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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekend minipost: Burn Amarr?

There is no reliable news about Burn Jita/Amarr since the reddit thread and ping. But many Goonies claim it was a troll and it'll happen. They even provided a screenshot of their forums (which can be a troll or simply outdated, before the cancellation). Anyway, it won't hurt to keep a bunch of anti-ganking ships and getting some time off to fly them or troll freighters. If they don't show up on June 19-22, you can just do something else in EVE.



Anonymous said...

cancelled on 5.
rollback on 6.
We will have to see. A good percentage of pilots will think that burn amarr is dead. Maybe goons count on that. Never underestimate misdirection.

my amarr alt will have to see. if Burn amarr goes as planned I will fly my other accounts to amarr and start repping.

Imperial Grunt #4543171 said...

It was never cancelled. The reason you didn't hear anything was because why should you? This is an event for goon audience. The ping was a troll from Warr Akini, the thread is as old as the ping, was never edited from "cancelled" to "not cancelled because reasons" and the "leak" was something the reddit poster came up with.

And suprisingly you fell for that.

There is nothing ~meta~ going on here, but I guess we are so good at the ~meta game~ that "everyone" has gone crazy with paranoia. So you will possibly not believe my post at all.

It also would be really easy to get into goonfleet forums if you would just try it and you would have the information first hand (I don't know why you don't do that? If your campaign was a success you would find all the precious tears there, could post them here and claim victory).

Gevlon said...

Considering that every second guy on Reddit reads, I don't consider it any more reliable than Reddit. I don't "don't believe your post", I simply consider your information irrelevant, as you - like all the grunts - know nothing. On that day, you'll be sitting on a titan with an interceptor. Maybe it bridges you to lowsec close to Amarr, maybe to Providence. You'll know no earlier than me.

Imperial Grunt #4543171 said...

The difference is that at reddit the half that reads goonfleet loves to troll the half that doesn't. I have yet to see a trollpost regarding ops at

Anonymous said...

You didn't let through my previous comment on your previous post regarding this topic, but I just want to say "called it", as well as predicting that when Burn Amarr *does* go down you will claim that it was "rage-announced" in response to your blog saying that the Imperium Evil Grrr Goons were unwilling to do it and it was only a direct result of your 'calling them out'.

Which of course you are going to maintain is accurate because according to your comments above, the "grunts" of the Imperium know nothing. We'll see next weekend though eh?

Anonymous said...

Caught these right after DT. I wasn't trying, but I caught you in the screenshots:

I am curious if Burn Amarr, which is clearly on, is the main event or if it's a diversion for a surprise Burn Jita as well.

As a new player, (and a carebear indy) I welcome this level of content. The sandbox is unsurpassed.