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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's not about sending a message. It's about the money.

You probably have heard, that there will be no Burn Amarr, despite the Evil One himself announced it. With great luck, I predicted this on the day it was announced. I waited with the commentary, because I first assumed it's a troll. But nothing happened since the announcement that would indicate that the leak of Globby - who defected from Miniluv with 250B - was false.

The leak says that the purpose of Burn Jita wasn't to entertain participating Goons, it was to capitalize on the market swing created by the fear. Last time, while dumb freighters died, Jita market was pretty normal, as everyone who wasn't dumb learned to live with Burn Jita, either by pre-stocking or by shopping elsewhere. They may even threw a troll freighter on the Goons. I doubt if anyone made a penny during last Burn Jita and there was no way anyone could make money next time, especially in the smaller Amarr.

The best summary of this is the title, (by SerpentineLogic). I mean the recent activity of Miniluv (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 all on the same day) shows that they would still be capable of pulling such stunt. The Goons definitely need something to raise their morale after losing another region and welcoming renters into their coalition proper. While losing the Fountain moons and the renter money (I assume FCON and SMA pays less than PBLRD did) surely hurt the wallet, the May ratting data shows that Goons are far from being bankrupt. They also spend lot of ISK hiring PL to hit Nulli, despite Nulli wasn't really a threat to them. There is no other explanation left than the title: the CFC leadership only cares about their own machinations and consider the line members nothing but F1-drones.

I say, they deserve this treatment. I alone was capable of raising half trillion last year against CFC. How come that the thousands of players who participated in Burn Jita events and had fun were unable to collect about 200B needed for the next event? Or simply just bringing their own ships. Not like it's hard to stockpile a few dozen ganking destroyers over a year!

So I challenge you Goons to live up to your self-image and make a Burn Jita (or Amarr) event from your own pocket! Either donate money to a Miniluv leader to organize this (I'm sure Globby has alts left for this purpose) or simply start a topic on your infamous forum with the title "Burn Jita 2015: I'll be there with my own ships" and X up. Show the "pubbies" that you still have more than ratting Ishtars in your hangar, I dare you!

I'll be waiting for you!
Or are you too poor to assign a few T1 fit dessies for the "noble" cause of making pubbies cry?!


Alcobob GSF Member said...

Just a few things to consider:
There were actually 4 (not 3) different ways GSF made money.
1: Moon Goo
2: Ratting Tax (this actually doesn't go to the alliance but to the corps)
3: Renters (now a thing of the past)
4: Moon Property Tax
The 4th one is often overlooked but its not insignificant.
(I'll ignore other ways like Market Manipulation, cause those are not really things an Alliance is needed for)

Also, why would we need to boost morale after welcoming renters?
The way sov works changes in the future and pure industrialist players now can help the alliance, so they are no longer dead weight.

About Burn Amarr: welp

Jim L said...

Did the CFC lose a region or did they intentionally abandon it?

Has the CFC lost any SOV they really wanted and were actively trying to defend?

The CFC intentionally suicides a Rev, it gives PL a lot of ISK, their pilots still spend a lot of money blowing each other up (RvB). It sounds like they do not have any ISK problems. Maybe you are not having the effect you think you are having.

Gevlon said...

@Jim L: it's good practice to abandon everything you cannot keep, to avoid the losing (demoralizing, costly) battles. For example if you can't pay your mortgage, it's smart to immediately consult the bank for a little time to seek a buyer for your home instead of just waiting until evicted. This way you can sell for a higher price and have time to find another place to live and move in an organized manner.

I commend the CFC leadership for abandoning these regions. But it doesn't change the fact that they couldn't keep it. Otherwise they would.

Same thing with the Rev: the blueprint created big drama about ownership. While the leadership could decide "it goes to Joe", everyone else would be very upset and might leave, while the Rev of Joe would be ganked anyway (EVERYONE tries to kill a Rev). So they choose to destroy it themselves, making no one feeling cheated.

Kir said...

Eh... you bit... should have waited another week.

Talvorian Dex said...

Gevlon, let's say we're playing Risk with some friends. You've set up Fortress North America with two main theaters of defense (the northern can be defended by shifting resources as attacks are likely). Let's say I have to leave, and I'm able to gift you with Australia, a territory entirely separate from your territory. You place 11 armies there - 1 on each of the three useless territories and 8 on the gateway territory to protect it - and you keep it for 6 turns (getting 2 extra armies at the beginning of each turn. On turn 7, someone pushes through and conquers Australia from you.

Does that demonstrate weakness on your part? No, you got more free armies than you lost defending it. That's exactly the situation with the south. The CFC made more in moon goo than the cost of sov structures, SRP, and sov costs, so it was a net win. Giving that territory up was the plan before the first shot was fired or the first ship was moved.

Gevlon said...

@Talvorian: I don't question that they made good money while it lasted. However they were not able to continue getting more money. Just like I never really "owned" Australia. I was lucky to have it, but couldn't keep it when someone else wanted it.

@Kir: because you have some reliable info? Or just acting smart?

Unknown said...

The fact that any 0.0 coalition is no longer able to hold such vast multiregion spaces lies in the upcoming sov change and the already in effect jump fatigue mechanic.
No need to spin it in a way that goons are crumbling, every single 0.0 coalition has to prepare for the sov mechanic changes.
Trying to tell people with insight to EVE mechanics only hurts your own reputation, not theirs.

Why should goons provide fun content for the rest of EVE with "Burn ... enter desired system here..." I remember how many pilots were flying through Jita during Burn Jita, just to watch ships burn and ofc get some juicy loot... So, this event provided not only fun to goon f1 pushers, but for a lot of EVE players as well.

Is there any kind of unrest amongst goon line members because there is no need to travel to hisec, which has become a lot more time consuming thanks to fozzie and others...

I think that by cancelling such events, Goons/Mittens is rather sending a message to CCP. In the same way as he is doing by holding H1Z1 events that might in future show a significant drop in player logins to EVE...

Anonymous said...

You idiot, of course it's happening.

Gevlon said...

Let's see if it's not just a troll poster. Also, rage-announcing is one thing, doing it another.

Also, re-read my post. I never said that they are unable to pull it. I told they are unwilling, due to lack of ability to capitalize it.

Anonymous said...

For the record the 'today' in that image is last friday, June 5th.

Stan vanderVille said...

Just my personal opinion: I like to be in the CFC. I personally like the style, how they handled the rev issue. Two sides can not decide, who shall get the nice toy? So take it and let both sides play with it in the most fun way.
And hell, it was fun. I just like to do sometimes "stupid" things like shooting with my nereus on a rev and killing 40 hostile bombers with an indu. Why not?
All these things, also burn amarr, every post or announcement, all Imperium parts of the meta are always telling: Don't take it serious, it's a game. A game need to be fun. And I'm sure, it's not just me. We are able to sit in 10% tidi and still have fun. A bunch of spacefriends, nerds and clowns, we don't need to be the richest player or the best killer to have fun in eve.
I don't plex my accounts, I only rat occassionally because to many fleets are offered and my time is quite limited, I maximized fun per time. What is "evil" here? Only because i found max fun in the imperium?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it will happen ! All the Imperium is ready for that. And we are already happy to harvest your tears :-)