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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend minipost: the battle of Zinkon

In the usually quiet system of Zinkon, a daring small gang of Forsaken Asylum clashed with a Fatal Ascension capital group. Please check out the battle report!

Also in the news: you might know that the price of highsec wars increases with alliance size and the cap is 500M. I'm happy to see that Greater Western co-Prosperity Sphere and RAZOR Alliance fell below this cap. The rats are leaving the sinking ship of CFC.


daniel said...

this also means lesser Targets for your Project, shrinking Ration and finally a reason to ditch the Project at all.

i assume you are Aware that that rzr corp left for gsf, and that cfc left the southern renter regions, and therefore lost those renters.

Gevlon said...

The end goal is to force CFC to stop being M&S supporter or die.

Shrinking CFC means moving towards the "die" win criteria.

Anonymous said...

Shrinking CFC may mean "dying", or, as daniel said, the CFC leaving regions, and therefore leaving behind corps/alliances which wanted to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Shrinking CFC means moving towards the "die" win criteria.

No. Just no.

For CFC to die you need to remove all their sov. That's how you win Eve. You want an entity dead you destroy it's ability to hold space. You can spin and spin and spin all you like to twist this into some sort of victory but you are still no closer to achieving a meaningful and lasting victory against your "sworn enemy" who's only crime was to not allow you to join because you felt you were entitled to do so and thought you were above their rules.

daniel said...

why would the cfc ditch their m+s policy if this is making them superior in the game?
in war you use what you have.

shrinking the cfc in favor of the gsf might seem foolish, but given that ccp is about to Change the game in favor of smaller blocs, it doesn't seem to be totaly unwise a decision. cfc will cease to exist, leaving a much stronger gsf, a gsf that has absorbed the capable cfc Corps.

Anonymous said...

CFC won't cease to exist. Forcing smaller blocks is not possible. You can't force people to not cooperate with each other, so people will continue to make allies in non-mechanical ways like coalitions do.

Anonymous said...

Corporation moves happen every now and then between CFC alliances, I'm not sure how a Razor corp leaving and going to another alliance in the CFC is big news.

Nulli-Pilot said...

Once goons start to get beat, and feel what its like to lose sov, even though you try your best to defend it, it will start to implode - just like any other alliance. Once that happens it will only be the SA-goons that are left, and they are not really more than a bunch of jb fabbing trolls.

daniel said...

anom: depending of further upcoming changes to forceproejection and sov mechanics, super.huge colaitions might not be as economical any longer.
of course i didn't mean that the cfc will vanish within a day, but the megacoalition, i doubt it will be in a year or so. having said that gsf/cfc will continue to be a major power.

last anom:
so, how many corps have left gsf in favor of another cfc ally?

as cfc territory now is as far away from any major threat as possible, any significant sov.loss is unlikely, especially as combat mechanics still are in favor of the n+1 phenomena.

Unknown said...

Hm.. calling the gank of two defenseless JFs a clash with a capital fleet sounds like the JFs gave a hell of a fight before gloriously going down???
A gank is just a gank is just a gank.