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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend hilarity post

If you go to the zkillboard main page, you are presented a hall of shame of the 5 most expensive losses of the last 3 days. At the moment of creating this post, this is the collection of fools:
What is so funny about them? Let's look at them in order of price (from left to right):
  1. Standard highsec purple missioner idiot, nothing to see here, move along.
  2. Horrifit transport covops flowb by a Goon servant, killed by a Marmite.
  3. Jump freighter flown by a Goon servant, killed by a Lemmings.
  4. Another jump freigher flown by a Goon inner slave, soloed by a Lemmings.
  5. One more JF, flown by a true blood Goon, killed by Mordus Angels (who are blue to Lemmings) and Noir. (who participated in GRR project this last month).
So besides the first kill, all of the hall of shame were Goons and their slaves, killed by GRR related forces. Some would say it's coincidence, but I see a sign from Bob, a prophecy about Burn Jita!


Anonymous said...

Funny to hear about a prophecy of an alliance that once upon a time occupied the very hated spot Goons occupy now.

"Nice region, we'll take it"~

Anonymous said...

I like that headline. Being an ISK trillionaire, I have started sending direct cash bounties to anyone (except Goons obviously) who scores a killing blow on a PBLRD industrial ship.

Anonymous said...

Having a kill where the hull is 5b+ on the top 10 doesnt take much effort, but, still, the guy not using his cyno properly deserves to get exploded :)

When are we going to see marmite or lemmings on the top list...849 should be well within their range.