Greedy Goblin

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekend minipost: I was right about PUBG toplist

I just got my best performance, #2 position, despite horrible circle (I had to move every single time). But the point isn't bragging. The point is that on the debriefing screen I saw I got 567 points for the position (I will post the point-position curve), 40 points for 2 kills and 41 for hitting enemies. Despite I killed 2 enemies and damaged another one and they weren't drooling morons killed with fists on landing, but all #15 and better survivors, I got 7x more points for surviving than for killing.


Anonymous said...

The flaw with this design is that cheating will become rampant if it is already not so. They have a rule against "teaming", but how do you enforce it? By you always winning? Your "team mates" have to die, so you just take turns being the last one standing, all the while reaping huge points by surviving to the last 10 or so players.

Gevlon said...

It's trivial to catch "teaming" in a game that has 1M players per server. In a long run, you have 0.0001% chance to play with a particular player per game. So if someone plays several games with the same player, teaming is very likely.

Anonymous said...

Your own analysis that a subset of players skews the average says no. Sure, if there are ONLY 2 teamers, and they always seek each other, trivial to find. But as the network expands... not so much. You're just the "better players that skews the average."

Heck, I can think of a group off the top of my head that certainly already thought of this and is probably doing it. If there are a hundred of you, and you see 3 of them in a game, you know who to leave alive until the end.