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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Criteria of the next project (and a WoW question)

Update: the Goon criminal vandalizing the monument bragged on Goon chat (leaked on Reddit) and gave good advice how to damage the monument more. And CFC Falcon saved this crap from jail and let him back to the game. Lovely. This goes to the "Do not play EVE" page.

I haven't picked a game yet, therefore I can't have a next project. I cannot give a date when I find the game and get reasonably informed about it to form a project.

But I can already give you what the project needs to look like:
  • Must have a clear yes-or-no goal. Most people in most games declare no goals or just fake goals like "get some friends and have fun" that can't fail. Then they can easily claim that their mediocre performance is fine. Not me, I'll set a goal that is completed or not.
  • The project must refer to meritocracy, one that values participants according to their performance and don't carry freeloading or simply bystander "friends".
  • The project must be hard enough to catch the eye of the community to be able to spread the ideas represented. Random nonsense is random nonsense.
  • The goal must be unique and new. This is the hardest part. I mean "be a raider present in firstkills in a top 10 wowprogress guild" is objective (you are or you are not), obviously meritocratic (high level raiders can't carry friends to firstkills) and also hard enough to get audience (only about 200 people out of 5M can do that). But 200 people are already there, me being one of them isn't new at any way. The project must "increase the pie", create something that wouldn't be created anyway.
The Blue Raid was such thing: we could easily fail, it needed extraordinary performance, it definitely caught the eye and no one even considered doing a current raid in blues and I'm safe to say that without me, no one would have done that ever. Capturing Wintergrasp from the 15x outnumbering Horde was another like that. Same for evicting Goons. No one believed that these things are even possible.

It's absolutely not trivial to create a project like that. It will take some time to form it.

Finally the WoW question, because I've already have an idea (=/= plan) about a project: In the last expansion there were 3 crafted items that were best in slots at the start of the expansion, therefore a huge boost to have for competitive raiders. Same for black market epics. Will there be such in Legion? I mean will gold or crafting significantly help progression raiding?

The GRR project page is updated with end and debriefing.


Vincent said...

You really should look into Black Desert. I haven't played it but looked some videos, the game seems to have more depth to it than the regular theme park MMOs are today.

Tithian said...

Details are scarce, but I'd wager not.

Have you considered starting in a vanilla server, while you search for a new project? Old school WoW rewarded Goblins very very well.

Cathfaern said...

WoW: As fas as I know Black market will be a thing in Legion too. On the other side I think BM is more a "placebo" than an interfere with raiding progress. Yes, you can buy BiS gear with money but there is too much condition:
1. You need luck that your classes gear gets on BM (and you don't already have that) on your realm
2. You need luck that you can win that item (you are the first one who gives the biggest offer
If these are met that only means that from 20 people in the raid one of them have 1 BiS gear. Which really means nothing. And yes you can buy gold for money but you can buy ~80k gold for 20 euro. If you want to make sure that you win the item, and bid the maximum (999.999 gold) for it then you need 250 euro for one item. So if you want to gear a whole raid with BM you need really much money. And you unlike EVE you can't really monetize your ingame raiding performance in WoW.

Crafting BiS gear: I have no information about that but I think Blizzard count it as a success so there is a high chance there will be similar.

Hanura H'arasch said...

"Professions are also getting an overhaul in Legion, from recipe acquisition to recipe ranks to the introduction of Obliterum, a new demonic ash that you’ll use to enhance your items. In Legion, you’ll craft at your own pace and crafted gear will be special because it will often have on-use or on-equip bonuses that cannot be found on gear dropped anywhere else in the game." (source)

I also read that crafted gear will still be limited to a maximum of 3 equipped in legion (can't find a proper source right now, but this reddit thread mentions it as well)

So it appears that Blizzard will continue to make gold a factor in raiding. If they will be actually viable remains to be seen.
Also, an overview of all craftable items that are known so far: link.

Anonymous said...

> The GRR project page is updated with end and debriefing.

Hmmm I don't see it.
Oh, it's in the start.
Please put it in the end properly, because that's where I believe people will look for it, especially those who were on that page before.

Gevlon said...

@Hanura: thank you a lot! It looks VERY good! I read more, but I think I'll be announce THE PLAN on Monday.

Hanura H'arasch said...

The correct link for the overview I was talking about.

I should really proof read my comments at times ..

Anonymous said...

anyone who played garrison online for the last two years is gold capped. many people multiple times over. the top teir raiders who sold carries are probably gold cap on 50 toons. more if they loaded up a guild for every toon as well or have multiple accounts.

the black market was exploited the first teir of WOD. a chinese guild paid for multiple server transfers to get a massive ilvl advantage the first competitive week. they finished top 10 or so worldwide.

Gevlon i'm not sure you'll be able to buy as much progress as you once did.

Eaten by a Grue said...

I feel WoW is just not serious enough of a game at this point. No one seems to really care about accomplishments there since everything has been made more accessible. Maybe world firsts still make the news, not sure what else.

Anonymous said...

Why not attempt to accomplish something in real life and blog about it?

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Entropia Universe

rolfski said...

Planetside 2, hard to become good at and they're about to launch Command & Conquer style resource harvesting and base building mechanics, which is pretty unique for a MMO shooter.

Anonymous said...

Black Desert maybe. Its a strange WoW / Sandbox mix. Best part: Guild members are contractor for Guild leader(you).