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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Storage spaces

You could seen this post before, the reason I updated it and placed to here as "new" is the new WotLK information that affects seriously our calculations.

You get a 16 slot backpack for free and also 28 slot in your bank.

You can and have to buy further storage spaces to keep your stuff. Some needed for questing/raiding (armor, weapons, consumables). Other stuff needed for your business. There are "useless" stuff you gather for fun, like small pets or funny clothes. In WotLK there will be no need of bank space for many of these items, the mounts and pets will be "stored" in different interfaces, not as items.

Into your backpack slots you can buy 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 slot bags. Their prices is different, but when mesasuring prices, keep in mind that you pay not for X slot but for 2 extra slot compared to the previous bag. Let's see the prices and the upgrade price/slot (AH market prices):
  • 6 slot: 0.04G / 0.01G Small Brown Pouch
  • 8 slot: 0.25G /0.12G Brown Leather Satchel
  • 10 slot: 0.70G / 0.35G Small Silk Pack
  • 12 slot: 2G /0.7G Large Knapsack
  • 14 slot: 4G / 1G Journeymen's Backpack
  • 16 slot: 6G / 1G Netherweave Bag
  • 18 slot: 45G / 19G Imbued Netherweave Bag
  • 20 slot: 600G / 277G Primal Mooncloth Bag
  • 22 slot:1200G /300G Gigantique Bag
It doesn't take a genius to notice that after 16 slot we are paying more and more for a single slot. Does it worth it? Only if you keep something in that slot what worth more than the slot itself. Otherwise it's wiser to create a slot by dropping that item.

In WotLK Frostweave bag will be available. AH price is of course yet unknown, but can be approximated. It's a tailoring item, needing 18 Bolt of Frostweave and 12 Infinite dust. The simple lowest leveling item, Duskweave Leggings need 8 bolts, and the Infinite dust is falling from simple Northrend green items. So I'd be very suprised, if this bag would cost more than 50G, my guess is around 30-40G. Let's insert this item into our list with 50G:
  • 14 slot: 4G / 1G Journeymen's Backpack
  • 16 slot: 6G / 1G Netherweave Bag
  • 20 slot: 50G /11G Frostweave Bag
This item will make Imbued Netherweave and Primal Mooncloth bags completely obsolate and become a lucrative addition to the bag list, an item worth having.

There is a new 22 slot bag but its price is yet unknown and impossible to even approximate, but it's sure to say it will be cheaper than the infamous Gigantique Bag.

Let's see the bank slots. In the bank you can buy a bag slot. Of course you have to buy a bag to the slot too. The bank slots, consindering a Netherweave Bag inside, open 16 new slots. Considering Frostweave Bag inside, open 20 new slots. The price of the bank slots are 0.1G, 1G, 10G, 25G. So the price per item slot:
  • 0.38G/slot, 2.51/slot
  • 0.43G/slot, 2.55/slot
  • 1.00G/slot, 3.00/slot
  • 1.93G/slot, 3.75/slot
However there is an even cheaper way to keep stuff: bankalts. If you want to be really cost-effective you should only buy the first 3 bank slots, than send everything to a bankalt.

Since the size of your packs affect how many loot can you carry and how many alternate armor and weapons you can carry, it seems worthy to have Frostweave Bags on yourself. On the other hand in the bank they seem to be way too expensive. Rather put your old Netherweave Bags there. That will provide 28+16*7 = 140 slots, it must be enough for your soulbound items. The rest shall go to your bankalt.

And dont forget your free 20 slots bag: it's given in Zul'Aman and to get it you don't have to kill anybody. All you have to do is find someone who is saved to the instance with Nalorakk down. You invite him into a raid group, set him to raid leader and enter the instance. No monsters, just bag!

The last storage space you can have is a Guild Bank. The tabs have 98 slots and the costs are:
  • 100G: 1G/slot
  • 250G: 2.6G/slot
  • 500G: 5.1G/slot
  • 1000G: 10.2G/slot
  • 2500G: 25.5G/slot
  • 5000G: 51G/slot
So if your guild start collecting money for a new tab, check the items already inside and make sure that all of them are more expensive than a slot in the next tab. If it's cheaper, suggest to make space by disposing those items.

Finally, don't forget the speciality bags. You can see a comprehensive list on warcraft econ.


Tal said...

I can see how the analysis is valid for "pure storage", but if you consider soloing, the extra 2 slots allow you to carry 2 more items without destroying them - and in the long run, that money adds up (mostly, money for the time you would have spent running back to town to free up more spaces).

Gevlon said...

Good point. (of course it does not affect the bags in bank)

Anonymous said...

Great article, I recently just created one like it about a week ago on guild bank vs personal storage for bank alts.

Gevlon said...

warcraftecon: I know, and I linked your post as source for speciality bags :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I noticed from the incoming links. I only listed the new Wotlk bags fyi. You can also link to the actual post if you want.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming up with some maths to validate what I have been doing for so long! (16 slots bags, only three bank tabs then a new bank mule toon). Also, next time someone fusses at me that our guild needs a new bank tab I will send them here with a big "ORLY" as well.