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Friday, April 25, 2014

Business post: the laziest PI ever

This is a miniature business post, another post(s) are expected later today and on the weekend as Burn Jita progresses.

After I lost my C1 wormhole, I looked for a new PI opportunity for my alts. What I found is actually better than what I've lost. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the laziest PI setup ever:
It's a P1 extractor planet, with 2 extractors and 3 P1 factories. It's located in highsec and runs with 1 week restarts. The P0 gets to the top launchpad, 1 factory puts P1 to top, 2 to bottom.

Back in the WH I could operate 9 P1 factories with 1 day restarts. So 1/3 amount of P1 for 1/7 effort. Obviously the hauling is easier too. No need to jump to anywhere, just undock, warp to POCO, get materials, dock. When there is a billion worth of materials on the station, just courier contract it to Jita. No tower, no scanning, no risk.

Of course no stellar profit either. About 150M/month/pilot, which doesn't even pay for PLEX. No one will get rich doing this. What is it good for? To get practically free income from an alt. Please note that in a WH the income is not 3x but about 5x bigger, because there you can extract 500 ISK materials (like chiral structures), while in highsec you must run with 300 ISK stuff like water.

PS: Kick ENL-I from GSF! Emerald skyy, a busy Goon house slave has a funny killboard. Only losses and a lot of them. In March he lost several mining ships to Mordus Angels. In April 20 and 21 he lost two Charon freighters to Lemmings and Marmites. One with cognitive functions above a invertebrates would get the picture, but not this specimen! After a few days resting, spent with barge PvP against Mordus, on April 24 his Charon was flying again!

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jstk said...

You are better off doing production planets (buying p1 and producing p2 to sell). It's much more lucrative (aprox 400m/month per character for the best products), less work and can also be done next door from Jita.