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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lenny and his citadel lies

TMC interviewed Lenny (it seems they accept content from everyone willing to give them recently) and he announced he is attacking the market Fortizars near Jita because he wants to build new hubs all around EVE for the good of all.

I wanted to write a long and detailed analysis disproving everything he said and explaining what he is likely up to, but then I realized that I already wasted too much time with that once great game that was completely destroyed by dev corruption. Also, an anon commenter summarized the problem perfectly already. So I just write a quickie:

His stated goals (new hubs) benefit absolutely nothing from his actions (destroying offshoring Jita citadels), nor the new hubs are serving any plan about Jita citadels. His interview is a mess and he could claim that "I'm evicting a C6 wormhole corp because I want to monopolize on Delerik PI" without being less of a nonsense. Whatever he is up to in Jita is totally unconnected with whatever he wants with the new trade hubs.

The reason behind his unconnected plans is the same as it was behind his WWB adventures: to paint himself and IWI as valuable content creators in order to prevent CCP from banning IWI for open RMT. Please note that he does not even claim an in-game goal, he does it for the good of the game. He is so good for the game that only 1/3 of the players left since he entered the scene! The only valuable part of his interview is "The reality is, all the bankers are members of various separate alliances and IWI is a job. We are friends in IWI but there no back-door wheeling and dealing because IWI is solely focused on the customer and providing the services that we provide." He don't even bother to deny that they are an real-world RMT organization with no in-game affiliation.


99smite said...

Damn, your article made me go to the TMC website, which I haven't done for months since it has been a shitty website for a long time.
I really should ignore EVE articles as I left EVE over a year ago and I can't say that I regret it...

Matterall EVE Online said...

We, TMC, accept articles from anyone interesting including yourself Gevlon. But this was not a submission. Whereas we put your words up, whole and unedited, this was an interview from one of our reporters to Lenny. It was part of a larger group of stories. More to come, as we know of many more details which are not ready for publication yet.

Gevlon said...

@Matterall: your "reporter" asked no tough question to Lenny. He was merely helped by the "reporter" to make a statement. Any half decent "reporter" would have conflicted him with the obvious RMT problems or the fact that his previous answers made absolutely no sense.

I have no doubt that "more stories will come". It seems the deal was "Goons can keep existing if TMC joins the choir parroting his story and not mentioning CCP Bugartist again".

Anonymous said...

Have you read the other interviews Lenny did?

Before you dismiss this one as a softball one?

Perhaps the reporter should have said "How do you answer the criticism gevlon goblin has of you being an RMTer" because, well, that would have surely got him to admit it.

Gevlon said...

I realize that most "interviews" are just excuses for his propaganda and he likely paid for it. It doesn't change the fact that this one is no different. Also, the question "why does IWI exists and why do people do all that work if not for RMT" would be appropriate. Or "can you comment CCP Bugartist's statement that you are an RMTer and he was overruled banning you?". Maybe: "do you have any in-game purposes or goals?"