Greedy Goblin

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 33: preparing for enchanting

Since I'm closing to lvl 40, soon I can continue to level Enchanting. To do it, I will need vision dust, so I bid on lot of lvl 31-40 armor to disenchant. I also start to seek for recipe of Enchant Bracer-Greater stamina.

Went to quest to Hillsbrad Foothils and Arathi Highlands, reached lvl 38.3. Killed by lagspike twice. Damn lag always came when I pulled the elite, not before, not after. Finally killed the elite, and had to log out.

For some strange reason Copper Bar was in need on the AH. I've never seen such, so I started to sell copper bars (I usually buy them for bronze), and sold a lot on 4G/stack, while I've never spend more for them than 2G/stack.

Account balance, strongly affected by the bought enchanting materials: 2072G, 72 auctions, 97 bids, approximately 2100G at Thelnia.

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