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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend minipost: damage control and good business

After I pointed out that their earlier post is actually a confession that the monument vandals were Goons, they went into damage control.

On a different note: a minion of evil had pleasure doing business with me. He bought my trained Nyx pilot. His billions will feed the SRP of MoA and the wardec costs of Marmite.

Oh, and please kill the Nyx!


Anonymous said...

And that last article is why so many people gate Goons ... CCP cowtoe to them and neglect a significant portion of the rest of the playerbase. Had it been anyone else, they would have received e permaban, a permaban from Fanfest and it would not have had to be ever spoken of again. This is why, for me, CCP wont get another dime of my money for letting the patients run the ward.

Anonymous said...

goons are there to ruin it for everyone. never will that change ever. So it's no news.

The monument is a stupid idea. like the stupid wow bikes. it's just stupid publicity marketing bullshit that I don't give a rat ass about.

I wonder how eve was before goons. I mean they weren't there from the start, right? Or didn't have the power over CCP as they seem to have now.

pippen1001 said...

Hey Gevlon

I was an old time reader when you were playing wow, and i was in some of you wow guilds (dwarf hunter. But i stopped following you when you transitioned to eve and i transitioned away from wow.So over the years i´ve tried to get into eve several times with some years between them, now yesterday i saw that spectacular ad for eve on reddit yesterday and my spark was lit once again, this time thinking I´m an older person now and I dont play alot of action games anymore (I mostly spend my time playing civ, wasteland 2, Prison Architect, Factorio and similar games), so I thouhgt this might be a good time to transition to eve and try and make it work, what preliminary steps should I take for this being a succesful one instead of me just not playing the game again for 3 more years?

Gevlon said...

@Pippen: one step is necessary: SET A GOAL ahead of yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ Pippen1001 I would not bother unless you have a corp to drop into. The game at this point is better to read about than play at this point.

Provi miner said...

you're right that was damage control at its finest.

And wrong ccp should have let the crowds have at the perps and their "associates".

Instead this was learned "if you are goon you can do anything and ccp won't bother you to much"

From defacing a monument to calling on people to help someone suicide, to using derogatory terms, its all ok if you are goon.

Anonymous said...

16b bid. is it even worth?
with current plex price and roundabout 16 PLEX investment you look at 500-600k isk per day.

or did you have PLEX stashed up when they where like 400-500m? so you can deep undercut those pilots and still make some 14-15m a day?