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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The big BDO wealth page

Here it is!

You can comment it here.


Raphael said...

This guide looks amazing. I know that having a good project is more important to you than page views. However, if you don't know what project to do next, I would wager that you could get a lot of page views by spending a week or two and making a current similar "wealth overview" guide for World of Warcraft.

I have a few different ways of making gold (cooking, order hall missions, raid sales runs, enchanting shuffle), but I do not know if there is something else out there with substantially better value per time spent.

Gevlon said...

@Raphael: WoW wealth guide
- Buy WoW token for $15
- sell it for 160K gold

Andru said...

Come now, you know that is not what people want.

Your EVE isk making tips were well received, even if the best advice would be "Pay money, sell PLEX"

Lady Minuit said...

Nice guide. I will definitely try your ideas. Thank you for sharing. Most people don't have to give away their secrets, but it's nice to see someone so openly explaining in depth the important things of life.

Please keep up the good work :)

Tithian said...

I like your guides, as they are very step-by-step and with no bullshit attached. Love how you provide viable income sources for all playstyles.

I'm assuming your BDO mini-project is now over, what comes next?