Greedy Goblin

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter mini hilarity post

People don't really read blogs during holidays, so no real post. On the other hand they log in and play. If they were Goon servants, they shouldn't have. Then they'd still have their freighter, incursion Machariel, dumbfit domi, scythe fleet???, another freighter, hulk or transport interceptor. Learn from this people: don't be Goon servants!


Maichin Civire said...

Maybe you don't know, but... shit happens? These loses aren't that bad as you want them to be. Everyone take loses when war is raging. Incursion Machariel - nothing unordinary, Freighter kill - dumb pilot undocked while wardec, Domi - apart of guns I don't see anything strange there, Scythe fleet - sure, let's fight in T1 ships against combined T3 and logi fleet and let's win! Next freighter - happens, Hulk - is there really something strange about losing mining barge in null sec? Interceptor... Nothing big, there were much bigger loses in this kind of ship.

Maybe you don't know that, but Goons, which are demonised in this blog, are getting here much bigger advertisement, as you may think. And I personally think, that it's good.

No, I'm not a Goon.

Provi Miner said...

Goblin of the few eve blogs I read I have to say I enjoy yours the most. Keep up the good fight and having fun doing it.

HeroTackle4Life said...

I approve these kills. You can always bet in stupid and these pilots seem to be some of the dumbest. Really who looses 2 freighters in one weekend??? And I am truly surprised the incursion fleet allowed a pilot with an active war into their fleet. Bravo Zulu to the brave capsuleers that got these kills. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How do you know they would still have their freighter etc?

You are implying that only Goons undock during wardecs (and, let's face it, it is more than possible to get out of a station in a freighter during a wardec, and even, believe it or not, possible to do entire freighter runs)

Would the incursion pilot not have flown an incursion ship during a wardec if he wasnt in goons? Only goons do that...right? The calculation of how likely it is that your wardec will find you is an individual consideration. People run missions, mine, incursion, FW, do runs to Jita, all kinds of things during wars. Guess what? Most of them don't get blown up.

A mining barge being exploded in null only happened because it was a Goon "servant"?
So, if I go to Zkill, I won't find any freighters killed during wars over easter, no ganks, no mining losses in nullsec, only goons had that happen....right?