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Monday, March 7, 2016

Faded February ratting data

Like in January, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for February 2016. Let's see the ratting charts first:
The downtime madness at the end of the month messed the graph up, so to emphasize the big result, I calculated the share of nullsec ratting in total ratting for all time:
Never in the modern history of EVE was ratting more null-focused than now. I don't know if it's a renaissance of nullsec or simply the dying of highsec.

There are 41 regions in nullsec, the bottom ratters are abandoned places like Great Wildlands. But this month a known region fell off the chart, so I put it back.

Let's just say that the AFK cloaking campaign is somewhat effective. We can also see decreased ratting in Deklein and - to show how ineffective the counterattack of SMA was - increased ratting in Querious. Let's see the long-term Fade ratting chart:
We can see how SMA transformed from a medium-sized, somewhat PvP alliance into a full blown ratting powerhouse in 2015. Then in the beginning of 2016, the IWI war started and TISHU camped Fade for a week or two, then lost interest and fell back to badposting and ratting resumed. Now PH and its newfound blue MoA is hitting Fade and ratting fell to zero. Let's see the alliances:

While Soviet-Union keeps marching, FCON and SOLAR lost lots of rats and SMA fell off the toplist. Things that we all expected. Finally, let's see the historical ratting of total Emporium:

If you check the alliance data again, you see that not just SMA and FCON, but practically all Emporium members lost lots of rats, contributing the lowest-ever Emporium performance. Their end is near. Oh, and this month was their all-time low Sov size too!


Anonymous said...

Probably since ratting contributes to the sov index. "Ratting CTA" is now an actual thing.

Rob Kaichin said...

What's the long-term comparison on ratting: has highsec remained the same? has NS taken HS 'market share'?

Anonymous said...

While the Emporium's ratting market share (26.9%) is at a multi-year low, their overall number of rats (31.6m) is nearer the middle of the range of the last two years (and above that of Feb 2015).

That indicates that the other nullsec groups have stepped up their ratting to a higher level more than it indicates about the Emporium's absolute ratting level.

Anonymous said...

Yup, we totally stopped ratting. I definitely didn't move my ratter to blue space to make camping redundant.

It's strange how you say that moa can't be camped because they just go elsewhere or make isk in highsec while being camped, yet you make the claim that SMA players just stop undocking in the same situation. Why is it you think that only moa can figure out how to make isk elsewhere?

Gevlon said...

Of course SMA can make ISK elsewhere. But then what's the point of being in SMA I wonder? I mean MoA is about fighting the Emporium. Making ISK is just enabler for that goal. But what is the purpose of SMA besides ratting in safety?

Anonymous said...

"Making ISK is just enabler for that goal. But what is the purpose of SMA besides ratting in safety?"

Having fun with friends.