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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If I buy shards and sell ingot, someone is a moron

My main moneymaking activity in Black Desert Online is buying shards, processing them to ingots and selling them. The profit is around 2M/hour, which is about 1/3-1/4 of what a skilled and geared mobgrinder gets and I'm asleep or at work while doing it.

However it rises a problem: someone is a moron here. It's the one who sells the shards. Let's refresh the relevant part of processing: you grab 5 ores and in 12 seconds (including failed processing) you get 2.5 shards (with high skills). That's about 0.4M/hour profit. Then you grab 10 shards and in 12 seconds you get 2.5 ingots. This is about 3M/hour if you made the shards yourself and 2M/hour if you purchased them, the difference is coming from marketplace tax.

The only way to get shards is processing ores, so anyone making shards is already having the skills and spending time processing. Processing the shards to ingot would take 1/4 as much time and yield much higher profit. Yet people sell their shards, allowing me to buy them, process them and sell them. Obviously if they'd process to ingots themselves, they could have this profit and also keep the tax. Please note that "he has other priorities" doesn't fly here. There are reasons for not processing. But there is absolutely no reason to process ores and not processing the shards. That's just stupid.

I'm very much lost why people are so dumb. But I'm curious how long this practice will last when I finish my big BDO wealth guide and link it from every BDO page I have traffic on. The servers are region wide, so if just a few people learn my tricks, there should be more ingots on the market, to the point of overcrowding. You know, the prices in BDO are in fixed ranges, so oversupply can't drive the prices to the floor, there will always be formal profit on the shard-ingot transaction, but there would be so many ingots that yours wouldn't sell in a week. I'm very curious if I can reach the point where ingots no longer sell, just by posting guides.


Unknown said...

Dam dude Ive been literally doing the same thing every night. Before I go to bed I buy as much shards as possible and process it all night. Last night I processed over 15k shards. Im pretty sure I could do around 30k shard before my inv fills with ingots as long as I can collect the shards.

Like you said its not very efficient during the day but overnight its great, especially with processing costume. What are you processing during the day to actively make money? For now Im selling cooking and alchemy products but Im looking out for other avenues.

maxim said...

It may very well be that people just cannot be bothered to diversify into ingot processing and are perfectly fine just leaving their character to process ores as they log off for the night or whatever.
It is lazy, but if people are fine with what they get out of it then it is not a problem.

Gevlon said...

@maxim: they leave their character to process ore, that's fine, they get shards. But there is absolutely no reason to sell the shards instead of just processing the shards next night (actually 4 nights of ore, 1 night of shard). They get more money for less clicks!

Pheredhel said...

@maxim @gevlon:
Maybe there are reasons for some people to do it.
So yes, while gevlon speaks in absolutes, I do think he recognizes that there may be rare cases where it is the right choice (leftovers, switching, whatever...).

That being said: it doesn't seem to even remotely account for the amount of shards on the market that seem to be there. So it seems there are players that behave very irrational on that.

maxim said...

I found that people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention to more things.
If they don't particularily care for more money or less clicks, then it makes perfect sense they'd save on having to pay attention.

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: "people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention" is a pretty accurate description of "moron"

Unknown said...

Meanwhile in WoW, that has since WotLK gained massive improvements in AH API (check out the addon "TSM" sometimes to see what kind of automatization and market info you can get with a few clicks these days), the ability to pay for your subscription with gold, the ability to buy current top-end gear with gold straight from the AH, institutionalization of paid boosts via LFG tool, and most recently the ability to buy other Blizzard products (games, HS packs, heroes in HotS etc etc) with WoW gold... aaaaand you still get massive profits just by buying mats when the price is low and selling the crafts when the price is high, which fluctuates like clockwork during the week relative to raid reset times. 10 years later and still mountains of gold are still made by "transporting" glasses of milk 50 yards from the inkeeper to the auctioneer NPC.

All this despite r/woweconomy being a thing and hordes of people making YT video tutorials explaining in detail how to make gold via AH (even if most of them prioritize total gold made as opposed to gold/hour).

tl;dr Don't expect much change just from your techniques being published and noticed by a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the brief analytics of all the lifeskills this guy's posted? Seems rather lowballed

Gevlon said...

@Anon: sure, the prices change every day, but it seems more or less correct.