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Friday, July 15, 2016

BDO: get a million an hour AFK after 20 secs clicking by processing

Warning: there is evidence that GMs collude with exploiters. Maybe it's not the best idea to play this game.

This post is part of the BDO Wealth Guide.

Processing is one of the main tradeskills in Black Desert Online and while not extremely profitable, it's extremely AFK-ble, providing absurd silver/activity results. I mean literally million per minute clicking. Of course you can't have such clicking minutes constantly, you have to wait AFK for the processing to complete. Processing is a perfect moneymaker for people with little active time, but lot of computer walltime, similarly to workers.

Before all, a warning: processing is the most pearl-intensive activity. If you don't want to spend on the item shop, just forget it - along with craftable crate trading (guide later). The reason for that is the processed materials have weight and gather to your inventory. When it's full (weight-wise), the processing stops. So every +weight increases time spent crafting. If you don't use the newly introduced maid/buttler costume, you have to store the materials in your inventory too. And those usually weight twice as much, so the costume doubles your AFK time. Hercules-hystria is mandatory, but insufficient. I repeat: don't bother with processing besides some odd items for yourself if you don't spend on costume and weight.

So what is processing: you press the "processing" button on the storage (or "L" with default keys if you work from your inventory), select a processing method, select materials and go AFK. You can process awful lot of things. Simple Alchemy and Simple Cooking give HP, mana and WP potion equivalents, it's not really profitable.

Chopping allows you to process 5 timbers into planks and 10 planks into plywood. With artisan skill you get around 2.5 results per process. So from 8 timber you can get a plywood. Some timbers sell around 2-300 silver, others sell up to 700, while plywood sell over 6000, so this seems very profitable. It is a trap as the products often don't sell. I mean you can formally make a fortune from processing Ash Timber (150) into plywood (4900), as (4900-150*8)/20*3600 = 660K/hour (-tax). Excellent income if you consider it's complete AFK-ness and less-than a minute setup. In reality, you won't sell a single piece as there are already zillions in the marketplace for that price and you can't undercut, due to that being the minimum price. What you can do is sell for 2240 to the vendor, which is tax-free, so can be considered 3445 marketplace price. (3445-150*8)/20*3600 = 404K/hour - tax, still not too horrible for 20 seconds of clicking. My experience that only fir and maybe cedar plywood sells on the marketplace (due to crate trade), everything else can only be vendored. The vendor prices are
  • birch:2560, crate trade item
  • cedar 3040, crate trade item
  • fir: 2720, crate trade item, sells on market for 7000
  • acacia: 3360, the timber sells for 600 so don't bother
  • ash: 2240
  • pine: 2880
  • maple: 2400
  • white cedar: 3200
  • elder tree: 3520

Heating allows you to process 5 ores into shards and 10 shards into ingots. With artisan skill you get around 2.5 results per process. Ingots have the same problem as plywoods: the marketplace is already full with them. You can however vendor for
  • iron:2380, see steel below
  • copper: 2240, make bronze instead
  • tin: 2380, make bronze instead
  • zinc: 2880
  • lead: 2250
  • bronze: 2400,needs tin and copper shards
  • brass: 2560, needs copper and zinc
  • vanadium: 3090
The exception is steel (5 iron shards, 5 coal) as it sells for around 7000 and it's made faster due to coal being basic material. 2 processes of iron ore makes 5 shards and 1 process makes 2.5 steel, so you need 3/2.5*10 = 12 seconds to make a steel ingot. Iron ore sells around 300 silver, coal sells around 800 and you need 4 and 2 for an ingot, so (7000-300*4-800*2)/12*3600 = 1.2M/hour AFK for 20 seconds clicking (-tax if you sell and not use it). I mean currently. I'm honestly surprised people are not making more and fill the AH. So while the title is true, it probably won't be for long. The reasonable numbers are 4-500K/hour for AFK making ingots and plywoods to use them and 300-350K/hour to vendor them.

You can also process flax, cotton and fleece by heating, but you shouldn't as the raw material sells higher than vendor and the market is full. You can grind crystals (that fit into item slots) for black stone powder, but they don't stack, so they fill your inventory slots and have to be bought individually with the damn captcha. You can also heat or grind rough crystals and they are profitable, but materials are missing from the market. Oh, and you can thin water, if you can put your hands on river water or muddy water, go for it.

As mentioned several times, the most profitable is making crates for trade and will be described in a later guide. Anyway, processing won't get you stellar income fast. But going to sleep and waking up 1-2 M richer is pretty nice.

Official forum thread here, don't make reddit post please, r/blackdesertonline doesn't need Lenny and his crap.


Empz said...

As mentioned several times, the most profitable is making crates for trade and will be described in a later guide. Anyway, processing won't get you stellar income fast. But going to sleep and waking up 1-2 M richer is pretty nice.

AFK Fishing over night is more profitable.

Gevlon said...

AFK fishing has the following problems:
- you have to be on the sea instead of the town
- you have to carry your catch back
- you can be killed by "funny people"

Empz said...

I'm playing on EU-Croxos and have never been killed while AFK fishing. You also can fish near a Trademaster and dont have to run far for selling. The main income of AFK fishing aren't the fishes but the relicshards and the keys.

Empz said...

And i forgot: this week is some fishing event where you can catch a 5.000.000 fish anywhere while fishing. Didn't catch one of those, but i keep my fingers crossed ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't have in-depth fishing knowledge. I don't fish for the fish. exhausted or abundant town give roughly the same amount of relic shards and keys on average. And you don't need cashshop investment for fishing. it is certainly less per hour but for sleep+work it is the longest AFK cycle besides infinite autoloop. I do get on average 23 shards a week, counting for connection loss or game crashes.

Processing seems more consistent what is a "night batch" worth? and can you sell that batch fast while afk? or do you have to relist and babysit your market slots. After this guide I don't see how everyone with 1000LT will get rid of 3333*2 steel per day fast, besides selling to vendor for 1680 silver per steel.

Joshua Porter said...

You mentioned that people don't post more coal and steel to the Marketplace, for only 20 seconds of clicking. But... doesn't it take much longer than that to collect the coal?