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Friday, April 3, 2015

The losses of Evil in March

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 51519 API verified kills were processed, distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 344
Executive Outcomes 55
Fatal Ascension 234
Fidelas Constans 236
Forged of Fire 59
Get Off My Lawn 157
Goonswarm Federation 885
Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere 300
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 60
RAZOR Alliance 132
RvB - BLUE Republic 98
RvB - RED Federation 118
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 202
Tactical Narcotics Team 118
The Initiative. 93
The Bastion 175
Total CFC losses 3265

Below you can see which groups caused damage to the minions of Evil:
Group B ISK destroyed
RvB Interwar 148
Awox 77
The Pirates 424
PL block 62
N3 358
Proviblock 53
xxDeath 120
Everyone else 1939

We know for long that the "useless NPC trash" is the biggest thorn in the side of CFC: Mordus Angels (198B), Black Legion. (124B), Triumvirate. (7B) and Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (96B) are massacring the CFC. I guess I already told you about the MoA donation board, and that I support both MoA and EH to have SRP. Look at their 500M+ contribution kills!
1318M, 1072M, 934M, 919M, 760M, 1952M, 602M, 559M, 925M, 2161M, 1124M, 864M, 529M, 859M, 584M, 584M, 637M, 651M, 537M, 2258M, 913M, 1499M, 659M, 1700M, 2967M, 818M, 728M, 1000M, 633M, 683M, 1472M, 2094M, 623M, 1768M, 1684M, 556M, 808M, 894M, 1645M, 1315M, 1335M, 649M, 1020M, 621M, 735M, 529M, 713M, 9732M, 639M, 804M, 2485M, 568M, 1647M, 555M, 892M, 3026M, 1113M, 2022M, 590M, 1585M, 1261M, 1404M, 819M, 856M, 847M, 930M, 749M, 555M, 527M, 587M, 617M, 2549M, 563M, 540M, 668M, 570M, 518M, 558M, 659M, 1066M, 824M, 640M, 510M, 1721M, 546M, 563M, 619M, 538M, 1231M, 628M, 675M, 508M, 514M, 2424M, 815M.

N3 is the "biggest enemy of CFC", yet they usually perform worse than the NPC pirates. This month it's extra hilarious, as they are "invading" Fountain. Below you can see their members who did 20B+ and their 500M+ contribution kills.
Northern Associates.: 22B
Northern Coalition.: 99B
Nulli Secunda: 42B
The Kadeshi: 57B
556M, 732M, 2376M, 751M, 1504M, 657M, 1218M, 531M, 1052M, 2485M, 2559M, 3116M, 2602M, 1618M, 513M, 564M, 510M, 881M, 1127M, 1935M, 1668M, 1641M, 546M, 762M, 515M, 993M, 1556M, 2504M, 1945M, 523M, 737M, 850M, 542M, 1727M, 1310M, 2579M, 565M, 588M, 943M, 648M, 1444M, 1231M, 1700M, 1108M, 1135M, 673M, 722M, 921M, 736M, 593M, 518M, 884M, 597M, 527M.

RvB is still doing their thing, and CFC is still killing blues: 2628M, 1836M, 1035M, 1603M, 2532M, 2626M, 1249M, 2324M, 1120M, 2486M, 966M, 1115M, 2028M, 5667M, 2038M, 1350M, 2271M, 517M, 574M, 1319M, 2179M, 627M, 1017M, 597M, 507M, 1084M, 610M, 798M, 1165M, 652M, 517M, 559M, 694M, 591M, 556M, 812M, 551M, 1276M, 784M, 624M, 2225M, 2282M.

The other coalitions do little damage to CFC. Below you can see their members who did 20B+ and their 500M+ contribution kills.
Pandemic Legion: 25B
Brave Collective: 48B
Test Alliance Please Ignore: 25B
Legion of xXDEATHXx: 72B
620M, 764M, 799M, 15597M, 788M, 787M, 515M, 1952M, 1946M.
893M, 644M, 2025M, 580M, 589M, 582M, 614M, 834M, 726M.
796M, 837M, 526M, 638M, 614M, 518M, 1025M, 853M, 745M, 626M, 1875M, 2163M, 1322M, 685M, 624M, 690M, 524M, 845M, 847M.
1105M, 1030M, 1643M, 548M, 1487M, 741M, 1047M, 571M, 605M, 995M, 1757M, 511M, 729M, 595M, 4023M, 614M, 591M, 816M, 1408M, 1635M, 6116M, 570M, 516M, 663M.
Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 10B:
Snuffed Out: 165B
Out of Sight.: 119B
Project.Mayhem.: 113B
#NPC loss#: 108B
#NPC Corporations: 92B
Space Warriors: 54B
Hard Knocks Citizens: 52B
GaNg BaNg TeAm: 49B
#Corp: Raging Ducks: 47B (they are definitely just ratters and never PvP)
Verge of Collapse: 46B
Total Absolution: 46B
The Gorgon Empire: 36B
senseless intentions: 25B
Outbreak.: 25B
Bora Alis: 23B
831M, 523M, 7372M, 552M, 685M, 601M, 932M, 548M, 1121M, 2811M, 502M, 2395M, 536M, 4422M, 524M, 2675M, 3335M, 2675M, 2565M, 2615M, 2670M, 2503M, 2588M, 1007M, 1834M, 1163M, 1128M, 1762M, 992M, 508M, 613M, 914M, 513M, 936M, 833M, 564M, 658M, 693M, 1022M, 915M, 742M, 1174M, 908M, 901M, 1671M, 3463M, 751M, 717M, 1913M, 2078M, 2691M, 1966M, 803M, 579M, 983M, 915M, 2404M, 923M, 742M, 661M, 714M, 775M, 4351M, 1082M, 3884M, 691M, 858M, 635M, 790M, 686M, 1315M, 597M, 874M, 535M, 539M, 513M, 696M, 536M, 714M, 611M, 1183M, 678M, 1095M, 626M, 641M, 509M, 546M, 2018M, 2183M, 657M, 1286M, 1772M, 1387M, 1258M, 1162M, 507M, 656M, 1071M, 922M, 886M, 539M, 674M, 597M, 504M, 1205M, 534M, 2955M, 623M, 799M, 1673M, 831M, 991M, 505M, 511M, 671M, 780M, 610M, 1148M, 1686M, 743M, 520M, 750M, 513M, 567M, 20565M, 1136M, 1016M, 518M, 820M, 3789M, 1512M, 574M, 1065M, 779M, 1223M, 769M, 1063M, 1313M, 1795M, 549M, 2106M, 751M, 1114M, 791M, 538M, 1180M, 612M, 904M, 1102M, 1116M, 632M, 702M, 738M, 964M, 757M, 768M, 510M, 529M, 956M, 924M, 607M, 592M, 687M, 524M, 520M, 616M, 513M, 2083M, 2379M, 2273M, 1981M, 608M, 1501M, 517M, 1749M, 1189M, 1116M, 567M, 939M, 706M, 830M, 631M, 2554M, 1320M, 513M, 598M, 700M, 505M, 899M, 547M, 515M, 543M, 666M, 6974M, 516M, 645M, 2111M, 561M, 573M, 955M, 1689M, 1908M, 1932M, 926M, 516M, 512M, 519M, 2333M, 518M, 594M, 790M, 589M, 1297M, 518M, 1374M, 505M, 656M, 106383M, 2967M, 2203M, 1074M, 1762M, 518M, 5125M, 2018M, 9469M, 742M, 690M, 946M, 795M, 607M, 514M, 576M, 2782M, 540M, 581M, 520M, 761M, 2351M, 1297M, 693M, 3067M, 1480M, 618M, 717M, 591M, 1184M, 673M, 2176M, 1830M, 2526M, 2763M, 520M, 2530M, 706M, 926M, 526M, 1161M, 502M, 854M, 634M, 2993M, 1419M, 508M, 565M, 1591M, 662M, 637M, 626M, 834M, 647M, 741M, 635M, 591M, 1527M, 655M, 2708M, 882M, 540M, 1493M, 3352M, 2143M, 1783M, 928M, 2197M, 744M, 2563M, 1685M, 1384M, 551M, 751M, 547M, 1322M, 850M, 1487M, 1063M, 2117M, 629M, 568M, 3141M, 615M, 1560M, 658M, 816M, 819M, 575M, 723M, 567M, 1244M, 500M, 976M, 551M, 8302M, 583M, 7013M, 1809M, 1991M, 970M, 516M, 605M, 656M, 547M, 518M, 977M, 1230M, 1065M, 1368M, 899M, 626M, 981M, 751M, 666M, 737M, 675M, 1116M, 560M, 1321M, 1297M, 2457M, 851M, 1222M, 852M, 519M, 508M, 1135M, 512M, 729M, 819M, 662M, 1851M, 1466M, 579M, 1036M, 2980M, 1037M, 1707M, 4719M, 2168M, 512M, 1848M, 515M, 728M, 747M, 514M, 502M, 1572M, 777M, 966M, 2185M, 511M, 1779M, 1258M, 721M, 743M, 1725M, 529M, 989M, 1947M, 716M, 551M, 570M, 688M, 1910M, 2009M, 1972M, 527M, 2536M, 703M, 719M, 2231M, 1344M, 679M, 2658M, 595M, 1335M, 3090M, 1035M, 1397M, 626M, 2525M, 1053M, 9407M, 641M, 1126M, 1061M, 2999M, 1524M, 566M, 749M, 854M, 581M, 518M, 641M, 3752M, 27023M, 767M, 993M, 678M, 1088M, 980M, 1286M, 2100M, 1187M, 1490M, 1825M, 568M, 1722M, 1615M, 1158M, 1252M, 2841M, 516M, 2734M, 616M, 641M, 558M, 824M, 2928M, 2972M, 2181M, 516M, 2060M, 1475M, 1138M, 550M, 617M, 694M, 2221M, 520M, 1323M, 511M, 514M, 790M, 1401M, 754M, 1119M, 563M, 1395M, 777M, 651M, 576M, 2112M, 603M, 941M, 1683M, 501M, 1186M, 528M, 938M, 802M, 991M, 1184M, 599M, 514M, 659M, 956M, 1638M, 613M, 1209M, 528M, 836M, 1140M, 2543M, 1889M, 1743M, 678M, 545M, 1486M, 532M, 586M, 3863M, 972M, 1269M, 736M, 2817M, 781M, 831M, 515M, 529M, 551M, 584M, 956M, 1227M, 1739M, 686M, 793M, 613M, 696M, 822M, 654M, 970M, 1001M, 729M, 1301M, 1238M, 735M, 518M, 1378M, 508M, 880M, 666M, 7187M, 2547M, 545M, 746M, 2200M, 787M, 787M, 739M, 1259M, 619M, 729M, 636M, 851M, 511M, 645M, 891M, 558M, 815M, 7930M, 795M, 650M, 684M, 1063M, 1138M, 826M, 518M, 680M, 848M, 1050M, 745M, 735M, 525M, 744M, 511M, 1149M, 536M.

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 659
2..3 606
4..5 375
6..10 559
11..30 591
31+ 475

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 38476 426
40M-125M 7335 519
125M-250M 3126 606
250M-400M 1513 448
400M-1500M+ 874 598
1500M+ 195 667

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Fountain 549
Deklein 332
HighThe Forge 240
Low_Lonetrek 235
Vale of the Silent 231
Branch 174
Tribute 165
Venal 147
Delve 115
Pure Blind 113
Fade 102
Catch 93
Perrigen Falls 68
Providence 65
Low_Black Rise 64
Curse 43
Cloud Ring 43
Sum of small ones 488

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For solo kills and group kills, do you eliminate RvB and Goon awoxing from those?

For example:

That is a 5 billion isk solo kill where it looks like a titan doomsdayed a carrier. It may have been awoxing, an arrange dual, spy purge, planned content event, who knows.

Still, it adds 5 bil to the solo kills, and yet I have a hard time believing it truly counts as a solo kill.