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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 19: Slow day

Nothing really worth mentioning happend in my life today. Leveled to 31 in Duskwood finishing it, and also some in Wetlands close to finishing it.

Bought some more cloth, had to send them to Thelnia, due to bank space issures. Was lucky with a nether vortex (bought for 90G, sold for 180G), and with 2 primal mights (bought for 90 sold for 115 each). The hordies bought 1/3 of my wool cloth, the rest returned, will drop price tomorrow.

Some of the "to be wiped" itmes still coming back, I will relist them one more for even lower, than they go to the vendor, I won't waste my time with them any more.

Current balance: 1245G, 177 ongoing auctions, 1 bid, aproximately 450G value at Thelnia.

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Vz said...

This comment reminded me of something viable when at this stage of levelling, which i usually do on my characters after passing level 30 (mainly because they have a mount by then), if i'm making an effort to raise gold -

1. Learn the spawn points of the Blood Elf Bandits on Azuremyst Isle

2. Wait till you have a free period, i.e. an hour, hour and a half while waiting for items to sell on the AH, and the only other option is questing

3. Do circuits of the Bandit spawn points (this part's easy, they're all by the path), collecting any Blood Elf Bandit Masks that drop

4. Sell the masks on the AH for obscene prices, whilst chuckling heartily

The only drawback is that the drop rate on these masks is on the low side, so it can take upwards of half an hour to get even one mask. But in my opinion, the prices make up for time that would only have been spent doing quests otherwise.

Hope this helps GG, and i know i don't need to say it, but keep up the great work :)