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Monday, August 22, 2016

BDO downsizing

I have full Tri gear. I don't think that +5APDP will make or break my playing. I'm #2 in wealth with 1B in the bank. I don't have a BDO project in sight. So I realized that no matter how efficient my moneymaking scheme is, I'm wasting time with it. Even 15-20M/hour income is bad if I don't need the 15-20M.

So I dismantled my wood workbenches and stopped making crates. After selling the remaining crates, I removed the nodes connecting Ancado, Ephiria and Trent, gaining 40 contribution points. I re-invested them into work nodes as simply selling what the nodes produce is much simpler and has even higher silver/hour. I also stopped crafting gems via alchemy, so the profitable market of Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault and Power are all yours. I also will cook nothing else than beer for my workers.

Many people can't do this, not in games, not in life. While they already achieved more than most around them, they keep grinding because they "need" more. No you don't need that TET sword for +1B which is 50-80 hours clicking even for my income. For a grinder, it's closer to 200. With 40 hours/week normal work hours, it's 5 weeks. Does that +5-10 AP really worth 5 full weeks of working hours?! No, not playing, don't tell me that grinding Sausans is entertaining. Moving crates between the storage and the trade manager is much less annoying and I still got enough of that. You also don't need to TRI your accessories. Or buy a new car when the old one is comfortable and safe. Downsizing is the key to get what you have the least: time.

And now, finishing this, I do what I didn't for weeks: actually hop on my horse, put on that 450 APDP gear and get out to the World exploring and questing.

Oh, and I turned off life quests and most exclamation marks disappeared. I want to see the story, not cook food for XP when I'm already Master 3. The combat is funny with my gear. I can't kill stuff fast, but not even pure red monsters can damage me. And that's after putting on some AP accessories.

Of course I didn't forget Red Battlefield that I didn't see for ages. While everyone says "DP is useless" and "high AP will oneshot anyone", I was more than fine with my 325DP, 2997 HP and 26 damage reduction from gems. I mean "2-3 on me and potions can keep me topped" fine. Or "CCing the highest score enemy from the server topguild in the middle of their group and live for 15-20 secs" fine. As usual, the "common opinion" is dumb.


Anonymous said...

>Does that +5-10 AP really worth 5 full weeks of working hours?!
For a lot of people it really is a need, and not just for social bragging. Following guides makes people worse at games because they won't understand the player and monster mechanics that led to the decisions the guides make for them. Obviously the game is harder for the people who started blind, but from the guide reader's perspective, the level of difficulty for him is equal to the blind ones despite having better gear and knowing what to expect. Instead of gear being a tool to progress, the gear itself is the goal, and grinding for gear IS playing the game.

In life, this same type of person needs more because they need the extra money to make up for their existing spending inefficiencies. The grinder is by definition inefficient; otherwise he'd be progressing with the gear he already has.

Maybe that could be a BDO project for you? Making an "ungeared" pvp group.

maxim said...

Just wanted to note that stuff like damage reduction gets more powerful the more of it you get. Reduction from 4 pts of damage to 3 is much less of an impact than 3 to 2 or 2 to 1

So if you are still playing you should probably arrange some way to still roll the dice on higher level gear every so often.

Anonymous said...

I find the hardest part about "playing" games is breaking the compulsion to do a highly profitable or efficient activity when I no longer need the end product.

seanas said...

That's the whole point, right? Conclusive proof that grinding is inefficient:
- you've got better gear than the vast majority of players (you're in the top 1%, probably the top 0.1%)
- you've (still) got more money than the vast majority of players (the top 30 lists don't lie)
- you've played for less time than most players
- you've never grinded at Sausan or Pirates or other soul-destroying locations.

Life skills and worker empires might start slower than grinding, but they earn more money and thus better gear in the long run.