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Friday, March 3, 2017

Great WoW moneymaking guide

Commenters requested a guide similar to the BDO guide. I provided it:
  • Buy WoW token for $15
  • Sell it for 160K gold
It's hard to satisfy commenters, they weren't happy with my guide, so I expand it. Even, back in my WoW heyday my goldmaking speed wasn't competitive with illicit goldselling. I could get more gold by working instead and spend my wage for that time to buy gold. I've found it obvious: no value is created in a game, of course I don't make much money's worth in WoW. Then I went to EVE and found that I can make a PLEX worth (about $15) an hour. Most people in the planet don't make $15 an hour. Hell, most people in the US/EU don't make $15 after tax an hour. In BDO, I can make twice as much. In current WoW, I doubt I could reach $3/hour (that's 30K gold /hour). Why?

Because in EVE and BDO you can buy power with currency. You have 120B ISK? Take a titan! You have 1B silver? TET Liverto Sword for you! So people with money buy game currency to buy power. This demand rises the price of game currency. In WoW, you can buy a few auxiliary items (enchants, gems, flasks, repairs). You can't really go whale in WoW. So demand for WoW Gold is low, therefore its price is crap.

While you can be a "business purist" for the sake of it, in the normal case, you must accept the reality of official currency/$ exchange (Token, PLEX, Costume sell). You must also accept the existence of whales who throw stupid amount of money on video games. Nosy just reported that CCP closed its best year financially, despite having the worst year in this decade in terms of players. According to EVE-offline, the characters online is the same as last year, despite free accounts were made available. That gave a peak and since then it's decline. But they don't have to care as money is pouring in like never before from extractors and skins. So you must evaluate the game as whole and if you choose to play, you must weight the currency/hour you can make in game against the currency/$*your_hourly_wage. If I'd play WoW (I don't), I'd probably just throw $15/month on it to have gold for the bills and wouldn't waste time making gold.


Anonymous said...

So, write a guide for eve showing how to consistently make 1b/hr/account.

People would love a guide to making make 1b/hour, so say, you play 4h/day, 4b/day, 120b/month per account

Gevlon said...

I made. A year ago. I won't go back to see if it's still working.

Andru said...

Ok, I understand now.

It's maybe a good thing, too. This way, possibly no one can complain that they need more money to play WoW competitively.

Raphael said...

Gevlon, some people make 100,000 or more gold an hour with Mythic+ sales runs (right now it is very doable to sell 2 depleted M+15 maw of souls for 200,000g to two buyers 30 minutes each in an hour, for 400,000g, 100,000g to each of four carriers). On US Servers, $15 (about 2 hours of minimum wage) gets you less than 100,000g. Even if these prices held in Europe, Mythic+ sales would be better than many European-server minimum wage jobs paying for wowtoken.

If you are a minimum wage worker and mythic raider, it's quicker to make 100,000g in-game than outside-game with this one method.

Do you think that this is the peak of WoW goldmaking - grinding to carry players through Mythic+? You don't think that you or anyone else can do better with the Auction House than grinding?

If you are starting with no skills and resources, yes of course, the wowtoken is the best way to get started. I have told that to many people who asked me.

But, you think that it is the best way, period, and you can't improve upon it like you did in EvE? I would be shocked if sales runes were the best gold per hour in game and also shocked if you personally could not do better than sales runs/wowtoken.

If you aren't interested in tackling this problem, that's fine, but it's not accurate that buying wowtoken with minimum-wage labor is as good as it gets.

Unknown said...

It is interesting how World of Warships solved P2W.
Premium ships are better, usually. However, they are spread evenly between teams.
So, win rate is only marginally affected by premium ships, but personal experience of "ownage" is. Statistics are usually compared vs other ships of the same class, too.
Interestingly, current ranked season is dominated by a particular premium ship called Belfast. It is the WEAKEST of all cruisers, much weaker than it's non-premium counterpart. It has a team-oriented skill, though, which wins games (radar).

Gevlon said...

@Raphael: I've never heard of mythic sales runs. Also, it's probably a niche market and would collapse if more people would do it.

@Slawomir: I don't know much about World or Warships, but I guess it has the same rigging as WoT: invisible matchmaker, everyone is near 50% winrate.

Zka said...

You basically don't need gold in wow right now. Maybe if you're a bleeding edge raider. But average raiders need a few flasks and enchants a week, which are easily covered by money faucets.

Cathfaern said...

It's not really a niche market:*

Yaggle said...

I bought all the wow tokens I could when I could buy them in the auction house for 20,000-40,000 gold. Now, I think you would have to be crazy to buy wow tokens(with gold), unless you have millions of gold and cannot store any more(gold). I am not convinced you need much gold in the game right now, but it's slave-labor for most people to trade that much for gold away for just one wow token.

Anonymous said...

Getting to the lvl that both in skill and ilvl that you can farm mythic for ppl takes quite a lot of hours so if i compare that i work...get my salary buy the token and get what i want for the gold ...or just buy the tokens for gold i would be literally millions of gold ahead of you farming mythic for the 2 ppl desperate enough to pay u for the farming runs.. so hes completely right in making gold with real money in wow is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than making it ingame will ever be...assuming ofc token prices dont really reaaaally dramatically change