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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enchanting guide

Enchanting is an essential profession for every raiding or PvP-ing main who also want to make some money himself. It's a tradeskill that provide extra stats (the ring enchants), it's also a very profitable profession through disenchanting.

Levelling can be expensive if not made economically. Resources used: WoWwiki guide, Allakhazam recipe list. You shall also have enchantrix addon, part of Auctioneer. After installing, you have to enable it from the game by "/enchantrix load always". Of course the prices can change and it affect the optimal course. You can quickly check the price of the enchantment, by linking it to /say, that simply click it on the chat box. Enchantrix will calculate te prices for you.
  • Before starting, buy lot of linen cloth. Pick tailoring, create Brown Linen Robe until you have the damn things flood all of your space.
  • Drop tailoring, pick enchanting, disenchant the robes, bringing you to slvl 58-59.
  • Create your Runed Copper rod
  • Enchant Chest - Minor Health, until slvl 90. Cost: 1 strange dust. By than the recipe becomes green, so between slvl 80-90 not all enchants produce skillup. Don't care about that.
  • Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina, until slvl 110. Cost: 3 strange dust.
  • Create your Runed Silver rod
  • Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility. Needs only 1 Lesser astral essence. You can't learn it from the trainer, have to buy the recipe. Bring it up to slvl 140
  • Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina until slvl 154.
  • Make your Golden rod
  • Lesser Mystic Wand is a real gem. At first it's cheap, need 1 soul dust and 1 lesser mystic essence. The latter can be expensive, if you buy it, but if you buy Greater mystic essence, it's much cheaper. On the top of it, you can sell the wands. Bring it to slvl 165
  • Enchant Bracer - Spirit. Cost only 1 lesser mystic essence. Run it up to slvl 190
  • Enchant Bracer - Strenght. Cost 1 vision dust. Not cheap, but affordable. This is the last cheap enchant, so it worth to run it out until become green. While it's frustrating to enchant and get nothing, but the next enchant (Enchant Cloak - Greater Defense) needs 3 vision dusts, so if the Spirit enchant provides skillup 4 times out of 10, it's still cheaper than the Cloak enchat with 100% skillups. It can go up to slvl 220, until turns green.
  • Create your Runed Truesilver Rod. Truesilver rod can be really expensive in AH, rather get the materials and find a Blacksmith.
  • Echant Cloak - Greater Defense, up to slvl 240
  • Enchant Chest - Superior Health, up to slvl 245
  • If you could get a recipe of Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina, start making it until slvl 280. If not (and it's likely), then continue previous until slvl 250
  • At slvl 250 go to Silithus and get the recipe of Lesser Mana Oil. (Also buy the recipe of Wizard oil). Create Lesser Mana Oils until slvl 270, unless Purple Lotus is much more expensive than Dream Dust.
  • At slvl 265 you can buy the recipe of Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina. It's a limited supply item and you may have to camp the vendor for some time for it. Use the recipe until slvl 275
  • After slvl 275 the way depends on the prices of Dream and Illusion dust. If the Dream is cheap, you can push Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina up to 299. If expensive, you can use Wizzard Oil to slvl 285 and Enchant Cloak Superior Defense up to slvl 299. Recipe in Moonglade
  • At slvl 299 make your Runed Arcanite Rod (recipe in Moonglade)
  • At slvl 300 travel to Thrallmar/Honor hold to get Master
  • The same trainer teach you Runed Fel iron rod. Don't miss it, and use other, cheaper recipes, you will need this item.
  • Enchant Bracer - Assault up to slvl 305
  • Enchant Bracer - Brawn up to slvl 330, where it turns green. Between slvl 310 and 325 you can use Superior Mana Oil, since it's usually sells for profit.
  • Enchant Chest - Major Spirit up to slvl 340
  • Superior Wizzard Oil. If sells for profit (usually does), use it until become gray at 360. Otherwise until green at 350.
  • Create your Runed Adamantite Rod
  • As the WotLK recipes stand, you won't have to reach slvl 375, just 365 and you can do this by creating Void Spheres, which can be sold (though not for profit)


Unknown said...

I am fallowing this list, but I came at a point where I have to make a Runed Copper Rod:
# Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina, until slvl 110. Cost: 3 strange dust.
# Create your Runed Silver rod
# Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility. Needs only 1 Lesser astral essence. You can't learn it from the trainer, have to buy the recipe. Bring it up to slvl 140

I am at the moment at a slvl of 112 for enchanting. I also already bought the Formula: Enchant Cloack - Minor Agility. But to enchant that thing you learn from it on a cloak, you need to have a Runed Silver Rod. Here is where I have the problem. I cant make a Runed Silver Rod. I do have a Silver Rod. When I look at thottbot its sats you learn it a slvl 130. Sow how should i solve this?

Noak said...

I'm pretty sure that there's a glitch in the game wherein at slvl 329 Enchant Bracer - Brawn is actually green, even though it says it's yellow; I tried to enchant a bracer 13 times with it without a single skill-up.

Anonymous said...

great guide, thanks for the time you put in!

/A grateful reader.

sherretz said...

I was able to quickly get through the first half or so of this guide because I had leveled JC on another character and kept all the green items I made.

I recommend anyone who has or is leveling a crafting profession on a character to keep any green items they can (even if you have to bounce items using the mail system). It can save you a lot of money when you plan to level Enchanting on a character.

Armond said...

A couple quick notes:

-It's worth mentioning that you want to make your rods as soon as you can. They seem to go grey quickly.

-It's better to learn Brown Linen Pants instead of Brown Linen Robe. The pants cost one less bolt of linen, disenchant to the same materials, and can be learned at the same slvl as the robe (30).