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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekend minipost: Goodbye -EH-

It came to pass what I feared: -EH- killboard is flooded with BRAVEs and anti-CFC kills are limited to a few random frigs. While they did awesome during the Fountain "invasion" and their long and successful campaign against FA ended with its failcascade, I don't pay for the past. I only pay for the future and I see few dead CFC in the future of -EH-. So my support is discontinued.

I wish them luck as I understand that they are a Fountain Core alliance, who fight anyone in Fountain. I've always known that they didn't kill CFC in Fountain because of CFC but because of "in Fountain".

Currently my only recipient is:
If you want a piece of this money, it's time to have a CFC-killing drive in the last days of April. When the April killboard is analyzed, new recipient will be found, based on performance.


Anonymous said...

I thought BRAVE joined CFC and fountain was where they were given space. It might be worth investigating because if it is true then -EH- are still killing CFC, just a different alliance within the coalition

IIR4MBOII said...

While we are in fountain and yes we are fountain core alliance,

we will be back to CFC killing once brave move away from the YZ system.

was great having the support for doing what we love and may the new Recipients do as well as we did.

fly safe and cheers

Gevlon said...

@Anon: no, they just received temp-blue to allow them moving in and allow FA corps, LAWN and Forged of Fire move out.

Then they have a non-infrastructure pact but roam and kill each other.

Degini said...

something's up with your RSS. Hasn't picked up an article since the 22nd.

Basil said...

Do you have any plans for the new sov mechanics? A small investment could ensure that every time CFC leaves a piece of their sov undefended, it gets flipped.