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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Badge of Justice

Since the expansion is coming, there is no point gaining new lvl 70 badge items. I could replace some items for a slight stat increase, but they would need gemming and enchanting to be better than the current one. Hundreds of gold for nothing. The lvl 71 wolves (or whatever you have to kill for quest) don't need more spellpower. And even the very-very best of lvl70 will be replaced in Naxx10.

So what can I do with my Badge of Justices. Of course I can (and do) buy epic gems and sell them for around 100-150G, but there must be a better way of spending them.

The solution is fire resistance gear. G'eras sells such stuff, there are cloth, leather, mail and plate versions. The different versions have the same stats except armor value:
  • boots: 36 stamina, 45 fire res, 20 BoJ
  • gloves: 52 stamina, 40 fire res, 20 BoJ
  • chest: 54 stamina, 60 fire res, 30 BoJ
  • leggings: 69 stamina, 55 fire res, 30 BoJ
  • ALL: 211 stamina, 200 fire res, 100 BoJ
I'm completely sure that there will be bosses in Northrend when fire res will count a lot and while I'm also positive that you can buy lvl80 fire res gear, their prices will be much higher than these.

And this gear is extremely useful when you find too many fire mages in a BG :-)

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