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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why am I still not bored with the GRR project?

Boredom or burnout is the main enemy of any projects. When I started ganking miners, I got great results. If I kept doing it, employing a third ganker char, with the natural improvement of my reflexes I'd be over 1T solo/dualbox kills by now. But - just like the commenter predicted - I stopped after 3 months. The point was already proven, reaching any arbitrary kill number was only a matter of time. It was no longer interesting.

The GRR project is over its 3 months. Why am I not bored already, despite the the point was equally proven by evicting Goons from highsec?

Because I have nothing to be bored with. The whole project was designed from the start to demand nothing from me than ISK. I could be sure that I won't get bored of ISK making, considering that I've been doing that for two years now, with a 3 months interruption during the ganking project. I'm not flying ships regularly in the project. I don't discuss, post or talk about it regularly. All I have to do to keep it running is doing what I was always doing: making ISK.

Of course the project could fail if others burn out. But they were also selected for doing something that were always doing. Do you really expect Marmite to get bored of farming kills? Or the people who like highsec PvP will stop shooting war targets one day? The project demands nobody to go out of their way. This is the very idea behind capitalism: you do what you are good at and buy everything else from the market. I could force myself to reinforce Goon POCOs at the start, but I couldn't keep it up. But paying for it is something I can keep up forever.

In a sense, the commenters were right: I'm already working on another project, a business one. I put my effort and time there, and not into the GRR project. I just channel the by-product of that project into GRR: the ISK. Unless I stop playing EVE, I'll be able to make ISK, therefore upkeep the GRR project without any further effort.

While I was making money, this Goon servant tried to play station games on Jita. Shouldn't have.
This one wasn't a Goon servant and has nothing to do with GRR project. But he was so dumb that I must list him, along with his pod.
This Goon inner slave has a funny corp name. His fate is also funny.
Look, another Goon servant met his expensive end!


daniel said...

"by evicting Goons from highsec"

if rvb is their highsec-arm, and rvb is still in highsec, and owns pocos, how exactly have goons been evicted then?

the thing about the pocos is, imho, they don't seem to be worth much atm, but pi (p4 to be specific) is the future - deployables and such.

your idea of plain daily harassment (by just reinforcing them every day) was much better than the idea of "eviction".

Anonymous said...

Surely eviction means removal from... given Miniluv still operates in highsec with impunity ... do you have plans to remove them too?