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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend minipost: message to Init, TNT and SMA pilots

I kind of envy the propaganda storm of TEST, so I tried to create a piece. It's a message to the slaves of Goons.

I'm honestly surprised, that LAWN and BASTN are already running, only after a few days of war. SMA, which is considered "shit" is still here, after more than a month. Congratulation LAWN and BASTN, you are now literally worse than SMA. May shame follow every pilot with your tags in his employment history.

Also in the news: despite Goons formed a 3x bigger fleet, Y-C3EQ is still under MoA colors. Hint Goons, bring a TCU next time!

Finally: the evac is going totally flawlessly.

More news: the IHUB of the capital system of The Initiative was destroyed, along with it their jump bridge from their staging.

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Anonymous said...

This is probably the best video link to I've seen all year.-j