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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talk out an idiot

Have you ever met idiots who DC in the middle of a dungeon, than come back after you found replacement and refuse to leave the instance? The GM-s don't help, if one is saved to an instance, he has the right to be inside. So the only way to get the moron out of the instance is talk him out. That's what I did last week in Kara:

[19:42:57] To [Verstingen]: what the hell are you doing here?
[19:43:08] [Verstingen] whispers: im bored
[19:43:18] To [Verstingen]: than go be bored somewhere else
[19:43:29] [Verstingen] whispers: no!
[19:43:34] To [Verstingen]: why not? [19:43:47]
[Verstingen] whispers: I like to be here =)

[19:43:54] To [Verstingen]: what's the point?

[19:44:41] [Verstingen] whispers: to bother u because u kicked me =)
[19:45:25] To [Verstingen]: Oops, you should not tell that. "to bother" is harassing players on purposly. You HS out immediately, or I contact a GM

[19:45:44] To [Verstingen]: You has the right to be here, but you cannot be here to bother us!
[19:46:05] [Verstingen] whispers: ofc I can

[19:46:27] To [Verstingen]: GM-s see chat. You just confessed to came here to bother us, so you will be banned for 3 days. Now leave
[19:47:10] [Verstingen] whispers: gms cant whisper
[19:47:20] To [Verstingen]: They can see EVERYTHING
[19:47:30] [Verstingen] whispers: nope
[19:47:44] [Verstingen] whispers: everyting, but not whisper can they not see
[19:47:45] To [Verstingen]: So you leave immediately, or you are banned for 3 days
[19:47:53] To [Verstingen]: EVERYTHING noob!
[19:48:16] [Verstingen] whispers: how?

[19:48:26] [Verstingen] whispers: how do i get banned for 3days because of this?
[19:48:34] To [Verstingen]: They have logs you idiot. The server record everything
[19:48:41] [Verstingen] whispers: meh
[19:49:17] To [Verstingen]: Very simply: I contact a GM. I tell him to check the log. He will see you here, read your whisper, see that you came here to annoy 9 other players, so you get banned

[19:49:32] [Verstingen] whispers: just 9
[19:49:36] [Verstingen] whispers: wheres the other dude?
[19:49:44] To [Verstingen]: What dude?
[19:50:14] To [Verstingen]: Enough of you. I'm opening the ticket now, the GM will reply in a minute. Bye-bye idiot for 3 days

[19:51:52] [Verstingen] whispers: Cya then (he jumps down and hides in a corner)
[19:52:00] To [Verstingen]: you are still in Karazhan, I see you
[19:52:23] [Verstingen] whispers: crap

[19:53:43] To [Verstingen]: you are still inside. The ticket says, that GM will come in 2:21
[19:53:51] [Verstingen] whispers: see, im out now (he left and disappeared)


Ryukyu said...

How long was he DC'd? I would be kinda pissed if I got disco'd for like 5 min and was getting crapped on for it. Not like it was the players fault he DC'd, usually thats a hardware or connection issue.

If it was longer then that I would accept it and be cool about. It is kind of amusing that he was agruing about what the GMs could and couldn't see. Hehe

Gevlon said...

He was DC for already 5 mins after HE wiped us on Aran because of moving in Flame Wreath.

Ryukyu said...

Nice! What is that saying? Oh yeah! Don't stand in the FIRE!!