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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The missing project

I'm fully aware that it's unhealty to talk about a game or even read about a game that I not only stopped playing but call everyone to stop playing. It's like mumbling about your ex after a bad brake up. It's better to move on. And I will not post anything EVE-related except absolutely newsworthy (opposite of opinion) after this week. I'm here closing open things and cut the loose ends.

The toxic environment I've mentioned yesterday seemed beatable before New Jita. The first project that will never happen aimed exactly at the toxicity. I always believed that as long there is no completely broken unfairness in the game, meritocracy will always win. Well, now they made a completely broken unfairness. I don't know if it was a high-level decision to go pay-to-win or simple corruption where devs handled something much better than a few T2 BPOs to their player buddies/alts. As there can be no victory against New Jita, all I have left is quitting and warning everyone from playing. The project is here only to show what I was planning.

The griefer and the bully does what he does "because he can". He enjoys being strong and beating the weak every way. The straightforward solution is to protect the weak. Which always ends in "antiganking failed again", since the weak is usually a moron or slacker who made himself weak and doesn't lift a finger to protect himself or cooperate with his protectors. The solution is taking potential victims from the bullies. So the idea was to restart the "ethical ganking" We gank because we care group. This time however I wouldn't gank myself, but fund gankers. The idea was that if WGBWC hunt down all the dumbs who can't learn to fit their ships, there will be nothing left for the tear-farming punks. It doesn't matter if the morons and slackers improve or quit, either way there will be no one left to grief.

You see, the griefer gets his fix from the helplessness of his victim. The dumb player has no idea what to do against gankers, so he is at the mercy of anyone who can fit a Catalyst. The griefer is then free to tell him that he is inferior and must obey his humiliating demands like putting hilarious fake-permits to his bio. I don't think that the morons and slackers are inferior in the sense as an ape is inferior to a human. No matter what help it gets, it will be limited by its low intelligence. A moron simply didn't think before acting, the slacker didn't care, but both have the ability to do if forced. So let's blow up their ships and send them useful material. Some will read and learn. Others rage and try to provide tears which is unheard as blocked. Those who don't learn lose ships again and again until they finally learn or quit.

Ganking is very easy to measure with killboards, so the project would have numerical benchmarks. The goal was to become #1 killer alliance, assimilating the good pilots from Miniluv/Code and teach them to gain their feelings of superiority by competition for high kills and not by farming tears. Exterminate the rest by destroying their natural habitat: the morons and slackers wandering aimlessly in untanked exhumers and freighters.

I believe it was a good plan and it's a shame it will never happen. The second project was dependent of the results of the first, so it wasn't in a presentable form, so no point writing it down.

Bitter PS: as you see, this project of mine - like all of them - involved people undocking and shooting spaceships. But the devs aligned with those whose all plans were "weaponised boredom".


nightgerbil said...

Oh what a good plan! Oh how I wish you had stayed in eve. I might have stayed if you had and taken your isk while flying the glorious moas of enlightment. Oh well. I would have enjoyed that.

I went hunting for this post:

I think its relevant as its a well argued point that the problem with griefing in eve is there is no other win condition except tears. Yet you would/were providing one! I saw that last anon comment yesterday asking for Aprils killboard data which you denied. Not like that guy probably has the tools to generate it himself, but hey hes not paying you to do it and this blog ins't a charity service. Its your blog.

Isn't the problem with eve that aside from making other people suffer you really have exhausted all game play options after you have made your first ten billion isk? I mean theres really not that much else to do thats in any way measurable or rewarding. At least in swtor I know I'm dam good. In eve? VOV who knows? who cares? but some pubbie I never met thinks I'm a cunt. I win?

Gevlon said...

@Nightgerbil: "destroy CFC" was a play option that kept me busy for 2 years. But yes, for an average Joe, without clear, official killboard there aren't many ways to track his record. The link with the tears is true, though pitiful (defeating the lowest common denominator, the highsec miner is the best way to get tears).

Provi Miner said...

New jita is a joke you will see, the player base either won't stand for it or will tear it down just cause it can. But yeah you go on with your "they will buy them off" it doesn't work like that to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, from the miner's perspective, it's a choice between two chairs, one with sharpened spades and one with erect dicks.

There are only 2 real choices of a mining barge, since Retriever/Mackinaw has been made shit in the last nerf series (aka kicking the dead dog of hisec mining):
1) You mine in a Covetor/Hulk and risk a gank, if it comes, you're rekt.
2) You mine in a Procurer/Skiff and lose enough yield to basically self-gank every few hours due to underproduction.

You are the adept of risk vs reward. It should be clear from the above that losing a Covetor to a gank is not guaranteed, while losing a Procurer every few hours from self-gank of lost yield is. That means that all your blabbery about "not using the right ship" or "fitting tank (which won't work on Covetor/Hulk)" is counter-productive and a miner worth his rocks shouldn't listen to you.

That said, afk mining morons in Retrievers and Mackinaws deserve to get it. It's just that you swept them and decent miners, who don't want to self-gank, under the same rug - that pissed me off.

Gevlon said...

@Provi miner: yes, just like the player base destroyed the Tech moon monopoly, just because they could. But the problem is that if you are right and players trade in old Jita, the broker fee will simply drain the ISK out of the economy and it collapses. So EVE is over even if you are right.

@Anon: AFK retrievers with Damage control and empty pod are high ISK/effort and while gankable, not worth them. AFK rets give no tears and crap kill reports.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: So, basically, you're saying that the only ones worth ganking from a WGBWC standpoint are not worth ganking because low ISK/effort? Either that or I don't get what you're trying to say.

Unknown said...

I really don't understand why Provi Miner is complaining up there. Didn't all hulls just receive a 33% buff or something?

As far as yield is concerned, my understanding is that Covetors and/or Hulks were meant to be used in fleets. The solo machines do indeed have drawbacks in comparison, but are by no means useless.

Gevlon made a very good post about maximising your mining efforts. I should know: I followed it to the letter. Perhaps you should give it a try?

I shall miss seeing his Orca hugging the undock of that Lowsec station, whose name escapes me for the moment!

mordis mydaddy said...


EVE has always had some strong group with nearly infinite resources compared to the rest of players. The game still went on. Even you still participated and prospered in that environment. Do you not think New Jita will go the same as POCOs with someone constantly wrecking it until it is so unreliable that people would refuse to use it...or at least not allowing the Bee Guys to control it? Do you just oppose them owning it or would you feel better if PL or NC. or even MOA owned it? Every playstyle is different. I know my playstyle wasn't affected much by the number of trillionaires there were (aside from the upward price on PLEX from speculation). Was your decision to leave totally based on not wanting Goons to have infinite resources, even though that has been the case since forever? Or do you just not like there being anyone with infinite resources, especially the scale of New Jita resources on the line?

Eaten by a Grue said...

Just curious, were you motivated by genuine altruism to help your less educated fellow players, or was this an element in the war against the goons, an effort to deny them the tears they want?

Anonymous said...

I know you want to get away from EVE but thought you'd be interested in these logs from the monument scratcher himself that Falcon forgave and welcomes back into game. He wishes he had poured mercury over the monument instead of just scratching.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: my advice to the miners is to be not worth ganking.

@Mordis: NEVER had any group anything like this. The infamous Tech Moons were 10% of this and needed protecting towers all over the regions and then lots of work operating the reaction towers. This is pure passive, totally game breaking feature.

@Eaten by a Grue: there are no Goons

@Anonymous: you made my day.