Greedy Goblin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 18: 30

Quested a little in Wetlands and Stormwind castle until I reached 30 and finally got my mount. From now on, the quests that send me to distant lands are no longer so slow to make. On the top of it, I can easily avoid contact with wondering monsters who aggro on me.

On business: I bid on several metals, cloth and motes. The latter was immediately resold as primal. The cloths start to overflow me, and it was just tuesday. I'm afraid I will need Thelnia's assistance in holding them until weekend.

The Thelina-fund increased significantly with material worth around 80G. Server is finally up, so I could check my mailbox. 1250G, 196 auctions, 22 bids, approx 400G at Thelnia.

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