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Monday, October 13, 2008

Triara roundup

I spent most of my time organizing the investments of Triara. In next Wednesday the next patch will come and also the inscription. So Triara had to be prepared. The list of items stacked:
Earthroot 4
Mageroyal 4
Peacebloom 8
Silverleaf 6
Briarthorn 3
Bruiseweed 5
Strangelkelp 1
Swiftthistle 1
Kingsblood 6
Liferoot 1
Wild Steelbloom 2
Fadeleaf 1
Goldthorn 1
Khadgar's Whisker 2
Arthas' Tears 2
Firebloom 1
Purple Lotus 2
Sungrass 2
Dreamfoil 3
Golden Sansam 1
Icecap 5
Mountain Silversage 3
Plaguebloom 4
Ancient Lichen 1
Dreaming Glory 9
Felweed 17
Mana Thistle 7
Netherbloom 1
Nightmare Vine 3
Ragveil 2
The numbers mean full box of stacks in the mailbox. So altogether Triara have 1300 stacks of herbs.

As you can see, I have lot of Outland herbs. Maybe too many. The reason is that I bought when they were cheap and did not checked the deposits until this day. This was a mistake, and will cost profit. Next time I will set up a plan and follow it.

Considering the inscription material requirements in wotlkwiki. The most probable blockbusters will be:
The herbs for these were the hardest to come by, since low level and uncontinued alts herb the lowest herbs and farming 70's collect outland herbs so the middle level herbs were mostly uncollected. They were rare in the AH and since I did not have an up to date record of herbs (big mistake), I did not notice how few I have of these. However now that I know it, I will sell my deposits carefully.

Just 2 days left until the patch, wish Triara luck!

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