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Monday, October 13, 2008


With the patch in a day distance and the expansion is less than a month away I am making some changes in my play and in this site too.

At first: Gevlon will not quest anymore. He is 40 and will remain 40 for indefinite time. He completed his goal, gathered lot of money without any external help, only by making business. He will not be abandoned though, I will complete the enchanting, cooking and first aid guides and also sell all his items. When the expansion will come, the Thelnia fund will take action and try to make as much profit as possible from the metals.

The reason of the change is that I try to focus my main, you will meet him soon. I want endgame raiding and will reach it on 80.

This will not affect the blog any other way than no more (or much less) Gevlon-story. The blog will not change into any kind of raiding restodruid stuff, there are great sites for that. The news, analysises and philosophycal posts will focus on making money in WoW, and sometimes the universal (true in WoW and IRL) laws of economics. Raiding will only affect the posts in more raid-related business stuff like trading of consumables, BoE and enchants.

What is the summary of the short carrier of Gevlon: you can make thousands of gold even at low level. You can have enough money to support your carrier. If you don't you should not whine, but make changes. It can be done!

After reading LarĂ­sa's great post, I thought I also write about other costs of my choices in WoW. In order to reach the endgame, not only Gevlon will not quest anymore. My arcane mage will also remain 70 indefinetly, which most probably means "until Arthas is down". It wasn't an easy choice, I liked him very much and with the new talents I was eager to play. But I obviously cannot play 8+ hours/day in order to have 2 well dressed 80. No one can have it all. You must choose.

The choice between them were made not on the basis of like and dislike, I like my mage just as much as my restodruid. The choice was made clearly the goblin way: which one have better chances to get into endgame guilds? As I wrote I believe that the tank and healer shortage is permanent so a resto druid has better chances to be needed than a mage. And even if DPS is needed, with the common spellpower stat I can change my dear tree into a mage in feathers, while a real mage can never be healer.

You can't have it all! But you can have enough.


freddyboomboom said...

I was pointed to this blog last Friday, and read the older posts.

Friday I did a stack of bronze the way you have it, and made my profit before I left work to go home for the night. I was pretty stoked at the potential.

I also setup a half stack of steel bars. They sold, as well.

I'm going to be following this advise for a long long time.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining and inspiring read indeed :-)
Thank you for doing this log !