violence corp (living in WH) is quiting Goons. They have no idea how smart choice was that:

Finally, check out this wonderful piece of propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Add Tribute to the list. CO2 just flipped sides.

Provi Miner said...

I have thought about this a bit more, aside from I 100% positive CCP is paying attention. they won't tell you cause for some odd reason you can't socialize on a semi bro sort of way. I have also considered the idea of citadel. I don't think your fears are going to be validated. A goon cit is a target, a PL cit is a target every cit is a target. you say the tax will crush the normal trader I disagree it will cause some inflation to cover the new expense but very quickly the price increases will be come the new norm. However those same targets in high become very interesting in null (not npc null either). I know that there is 10% minimum mark up in null (as high as 30%). With citadels you could very easily see inter corp fighting to hold a market share. Provi is a good example while an item in f-y costs twice what it cost 4 jumps away is as you slacker reason. So no gobs your fear of high sec domination is a not going to happen. But your fears could be very founded in some alliances that will now milk their line members pretty good.

maxim said...

I take it it doesn't actually matter to you who wins this war, as you said the new Jita is the end of Eve, Goons or not?

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: I have a 2 years old project against Goons, so sure it does matter - Until Citadel hits. For me, the expansion is equal to turning off the server. This is why I didn't quit already but looking for mercenaries to hit Goons (and not just Imperium remnants).

Anonymous said...

Hole isn't properly leaving, it's just severing public ties to avoid the exact action you were going to take. Rumor has it that CO2 are doing a similar thing, claiming to change sides to save their space from being attacked while their super builds finish. Once they are done they will merge back in.

Anonymous said...

Contact Lex Arson and see if you can afford Tishu.

Gevlon said...

Hole is a corp, they are either in Goonswarm or not. If they still have the bee icon in a few days, I look for WH mercsm=,

I am in negotiation with several groups. We'll see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

"Hole is a corp, they are either in Goonswarm or not. If they still have the bee icon in a few days, I look for WH mercsm=,"
But because they live in WH space they don't actually need the bee icon. To avoid being attacked they are considering dropping the bee icon, but they will still be just as much a part of goons and will rejoin once the threat is over.

Same with CO2, considering they are now "the enemy" it's curious that several members of CO2 leadership still have the same level of access to goonswarm services on their site. It's just a way to ensure they don't lose their running CSAA's.

Gevlon said...

Even if it's true, and they are laughing together with Mittani, the morale effect on line members is the same: "abandon ship!"

Anonymous said...

You'll note that they aren't abandoning ship however. The leadership knows how to keep them in line, they are well practiced. They might lose a few but even 500 members lost would be an acceptable loss to save the builds they've got going. Then they'll wait for a big battle and give the order to start firing on the allies, so they get to keep their sov, keep their supers and stab the allies in the back. Well worth a little bit of a hit to morale now.

Tithian said...


It makes no sense for CO2 to behave like you say, because the moment they reveal their colors everyone will take a dump on them hardcore. If they want to keep Sov they will be asked to deploy against the CFC, failure to do so will result in eviction. Even if they backstab their new allies, they will still be the meatshield of the Imperium, taking on multiple enemies for no apparent gain for themselves. And no, having the Mittani stroke your hair is not motive enough.

It makes absolutely zero sense for that scenario to ever happen. If they ever do go that path, they will essentially prove that they are retards.

Anonymous said...

That's only because you're not looking at the bigger picture. They can deploy against goons, that's no problem, goons can take it for a while. Their sov is not relevant because it's being taken anyway. They know that if they stay in it they will lose their sov and they will also lose all of their super builds in progress. By switching sides now it gives them a grace period to finish the super builds and organize strategic asset moves. Once done they gain new space deeper within the Imperium and a bigger cut of spoils.

If you really think about it, it's a pretty sound plan. The best part about it is that it's counter-intuitive so people are even more likely to leave them be for the time it takes their builds to finish, after which time they've already succeeded. Done right they could even ensure some of the allies end up with ships staged in CO2 stations and lock them out.

RedHand said...

Sometimes I wonder how you come up with these ideas.

1) The 'new citadel' is not something PL or any other big alliance can reliably support without a whole new highsec corp with alts that have a reasonable sec status. Sure, it's possible, but it's not viable. PL have all the income (currently) they need, with moons mostly. On top of that, CCP have still said that players may not be able to anchor citadels in Jita, which would force it on nearby systems.

2) PL, along with everyone else, ARE GETTING PAID FOR THIS!!! IWI is paying HUGE sums of ISK to wreak havoc on the goons, and since they more than likely have even more spare ISK than GSF themselves I would suspect they won't stop funding it until it's been seen through.

3) Because of how Aegis Sov works, CFC are not in a favourable situation holding all the sov they currently do. Once the attack hits their space with full force, I don't think it will take long before they're down to only 2-3 constellations. At that point, they might have the resources to hold the region.

4) The backup motive of attacking like this is to end the imperium. Most people hate goons as a whole. Nothing wrong with your average line member, but the concept of the goons is just shit. For that reason, people won't be happy until the coalition collapses - the first part of which is C02 leaving. I would hazard a guess that Bastion and LAWN are both on the verge of leaving now as well - GSF more or less abandoned their space before telling them to do so themselves and C02 actually did more to defend it than GSF themselves.

5) Yeah sure, Grath supported the kickstarter. I did, because I liked the idea of the book, having fought in that fountain war myself. It had nothing to do with ulterior motives. No, it's just as simple as that. Stop being so paranoid that EVERYTHING THAT GOES ON HAS AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE!

Finally @Anon above: C02 aren't doing this to rejoin. GSF have not treated them well, and a lot of their line members have been quite vocal about it, and don't like where they're at. They'll stick against the imperium, without a doubt, considering they've lost MOST of their supers in build for the time being (there are still a few I know of, and I'm sure a few more I don't, but they've lost more than they still have without a doubt).

@Gevlon these conspiracy theories of yours can be very entertaining but if you're gonna quit eve just do it, rather than making a fool of yourself before you do.

Gevlon said...

1 : side issue. SOMEONE will have that citadel and that one will be the king of the hill forever, without even logging in. Also, clearing sec status takes a few pirate tags.

2: why would IWI pay for the eviction of LAWN and BASTION. His payment ended long time ago. I have no doubt that his anti-SMA campaign was instrumental, but now it's going on its own.

3: And one day the attackers go home and they can reclaim everything. Not like Shadow Cartel or Snuff Box will live in Deklein.

4: people don't matter in EVE unless they are leaders or at least independents. The line PL will whine and mumble but at the end Grath's will be done.

5: I see a contradiction between 4 and 5. If people hate Goons, they don't want Goons get $150 to immortalize themselves in a book.

My theories will be tested soon enough. It's only a month before the Citadel will be up.

RedHand said...

Well I'm sure we will see, either way, but personally I don't think this will be anything near as bad as you think it will.

Also, from what I've been told by a TISHU friend of mine who's quite high up in the ranks, IWI have said they will continue to fund until they're satisfied.

As for the kickstarter; I don't think the goons were going to get immortalised any more than anyone else involved.

HurDurCur said...

how will that work tho? I can see the masses backing Chribba as the owner of New Jita. PL fight with supers and caps - none of which are allowed into highsec. Attacking Chribba's Citadel will pull as much response as this current endeavor against the goons.

Anonymous said...

I do not intend to let Co2 or others who defect after getting a bit of heat to get away unschathed.

Tower locations will hit reddit as soon as i finish the list. Then it's open game on who wants to hit the tower to abort the build.

Gevlon said...

@Unknown: the masses just talk. They wouldn't toss a dime or ever fleet up just whine. Just check CODE: the masses cry for revenge for the ganking, but none of them would grab a griffin to end the clown show of James.

Anonymous said...

" Attacking Chribba's Citadel will pull as much response as this current endeavor against the goons. "

Like is null station?

HS bears wont be able to defend against the CFC.

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email to your blogspot email about another Merc opportunity for hitting goons.