Greedy Goblin

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sell order bug.

I just found a strange bug: the sell order interface just doesn't sell. The values can be entered, but pressing the "Sell" button (or the Enter key) does nothing. The button flashes, the interface doesn't disappear and the sell doesn't happen.

The solution (thanks to S. Riojas): the sell time is set immediate, there is no order to immediately match and instead of an error message, it just stands there.


Unknown said...

Is the sell period set to "immediate" as opposed to days and months? I've only had what you described happen when the Sell period was Immediate. If you are playing on a different machine or changed to the beta launcher, you will need to recheck your settings.

Gevlon said...

That was it thanks. Of course there should be an error message instead of an unresponsive UI element.

Anonymous said...

I had that a few times also.
If you miss items,( that you put for sale but no isk in the wallet, no stuff on market,...)
then check the market delivery section.
Don't use search assets, it does not show anything in the market delivery tab.
Unfortunatly you can only see that in the station you are at.

Unknown said...

Hahaha... Even EVE bittervets get trolled by the EVE GUI.... Excellent...

Freddo said...

This is new behavior, as the interface used to throw an error. Personally I think it is an improvement, as this way it is faster to correct an order.