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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Get rich in BDO part 1: cooking beer

You thought I'm going to make money on monsters? Wrong. It's just that I wanted to reach high level to access quests, both normal and daily that give contribution XP and knowledge as both are needed for a huge AFK farm. But I can't just jump into that post, because a supporting task must be explained first: making beer (and learning the crafting system). You will need all the beer in the World. While buying beer on the marketplace is often necessary, it's cheaper to make yours, since farming their first ingredient is profitable on its own and selling it and buying beer would mean losing the 35% tax. Since crafting has other benefits than the product and there is chance to get 2 beers from 1 try, you should cook a lot!

To make beer, at first you need residence. It's player housing and while it's mostly vanity, it is also your personal workshop. To buy a house for any purpose, click the proper city or town on the map, select one house and select its purpose (residence this case):

For residence, you must choose one which has a convenient entrance because you have to walk to it in the streets to enter. So buy one near your usual location. Not all houses are made equal, some cost 1 contribution points, others cost 2, some even more. Some can only be accessed if previous houses are purchased. This is a diminishing return feature for buying houses. If you ran out of cheap ones, you have to pay more (or move to another city), but it's dumb to buy exqpensive, while cheap is available.

To the house you need cooking utensils. A lot, because they lose durability on usage and can't be repaired. They are sold by tavern keepers for mere 1000 silvers. Enter your house which is purposefully dark to force you to buy lots of chandeliers, preferably from the item shop. Use your lantern instead! On top of the screen there is a placement tool, plant your utensils!

To actually cook, you need ingredients. You buy 3 from the innkeeper and one from your own farms or from the market. Use the utensil in your residence as pictured:

While cooking, you consume energy, 1 for every cooking process, so you can't just cook as much as you want. To battle that, at first you need knowledge to increase your energy pool. The more you explore the world, the more knowledge you'll have. I currently have 150, but that's far from the max, as the Black Spirit offered me 3M coins for 180 energy. If you have a large pool, you can cook a lot in one sitting, obviously while AFK.

Secondly, you need to replenish your energy pool. Offline you get pitiful amounts. Online you get 20/hour. If you are in your residence, in a bed, you get 40/hour. If it's a cash shop bed, 60/hour. The offline limit is to prevent alts being a necessity, the cash shop bonus reason is obvious. If you choose not to spend on the game, that's still no reason for not getting an ordinary bed. It can be gained from furniture vendors using the amity minigame or from other players on the marketplace. Just lie in the bed when AFK.

Finally, I mentioned extra rewards for cooking, these collectibles drop when you cooki:

Important note: due to the 35% sales tax, producing beer for sale is usually not too profitable. It's still is, assuming you consider your energy free. Hint: it's not! However you don't have to pay tax to yourself, so if it's cheaper to buy the ingredients, you should buy them and cook, practically turning your energy points into a little income and cooking skill. Needless to say that you should use the cheapest material.

One more thing: there is a crystal that gives cooking XP. It has "cooking" in its name. Buy a set and wear a cooking armor! Higher skill gives more doubles.c


Trenjeska said...

With higher cooking yuo can get up to 4 beer per craft and on top of that trigger a rare proc: cool draft beer; replenishes 3 worker stamina and that happens from skilled 5 iirc.

As you will be invested into Life skills do the gathering dailies in Olvia. There are also 4 cooking dailies in Olvia from the cooking vendor thre that help you increase cooking level fast as startup. You do those quests for the Life and Contribution XP, not nescesairily for the rewards (although some have nice rewards like powder of the earth and traces for alchemy quests)

Trenjeska said...

As an addition:
you have room for 4 free alts: 48 energy per alt per day is almost 200 extra energy per day to spend.
Bonus: alts underl lvl 45 give you access to gank free afk hotspot fishing during the night. Watch the poor souls around you fall down and some of their fishes looted when someone trades their Karma for some fishes as they try to kill the tight packed group with blizzard. 80% of the cluster will fall and you will know they are over 45. It does help getting the abundancy of fish up again.

Destabilizator said...

The higher your cooking (or any profession) is, the bigger chance for energy discount you have (that the attempt will not cost energy) - it's pretty major (cca 35% chance) at Professional +.

Cooking exp crystals are meh, you are better of buying/making Silver Embroidered Cook Costume and enchanting that to +1 (you enchant it like jewelry, not armor).

Anonymous said...

You can make your own cooking station which will last a lot longer than the ones you buy from innkeepers. Handy if you want to leave your main there cooking and go do other things. Or you can buy them off the marketplace, but I prefer to make all my stuff.

Gevlon said...

@Destabilizator: dim crystal: 3% for free. SECC: 10% for 2M

Trenjeska said...

2M will be change soon, but I prefer to make them myself and sell the surplus of them to players who pay too much