Greedy Goblin

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weekend minipost: best corpname ever (and 3B free)

You won't beat this corp name! Beating the corp and it's alliance is more likely.

The retarded market interface gave me 3B for nothing again. I'm pretty sure I got a pair of supercarriers from people mistyping numbers:
Of course if this moron wouldn't be so busy 0.01-ing, he might noticed the mistake.

Also in the news: FCON tries to PvP.


Vincent said...

At least he didn't do like I did... forgot a 0, no warning, rip

Anonymous said...

Thats not an error because he was 0.01ing, thats just a pure typo when listing a sell, or an incorrectly sorted market.

You see, if he had entered 649,709,999.00 this would have gone above your order. and, you can see there is an order for 609,709,999.99.

Gevlon said...

His order was entered before the latest orders. The market screenshot is about an hour older than the sale.