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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hodrold mining report

I introduced mining mission farms on May 12, as a superior alternative to both mining and security missioning. I also pointed out that it's best done in Hodrold, where the pirate-like faction Thukker tribe has lvl 4 agents. Thukker LP - like SoE - has higher market price than normal empire missions. On July 29 I posted a summary post, (reposted in EN24) about the stellar income of this setup. I expected people to jump on this opportunity, and hammering the Thukker price to 1000 ISK/lp but it didn't happen:

As you can see, the prices dropped for a while and then peaked again. To explain it why, I turned to the ratting data as it shows rat kills in Hodrold too. There is little reason to kill rats in Hotrold as there is no security mission agent and no complex. Practically you only kill rats if they attack your mining ships, so rat losses can be translated into mining activity:
The two marks besides my introduction and summary posts are the WoW raiding start which prompted me to abandon EVE mining and when I completed PuG-available WoW content and returned to EVE. As you can see, my personal contribution to Hodrold mining is relevant.

However that only accounts for the "peak on the hill" in the price, the hill itself is something I can't explain. Can be someone speculating, can be security missioners abandoning Thukker tribe, can be Santa Claus. However now the prices are dropping again and I repeat my initial prediction: since farming Thukker LP isn't harder than farming any Empire LP, there is no reason for Thukker LP to be more valuable than Empire LP.

Why does someone blings an AFK ratter ship? I mean if you rat in a bling Tengu, you can at least warp off when local spikes. Or not.
And why does someone drops the bling black ops battleship, instead of just bridging the bombers?


Easy Esky said...

Considering that it is an island, and the two low-sec jumps are fairly well camps. I have done it myself when the Nomad implants were desirables by Freighter Pilots.

You are taking about mining right? The centre of the carebear universe? And surprise, they will not step out of high-sec.

You have missed the fact that is are L4 security mission agents without crossing a double gate camp. With solid skills and ignoring salvage L4 can be completed at the same time frame per mining mission. Have a higher pay-out in LP at least 25% more. Plus additional income with bounty.

A ninja would be the only concern, a tech1 BS does not attract the same "attention" a mining barge. And these days a lot of the love is focused around the Sisters. Which is fish in a barrel for baiting/ganking.

W said...

"since farming Thukker LP isn't harder than farming any Empire LP, there is no reason for Thukker LP to be more valuable than Empire LP."

Wrong, Caldari space is blue. The color blue has an attractive affect on humans, while Minmatar space is red, and thus repels.

Explanation: Blue is high on the visible light spectrum, red is low.

Ever watched bugs fly around lights? Its basically the same principal here.

....but with m&s

Anonymous said...

As for your questions about the ratting ships.
Why does someone buy an expensive car when a cheap one will get you from A to B in a similar time due to speed limits and traffic?
After all expensive cars cost more to replace in accidents.

My guess in all cases is 'Because they can afford it'

nightgerbil said...

but but but the ratting fit is better?
I can grind dailies in wow in honor blues, but I want purples cos its faster. Its the same mentailty, its just eve punishs it.

Arrendis said...

People drop bling BlOps because they don't want to miss out. They don't want to just be a bridging service, they want to be in on the kill.

It's the same reason we sometimes have trouble getting enough people flying logistics: dudes want their killmails, no matter how utterly irrelevant they are to actually achieving what you set out to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious. you flew a orca trough lowsec for the boost in Hodrold? Maybe I have bad luck but Frulegur seems busy in my tz or when I check.

Gevlon said...

@Arrendis: they could bridge their bomber alt and get kills.

@Anonymous: of course I flew an Orca. And Frulegur is practically always camped. I scouted in a cloaky for some time for a window to get my Orca in.

Arrendis said...

They could. But just as you look down on 'bombless bombers' (when the hulls are bonused as torpedo platforms as well), the blops pilot tends to look down on the plebians who fly the bombers - their ship is big and powerful, it should be able to engage.

It's not rational, but ego never is.