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Friday, April 25, 2014

Burn CCP!

Before everything else: Faby Rasputin made an awesome banner! Share and spread it:
I'm a disappointed customer.

I'm in Jita since downtime and the TiDi is 10-20%. Slow-motion ganking. Terrible. If this is what Goons consider "having fun", I might just let them do it because winning Burn Jita in 10% TiDi looks worse than being massacred without TiDi.

Anyway, Burn Jita is up and Goons already scored a nice kill. They also killed some lesser targets. However the call for resistance wasn't in vain as the leader of Miniluv learned. Same for this Goon slave T3. Ev0ke took the opportunity to kill Goon carriers in the meantime: 1, 2, 3. But the funniest moment wasn't that.

I've noticed a freighter being bumped by a Cormorant blob. They weren't CFC. And who ganks in Cormorants?

When the CFC blob landed on the freighter, the Cormorants and a smartbombing Typhoon opened fire on the CFC Thrasher/Catalyst blob.

Finally (after 1.5 mins real time) Concord ended the party and the Goons went home in pods with no kill:

Business idea: whoever came up with the idea to use bastioned marauders for salvaging is a genius. They are very heavily tanked and tractor bonused ships, I see them on all Jita gates.

I've yet to fizzle a gank (these Cormorant guys did it before I could) but I want to do at least one. But my patience about TiDi is really ending. I think after I did the one fizzle, I just log.

I will leave my main, Gevlon Goblin orbiting Perimeter gate though. We'll see if my Orca gets ganked during the night. This is the best idea I could come up with to save my opportunity cost and sanity. What do you think? Will the Goons gank me after I trolled them, financing a project that killed 600B of them and took their highsec POCOs?

PS: an FCON pilot awoxed a Goon carrier in Deklein. For some reason Goons are spamming this kill in Jita local.

Update: after their GCC was up, the Goons returned and finished the freighter:

Some smartbombers grabbed some of their pods:

The Goons attempted to kill the bait Charon of the Cormorant fleet. Failed:


Provi Miner said...

Well according to lucas either you are not worth ganking, or because you want to be ganked it is not fun, or something something something.....

bottom line you have fun with goons which is about 95% better then everyone elses experience with goons. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

this looks indeed like fun. Besides of the tidi... can´t wait to get home and join

so you have a nice fleet up, boosting you for some extra ehp? ;-)

Anonymous said...

For the fleet of Cormorant search these concepts:

Jayne Fillon

They are long range Cormorants with railguns that warp fleet to a given point (ceptors) for engage at long range and when the target try to approach they warp to another far point to keep shooting.
Even with railguns, having 50-100 cormorants in one of these is a nice alpha.

Lots of fun, believe me XD

Andrew Hacker said...

Those cormorants are spectre fleet, there to have fun and kill whatever they can

Lucas Kell said...

@Provi Miner
Lol. Well I guess if it's clearly none of those reasons, then it must be we simply can't kill an orca, right?

I tell you what, since you seem to be such an expert, why don't you tell me why we aren't ganking him, maybe then we could understand what your point is.

Arrendis said...

A few things:

1)Warr knows he's going to be podded many times this weekend. So do the rest of us.

2)The 'awox' kill you're talking about, Chiimera's chimera. That's the 'ANZAC Day' festivities, involving multiple different groups all in the AUTZ. It was apparently a 'who can get the kill' competition? I dunno exactly, but it's not an AWOX. More a Thunderdome.

3)The 3 BOS carriers you linked - that's in Syndicate, Gevlon. Suas has had Space Violence down there for years. Nothing to do w/Burn Jita, and not anyone 'taking advantage' of it. They've been fighting down there pretty hard lately.

Anonymous said...

These CFC bitches seem poor or noobs. I have whored more Catalysts killmails than Tornados / Talos killmails.

Anonymous said...

@ polite last anonymous:
"DPS Ships: T1 Catalysts and Thrashers will be our bread and butter (provided), followed by Taloses, Brutix, Tornadoes"

"Stock ships you will want/need to gank with, but Miniluv will provide t1/meta0 catalysts and thrashers for free. All hail space communism"

"A: Be in fleet - a Minister will have access to the free Catalyst/Thrasher (t1) stash and will be handing some out. We do advise you to bring your own materials if you really really want. "

So, poor or noobish to use ships you get for free... Good to know :)

On the up side, you could always hope they run out of them...although, you probably dont stoop to levels of making vast profits over the weekend, because Grrrr goons, cant take their isk.

Provi Miner said...

@ lucas, well lets see to give an example: A cloaky camper who gets a kill or two a night. Not a huge problem in fact more of annoyance than anything else. Do we let him stay around, just because he is in a bomber and doesn't seem to have any friends? No, it become tiresome to see him there. So we go through the efforts to remove him. Is it worth it? not isk wise, the first time its just satisfaction. The second time you still feel good, the third time its boring but if you don't keep removing him he will stick around. Somewhere between the 4-10th time the camper moves someplace easier to hunt. Effort does not equal isk reward. Yet to accomplish our goal we do it.

For you it would be removing something like a red pos on a barren moon. is it required? nah not really. But you show up in your bomberless bombers and spend an entire game session lobbing torps at it. you do gain a isk win but over all everyone is just happy its over with.

Same with goblin is it worth your time isk wise? won't know till he is gone, is it worth your time propaganda wise? probably, is it worth it just to do it and get it done? most likely.

After all its your burn jita nothing like having someone thumb their nose at all your efforts and laugh at you. This your event, claim it and make it whole.

Anonymous said...

ahem... I thing i saw the killmail of the korean ninja charon...
So far, although they are getting burnt their asses, they got lots of freighter kills and have excess of 700B worth in kills...
Freighter pilots just don't learn...

Lucas Kell said...

@Provi Miner
The difference is that a cloak camper or a red POS even on a barren moon constitutes at least a small amount of threat. Gevlon smacktalking in local doesn't, at most it provides a little entertainment.

Ogopogo said...

I saw Korean Ninja on DaOpa's stream and thought he might have been bait when his chat was so clueless. "I thought Burn Jita started tomorrow? Help me!"

Anonymous said...

As someone pointed out Spectre ran the cormorant public fleet with the sole purpose of killing goons.

That asian freighter was just hilarious as I think cfc ganked it twice without killing it. It wasn't a bait per say but I think random people were also bumping it to bring the cfc back.