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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekend minipost: I never though that CSM campaign is so fun

After I announced my candidacy for CSM with the campaign "don't vote for anybody", I got a wonderful endorsement:

The other commenters were also very welcoming (except for Lucas Kell of course).

Reddit is also behind my candidacy, due to my wonderful program that will serve all EVE players.


Anonymous said...

How do i get on your ticket? I have played EVE for about 8 months total. My only qualification is i PLEXed off trial two seperate times and never spent a dollar on EVE. First time was purely hisec second time mostly NRDS null.

Kevan Smith said...

Your campaign photo may usurp James 315's for appeal. I think we should focus group this. (Usurp is not a typo.)

Unknown said...

You have my Axe!
You have my sword!
You have my bow!

You have my vote (If I'll resub in time...)

Anonymous said...

jesus, im gonna resub all my alt accounts and buy as much votes from my corp mates as i can

Anonymous said...

why bother?
let CSM fall to their own death, why help preventing that?
At somepoint CCP will do a Incarna worthy patch all over again with the help of their beloved CSM. Let them, they only learn the hard way!

jedi2015 said...

That ccp wouldnt accept you removing the csm as main point in your campaign could Be expected. Anyway instead of abolishing the csm, you could switch your mainpoint of the campaign , to make voting For the csm , obligatory, instead of volontary. Something ccp can difficult Be against and It could also weaken goons hold on the csm.