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Friday, June 12, 2015

RvB decline

Upon creating the May loss report of the Imperium of Evil, I noticed something interesting, the low numbers of RvB. So I grabbed all the CFC loss data and made a comprehensive RvB report. Since it's a loss data, it doesn't contain kills performed by RvB members against others, but it contains RvB losses to others and also RvB intra-kills (Red killing Blue and Blue killing Blue are Blue losses). So the solid lines are also RvB kills. As usual, the data is de-inflated.

The first thing is "Ouch!". The highsec CFC wing has a very rapid decline in its declared activity: RvB action. While the second half pf 2014 saw an increase of performance, even reaching the 2013 average (about 120B total losses per month), 2015 is freefall. With this trend, RvB activity will cease in 2 months, though I expect it to stabilize on a tiny level if formal closure doesn't happen.

The nastier part is that their outside losses increased, so it's not "just" an overall activity decrease. While less and less members are doing the core activity, the outside wars (in service of Goons) are pressed. In May - the first time in RvB history - they spent more ships serving Goons than doing their core activity. It seems the leadership doesn't even try to save RvB but uses it until it collapses.

Considering that the RvB idea (not the implementation) is a unique one, it is a pretty sad thing and serves as a warning to everyone who affiliates with the Evil.


Anonymous said...

RvB spent most of the month of May relocating their home systems out of The Forge and into The Citadel. During the move period, "Regular" RvB action took a huge hit. The move is complete (for the most part) and activity is picking up.

RvB home systems are now adjacent to LowSec, so RvB pilots are forming more Purple fleets and going roaming. This would account in part for the drop in R-on-B action, but the uptick in losses to 3rd parties.

Unknown said...

Was thinking the same thing. RvB pilots roaming in RvB ganked or spectre fleets...