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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend minipost: GRR in April

As you could see, Mordus Angels once again came out as #1 CFC killers with 198B. They killed two times more minions of Evil than the oh-so-elite NC. despite its "Fountain invasion". As usual, you can contribute for their noble crusade. In March I supported them with 7.5B/week ISK.

I'd like to point out the other recipient of my donation, Sorry we're in your space EH. Below you can see their kills in the previous months:
Mar: 96
Feb: 59
Jan: 38
2014 Dec: 72
Nov: 115
Oct: 70
Sept: 17
Aug: 30
Jul: 61
Jun: 73
May: 59
It's pretty random, but clearly nice numbers.

Finally a new participant arrived. Out of the blue, I was contacted from Space Warriors, highsec wardeccers with some war links. Much better ones than what Seraph had. I checked the March CFC data and found that they did 54B, which is nice. They also agreed to work not on a per-war basis, but they dec whoever CFC they want and I pay after damage.

From now on, every month I split my donation between them according the previous month damage. Of course I cancel donations if I see stopped performance. But otherwise, I pay the same money every Saturday in April, then change the values for May using April data. Since my business is going fine, I can spend 12B/week (about 52B/month) in April:
I hope the CFC kill numbers increase in April and we'll see lots of dead minions of Evil. It's a bit sad that MoA got less than last month, despite better performance, but I know a solution: how about you donating!

PS: this royal moron did well on April 3.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is time for some marketing of your scheme. It is possible your blog posts are not reaching people who might invest. It has developed over time and I think it is pretty well developed now. Getting more financial support would allow for a larger bounty pool and so attract more pvpers. As results increase hopefully so would the ISK.

Two thoughts. People who might otherwise donate may not trust you to move the ISK to the intended recipient. Involving a trusted third party like Chribba may add both trust and exposure to your bounty pool.

Secondly there are certainly a few very deep pockets in EVE perhaps trying to track some of those and directly soliciting donations from them may work. The people behind IWantISK probably want to appear neutral to not lose Goon customers but you never know till you try. I mean dead Goons likely need to RMT to replace ratting ships. So sell it as increasing the monetary velocity. Wars are good for the RMT business.

Anonymous said...

The ISK can be directly donated to Mordus Angels ;-)