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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend minipost: the day the Evil outsmarted me

You probably seen that I support 3 groups killing CFC: Mordus Angels (based in Pure Blind), Sorry we're in your space EH (Fountain Core) and Space Warriors (Highsec wardeccer).

Space Warriors failcascaded a few days ago, losing 3/4 of their members over yet another drama in the highsec deccer community. Ouch. I needed to recalculate the distribution of the 12B/week support based on the March loss data. MoA did 198, EH did 96B, so the support is:

-EH- is doing great, but they are Fountain Core, and Fountain will be abandoned by the Evil Imperium. I planned to persuade them with money to make frequent hunting trips against the Evil. But the Evil One was smarter and installed BRAVE in Fountain. This will mean two things: at first -EH- will likely be the top killer alliance in nullsec, secondly they won't do hunting Evil, since why bother when they can pwn BRAVEs while watching TV. Damnit!

I'll make up some new plans to replace the missing numbers as the blood of the minions of Evil must flow! However their evacuation will involve lot of dumbasses flying their ships alone, haulers, JFs jumping to beacons and such, making the upcoming months a massacre for -EH-.

PS: even in the darkest days there is light.


Anti said...

winning has its downside.

I'm assuming you are sponsoring groups that have a connection to the space they are flying in. as the Imperium loses space you will either need new people to sponsor within the shrinking front line or your current forces will need to move to new staging points.

its up to those you sponsor. if your cash is enough they might consider following the retreating enemy.

I think it is cool for mittens to rebrand just in time for the Visgoths to arrive on his borders.

ps does anyone have a Visgoth alliance? I think there were huns iirc

IIR4MBOII said...


we will be hunting CFC think of brave as CFC, they practically have agreed blue, agreed to hold fountain rather than N3 and most of all, for a split second they have kissed the ring. the ring of the ROLEPLAYER/NERD MITTANI!!!

i will take a squadron of hatred nearly every day, to rape and pillage, don't think of us as pirates, more vikings about to pillage your village and take the wife and children of the evil ones!

Keep us on your side and i promise Evil will die one ship at a time!

Provi Miner said...

Provi SRP (get in now before the killing starts). I advise you look hard at Volt, YF, -7-.

Anonymous said...

"This will mean two things: at first -EH- will likely be the top killer alliance in nullsec"

I highly doubt it seeing as Goons are the number one nullsec killers month after month.

Anonymous said...

"Goons are the number one nullsec killers"

ratting doesn't count

Anonymous said...

Funny how you re willing pay people without any cost more then Marmites.


Gevlon said...

I was willing to pay Marmites. If it was up to me, our cooperation would still stand. You lost your nerve and break it.