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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Valencia nodes: do not panic and have purified water

There is a recent map the Valencia expansion of BDO. Valencia is a huge (about as big as all current territories combined), but the distances between nodes are much larger than we got used to. Several new resources are introduced:
  • Elder Tree (836, available): Gorgo Rock Belt, Veteran's Canyon, Iris Canyon
  • Pistacio (730, missing): Gorgo Rock Belt, Erdal Farm, Valencia Plantation, Titium Valley
  • Bag of muddy water (700, missing): Kunid's Vacation Spot, Leical Falls
  • Nutmeg (803, available): Iris Canyon, Bazaar Farmland
  • Fig (747, available): Shakatu Farmland, Akman
  • Star Anise (1115, missing): Shakatu Farmland
  • Freekeh (348, available): Bambu Valley, Valencia Plantation
  • Teff (378, available): Atlas Farmland, Fohalam Farm, Titium Valley, Bazaar Farmland, Capotia
  • Titanium (1300, missing): Gavinya Great Crater, Gavinya Volcano Zone, Crescent Shrine
  • Vanadium (1300, missing): Gavinya Coastal Cliff, Gavinya Volcano Zone
  • Cactus Rind (500): Northern Sand Hill, Cactus Rind
  • Palm Timber (650, available): Areha Palm Forest, Titium Valley
  • Date Palm (611, availabe): Erdal Farm, Valencia Plantation, Crescent Shrine
  • New Excavation: Pilgrim's Sanctum: Humility, Roud Sulfur Works
We are talking about 40 work nodes. With main nodes, connections and 2-3 points per nodes we are looking at 120-150 contribution points to cover. You don't have as many ready. You are missing out! Do something now! Your empire is on fire!

No, it's not! This is isn't WoW, the new expansion doesn't obsolete the old World, just extend it. I wrote the prices of the rough materials there for a reason: while they are more expensive than old materials, they aren't "drop everything and run or you'll be poor forever". You can be completely competitive financially - therefore gear wise - without ever going to Valencia. Of curse I don't mean you shouldn't visit this breathtaking land (the most beautiful in any MMO, hands down), I mean you can visit it in your own pace without "falling behind". I rushed in and dropped a bunch of "old nodes" to have CP for Valencia and ran up and down between nodes and hired workers and ... was an idiot. Don't do that! Not because "it's a game", but because in real life you wouldn't sell your home and everything just to resettle in a new country because you heard it's cool. Be reasonable and you'll both be successful inside the game and happy as a player! There are several territories worker-wise. The first, which I would recommend to "capture" is the Altinova zone. Look at these distances:
  • Khunid vacation spot: 2200 from Altinova, 3015 from Sand Grain, 3700 from Shakatu
  • Veteran's Canyon: 1961 from Altinova: 2300 from Sand Grain, 3382 from Shakatu
  • Gorgo Rock Belt: 1550 from Altinova, 2680 from Sand Grain, 3584 from Shakatu
To use them, you must connect the Altinova Gateway and Boulder Outpost, both are 3 pt nodes. From there you can supply these towns. Sand Grain Bazaar is at the end of the "road" if you go from the Gateway to the Outpost and keep going. It is worth exploring, connect its farm and send a get Nutmegs. Or maybe not. It's just one worker and one Nutmeg, you'll live without it.

Shakatu is on the north. It has a very good farm next to it, with 3 good nodes: 2x Fig and 1x Star Anise, the latter is needed for the desert tea. You can go there, but - just like with Sand Grain - no pressure. You'll live if you reach it only next week. If you want to use it, there is a 2 level, 2 CP lodging house in the farm, use that, not the more expensive town ones.

The Southern World I didn't explore, but I dragged myself to Altinova and Ankado Inner Harbor. These are "beyond" the desert, autopathing doesn't work. In the desert you can't use the map, your speed is slow without a camel and you lose HP without water and Tea. Finally, you can't offline travel out, so even if you produce something, it won't magically transport in the cart of a lvl 20 alt. I would strongly recommend not going there without doing the earlier land quests. You'll enjoy it more and you'll be more rich if you go in your own pace.


Anonymous said...

so you vendor your worker mats, how much silver do you get over a day/week?

Gevlon said...

Why would I vendor anything that can be sold on the market. Only copper, Ash timber and such non-sellers get vendored. My worker income is around 8M/day. But some items get processed or cooked for more profit.

Kurtizzle said...


Whisper Family name 'Izzle' in game.

Gevlon said...

@Kurtizzle: and why would I do that? If you want something from me, send me a mail in-game or e-mail to the blog e-mail.