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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last 2014 minipost: ahead of the curve

2014 is almost over, but since it's a Wednesday, server reset time in WoW, we went to do a 5/7 HC farmraid, then I took my chances and looked for an Imperator raid:
The WoW project is now complete. With only randoms I could clear HC content.


Shalcker said...

I suspect you can do Mythic with randoms too - at least first few bosses. Obviously your success rate will be much better later as average gear level rises.

Happy New Year! :)

maxim said...

Hats off to a pretty fast Ahead of the curve :D
There were at least a couple of pugs on my realm that managed the same recently, so you're not alone. It seems many people want to get 670 gear for their alts and use pugs for that.

Running Mythic pug on a realm without the aid of raid-finder is much closer to building and managing an actual guild than a pug, but it is possible.

Anonymous said...

The first 2 bosses on Mythic are easier than Imp HC (with 650 ilvl). Brackenspore will require practice, gear, and communication. All need some awareness. In a PuG that can work, but in The PuG where voice chat was forbidden Brackenspore would be tough. Until you outgear it. Why? Tank CDs, healer communication, interrupt communication, and helping out other out with awareness of waves, soaking, and the RNG involved which requires fast adaptation and ad hoc assignments. Butcher is a gearcheck, and so is Tectus. The mechanics are easy. The last 2 bosses are the two which are actually fun because they're challenging, and give specific people some difficult tasks which require practice (e.g. Branded is quite harder on Mythic).

Unknown said...


Now the hard mode: do the same playing as a pure DPS class.