Greedy Goblin

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend minipost: money for nothing

Gobbins of Pandemic Horde still wants my money. The problem is that PH is still way too down on the Emporium kill list. Below highsec wardeccers and Legion of xXDeathXx. I'm sorry, but such performance deserves no support.

What is the main problem? That they are fighting SMA instead of The Emporium as a whole. Therefore they cannot win, as evidenced by Goons showing up with force when timers were made. The problem is that Goons can do it without consequences, as PH isn't roaming or AFK-cloaking Deklein. For them, the SMA war is just fun content, they cannot possibly lose it. You must attack the whole coalition at once if you hope to win.

Anyway, I keep supporting those who are getting consistent results: MoA and OOS.

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