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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sugar Kyle for CSM!

Sugar posted that she is considering running for CSM. She also mentioned how much negativity she got for it. How many naysayers want her to sit down in the corner "where she belongs". Sugar is well-known to shrug off naysayers, but now she will definitely need publicity and support.

Why would I vote (with 11 accounts) for a "lowsec pirate"? Because she is much more than that. She built a lowsec trade hub from the nothing and broke down the prices in the whole Molden Heath region where she lives. Do you know any current or past CSM member who ever cared for the market (Mynnna doesn't count, he is in large scale manipulation)? Her blog is the best source of information if you want to set up trading outside of highsec hubs.

She is always informative and helpful with new players, who are the bloodline of EVE. Last year, my #1 candidate was Ali Aras for that purpose. Unfortunately I didn't hear her any more on this topic. She simply outgrew the newbie status and more involved in expert stuff now. It's not bad on its own, and considering she was helping me taking my wormhole as member of the Noir Mercenary group, and my current focus is highsec PvP groups, I am not disappointed in her. But she isn't the pro-newbie CSM anymore.

Sugar runs a booster POS industry. My wormhole experience was seriously spoiled by the busywork around the POS. I still have nightmares of anchoring batteries. I voted for WH candidates last year in the #2-5 spots because of their "living and earning in their space" attribute. But I didn't hear the WH CSM pound the table for it, so I am disappointed in them. Sugar would represent the POS industry much better.

Sugar is female. Unlike 95% of the EVE playerbase. The aura of EVE has a locker room stench. Sexist jokes, "HTFU", and porn links make EVE bad name among the perspective players. Not just women are disgusted by this adolescent boy attitude. I spent the first 10 minutes in TEST fleets blocking idiots. They are a minority. They don't represent us. But they are loud and visible. Every decent person, especially a female in the CSM would be a visible counter-example to show perspective players that EVE has decent players too.

She blogs. A lot. In the Rippard quantity. Flow of information is always great. CSM has no formal power. But they have a voice. Sugar will definitely speak, unlike many current and past CSM!

Yes, she is also a lowsec pirate who likes frigs. But she stands for so many good things that way overwhelm the sides I don't like. So if you want a CSM representative who is good in trading, POS industry, newbie-friendliness, representing decent players and just can't stop talking, vote for Sugar!

The Lemmings are just keep growing. Just like the thread of Goon tears:


Foo said...

I also endorse Sugar Kyle

maxim said...

She sounds like someone whose blog should be read by me in full come weekend :D

Anonymous said...

Given how many people are very dismissive of your opinions, this is an endorsement that may hurt her more than help her...

... but I think she would be great on the CSM. One of your better post in a while honestly.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I feel a lot less that I should vote for her now..

Last year you endorsed Ali, and what a mistake she was. I won't forget her behavior during the ghost site live event on eve voice, where she felt that when people tried to sort things she had to talk over them to boast with being CSM (which in the situation was irrelevant). I also won't forget her articles and worse her comments on the mittani com. So full of her self with so little knowledge of what she wrote about.
You still thinking she wasn't a bad choice makes me question your new choice as well.

And it doesn't stop there. You mention that sugar blogs (which is good) and then ruin that argument with comparing her with the populist good-for-nothing rippard..

I'm not really sure if you did her a favor with your post.

Also, one more thing, making a big deal out of her being female surprises me. So far I took you for someone who is beyond Sexism. Looking at the gender for the purpose of candidate selection and tusing the gender as an argument is Sexism. There should be no difference made in if a candidate is male or female.

Chris K. said...

Sugar is a good rep for both the industry/market crowd and the lowsec pirates.

Good choice, glad to hear she's running.

Drez said...

@anonymous at 08:28

The comparison to Ripard was in the quantity of the articles posted, not quality. Your argument implies the latter, which is not the case.

Anonymous said...

There are several CSM members from the past who are interested in the market.

Seleene, Elise Randolph, Trebor and any of the industrialists.
Oh, I hear The Mittani is also interested in the market.

Sugar Kyle is an interesting candidate, but in her post, she writes nothing about the market. Yes, I know she does markety stuff, but that is not her prime focus, so she has just as much interest in the market as many of the industrialist candidates.

Anonymous said...

bookmarked her blog. going trough the archive the comming weeks.

You seldom write in such positive tone. So she will get my full attention.

Sugar Kyle said...

I'm writing a proper official less musingly thoughtful post about running, why, goals, about me and such goodies. I've even asked CCP to cancel me as a fan site so that my media account does not cause conflict once the official applications go live.

While it may sound on the fence it is a big step of which the post was the first part. I officially had to discuss it with my husband then my corp and take a few deep breaths before I dove in.

I will get my official words up soon.

Satori Okanata said...


You got my vote in my 6 accounts, probably more when the voting actually happens.

MoxNix said...

As Chris K said "Sugar is a good rep for both the industry/market crowd and the lowsec pirates."

That pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8.38: men and women feel, think and act very differently.

Using 'grr sexism' as an excuse for not understanding the difference between 'equal' and 'same' is retarded.

Gender most definitely IS one, among several, things worthy of consideration for candidate selection.

It may also be one, among several, of the reasons everybody likes Sugar and hates Gevlon. Also Sugar isn't a moron.

Lucas Kell said...

"men and women feel, think and act very differently.

Using 'grr sexism' as an excuse for not understanding the difference between 'equal' and 'same' is retarded."
I think you've missed the point. In context the post is saying that as Sugar is female she is automatically a counter to jokes and idiotic meme pictures, and thus an ideal example for the community. But that's not the case. I've seen many a female that would be a terrible example for the community, not least of which a certain member of the community employed by CCP.

Now that's not to say that Sugar isn't a good example, Sugar is a fine example of what community members should be like, but that's not because she is female, just like a male isn't automatically void of those qualities.

For choosing a candidate, from my point of view, gender wouldn't come into it at all. Any CSM member I vote for would need to show they can be trusted to speak for the community, work towards positive changes and effectively communicate with the public. It's for those reasons and those reasons alone I would support a CSM application from Sugar as those are qualities I believe she could be trusted to show.

Tavi said...

Sugar for csm. She's down to earth, open minded, honest, and has some great point of views if you read her blog. I think she would do an amazing job listening to our concerns and doing what she can to make every better

Raziel Walker said...

It would be hard not to put her at the top of my shortlist if she runs for CSM.

You can't start promoting yourself soon enough to get some visibility and try to get endorsements from other (previous/independant) candidates like Ripard, Mike and Trebor.

Anonymous said...

Mynnna has traded via the market and public contracts, mass-manufactured, ran dozens of POS reaction farms and likely many other things I haven't witnessed. Could you remind me why he doesn't count? Why he wouldn't want these things he uses to be improved? Perhaps, unlike me, you have read the CSM minutes and have something more substantial to back up your claim other than the usual 'Grr Goons' guff.

Also you may want to read up on benevolent sexism.